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Interstellar Tattoo Ideas

32+ Best Interstellar Tattoo Ideas

Looking up into the sky, the universe above has always inspired humans, and space tattoos inspired a whole generation of modern tattoo artists. This is said in various religions that humans are not actually from the Earth and are descended from heaven or a higher place. This concept laid the foundation of the human obsession...

Best Tattoo Places In Memphis

10+ Best Tattoo Places In Memphis

There are thousands of cities worldwide, and each has its reason for fame and popularity. The United States is well known for the diversity of art and craft at its metropolitan levels. Most of the metropolitan cities in the US have great artistic and creative value to offer to the rest of the world. Memphis...

Las Vegas Tattoo Shop

8 Best Tattoo Shop in Las Vegas

For many, tattoos are a way to express themselves and feel part of something. I know when I get a new tattoo it makes me realize again that my life is mine and not what society dictates. When you get your first tattoo or your fiftieth, you want it to be a good one that...

Best UV Tattoo Ink

6 Best UV Tattoo Ink For Dark Light

Tattooing is traditional and ever-evolving, and nowadays, Ultra Violet tattoo design and ink are used to create the best and most attractive tattoos and body markings. Tattoo artists use these ink to create these temporary or permanent tattoos, which glow in neon shades during nighttime. For example, you might put your hand below a lamp,...

How To Get Rid of Pimples on Your Tattoo

How To Get Rid Of Pimples On Tattoo? (Treatment)

Tattoo Pimples are more common than expected for various reasons before or after the tattooing procedure in a professional setting. It’s not unexpected when you realize that a tattoo machine is consistently piercing through your skin with a small and fast needle. The micro-wounds on the skin after getting a tattoo leave room for potential...

Best Tummy Tuck Tattoo Ideas

20+ Best Tummy Tuck Tattoo Ideas

Getting tattoos on the tummy has been a revolutionary concept that has been super helpful and encouraging to people after surgeries. Most of the time, when a person gets surgery around the belly or other visible parts, they get insecure about it and want to hide scars. Some people are comfortable with scars but want...

Best Pens to Draw on Skin

8 Best Pens to Draw on Skin (Temporary Tattoo)

A certain percentage of the population loves drawing the best possible design on their skin using pen and markers. However, many tattoo lovers and admirers avoid permanent tattoos with an initial design because it leads to regret and negative feelings afterward—the main reason being a lack of thought and attention paid to the design and...

Feitan Spider Tattoo

Best Feitan Spider Tattoo (Phantom Troupe)

We all love phantom troupe for all the millions; it deserves love and affection. The whole line-up of the phantom troupe has ranking and positioning in the gang; the subject of today’s discussion is Feitan Portor, who is second in command and leader in certain situations. Many people relate to the personality and role of...

Beauty and The Beast Tattoo

50+ Beauty and the Beast Tattoo Ideas in 2024

We all know and love the 1991 Disney classic Beauty and the Beast. The animated movie has received various nominations worldwide, and millions have their memories attached to this masterpiece. The tattooing community also doesn’t shy away from sharing their love for such quality pieces of art and animation. We have the 50+ Beauty and...

Best Tattoo Machine for a Beginner

10 Best Tattoo Machine For a Beginner in 2024

If you wish to become a tattoo artist, having the Best Tattoo Machines For Beginners complete buying guide is necessary. The word tattoo artist is the combination of “tattoo” and “artist,” so before starting, you need to ask yourself why you want to perform the artistic work?. Everyone has their own purpose in becoming a...

Best Tattoo Removal Laser

6 Best Tattoo Removal Laser For 2024

The Tattoo Removal Laser is a device that uses laser light to remove tattoos. It is the latest and most effective technology for tattoo removal. The laser selectively targets the tattoo’s ink and breaks it into small pieces. The body’s natural processes then eliminate these pieces. Laser treatment is definitely among the top tier if...

Practice Tattoo On A Potato

How Can You Practice Tattooing On A Potato?

Many people get tattoos initially and then gradually develop love and appreciation for the art of tattooing. This is common among beginners and aspiring tattoo artists as they learn about body inking and tattoos. Congratulations if you have chosen tattooing as your learning skill. Hopefully, you will learn much if you pay attention to the...