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Feitan Spider Tattoo

We all love phantom troupe for all the millions; it deserves love and affection. The whole line-up of the phantom troupe has ranking and positioning in the gang; the subject of today’s discussion is Feitan Portor, who is second in command and leader in certain situations. Many people relate to the personality and role of Feitan in the series, and hence it calls for Best Feitan Spider Tattoo (Phantom Troupe) for you. You can look clearly and see which is more relevant to you. 

If we talk about the strength and skills of Feitan Portor in the phantom troupe, it is said that he is ranked fifth, following his strengths and raw power. This means he has great combat skills and can contribute to his team whenever required. The appearance of Feitan is also worth mentioning, and it is an essential part of the discussion for phantom troupe tattoos. He is a medium-heightened man with a leaner physique and dark black hair. However, in the classic animation, he looks slightly different, rocking a dark blue hairstyle with a sparklingly golden eye lens. 

Feitan Tattoo Ideas:

Feitan is one of the original members of the squad and is efficient in interrogations. This is why he is mostly assigned the task of investigating their subjects. With all of the background and character previews of Feitan Portor in phantom true, we can understand why fans love him. In the tattooing community, various creative artworks are dedicated to Feitan, formally known as the Feitan phantom troupe tattoo ideas and styles. 

Following are a few interesting Feitan tattoo ideas for you:

Feitan Portor Spider Tattoo:

Eitan’s spider tattoo is special for people who love phantom troupe and Hunter x Hunter because he is one of the leading characters. His personality makes him worthy of leadership, and his combat skills are a plus. If you are wondering about the number of spider number; his spider is number 2. That is pretty impressive since the gang has more than 10 members. So, you’ll understand that his work and efforts for the team have placed him at such high ranks. The Feitan portor spider tattoo serves as a symbol of hunter-hunter spiders to many people.

Where is Feitan’s Spider Tattoo:

Many die-hard fans of the Phantom Troupe series keep debating the placements and propose a question about his tattoo’s location on the body. The short and simple answer to those people is that the Feitan spider tattoo is yet to be revealed by the anime series. But if you are curious to know, we can help you with that:

  • The first helpful information is that according to the hierarchy of gang members of the phantom troupe, Feitan has the number 2 spider tattoo.
  • Secondly, many fans thought his tattoo would be on his back, not on his hands or face.
  • But, as shown in the anime, Feitan once fought without his gown and all viewers saw that he doesn’t have a spider tattoo on his upper body (from head to belt line).
  • Hence, we all could conclude that “Feitan Portor would have his spider tattoo on his lower body (legs, shin, feet, etc.)

Feitan Portor Power Levels:

Feitan has been constantly regarded as a well-rounded fighter in Phantom Troupe’s Hunter x Hunter gang. Although many people deduce that Feitan wouldn’t be able to beat Chrollo in a fight, he’s more powerful than any other gang member in terms of fighting skill and experiential talent. This is one of the major reasons why Feitan Portor is the leader of the Hunter X team in the absence of Lucilfer. He fought villains like Silva and Zeno simultaneously and came out on top.

Feitan’s Story Arc:

Throughout the anime, Feitan has been active in lethal combats and fights during various story arcs of Hunter x Hunter. Initially, in the New City arc, he showed his unrivaled efficiency and power of mind in strategies. In contrast, during the Chimera Ant arc, his combat skills were highlighted even more in his fight against Zazan and others. Throughout the storyline, he has been a symbol of intrigue and controlled agility for the phantom troupe gang, providing essential support to the offense side of the team and planning various strategies and solutions for them. This courage and bravery inspire many people to get the Feitan tattoo for their next tattooing session.

Dark Feitan Phantom Troupe Tattoo:

Dark Feitan Phantom Troupe Tattoo
Source: @Instagram

By acknowledging the personality and outlook of Feitan, the most appropriate tattooing idea has to be a dark Feitan phantom troupe tattoo. This one is the most in-demand Feitan style in the tattooing community because of the simple yet darker approach to the character. Putting on pink or orange colors in Feitan’s sketch would look vibrant and unrealistic to the character. Hence, keeping the Feitan phantom tattoo more monochromatic and darker is best. 

Spider Feitan Phantom Troupe Tattoo:

Spider Feitan Phantom Troupe Tattoo
Source: @Instagram

Each gang member in the phantom troupe is assigned a ranking further represented by a spider tattoo with a specific digit. For example, Feitan has the number 2 tattooed on himself, which makes a great spider Feitan phantom troupe tattoo. The only common element in all phantom troupe official tattoos is the spider filled with black color. The numbering of tattoos keeps changing with respect to each member of the gang. If you want Fietan’s gang number tattoos on your hand, then spider Feitan tattoos are specially for you. 

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Arm Feitan Phantom Troupe Tattoo:

Arm Feitan Phantom Troupe Tattoo
Source: @Instagram

Although the actual phantom gang tattoo of Feitan is not revealed in the series yet, the fans keep guessing where he could have the tattoo allocation. You won’t have to wait until the phantom troupe introduces the Feitan tattoo because you could have tattoos on your arm. There is a unique charm of a phantom troupe tattoo on a fan’s arm. It looks more relatable to the actual content of the animated series. So before getting a random arm tattoo, consider the arm Feitan phantom troupe tattoos since it’s one of the core identities of the original fans.  

Colorful Feitan Phantom Troupe Tattoo:

Colorful Feitan Phantom Troupe Tattoo
Source: @Instagram

We have to decide between two of our favorites in a few life situations. We all love phantom troupe tattoos as the actual fans respect the animated masterpiece by following the main story arc. In the main story arc, the hair color and eye lenses of Feitan might have changed, but the theme was the same; dark and mysterious. But tattooing has room for versatility and adaptation, so check out this colorful Feitan phantom troupe tattoo. It is a nice mix-up of original character design and vibrant artwork, so you should try it.

Bicep Feitan Phantom Troupe Tattoos:

Bicep Feitan Phantom Troupe Tattoos
Source: @Instagram

Feitan might not be the strongest character in the phantom troupe, but he isn’t the weakest link in the gang either. He is ranked as the fifth strongest member of the troupe. What is the symbol of strength and power in the human body; biceps and thighs? Now let’s take a Feitan tattoo and ink it on the bicep of a phantom troupe fan. This is a symbolic and inspirational tattoo idea for Fietan because he has been seen as a leader and connective figure in the animated series. You can easily adjust the sizing and allocation of this tattoo with precision. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Feitan have a tattoo like the other members?

Yes, Feitan Portor has a phantom troupe tattoo on his face. Most fans have yet to learn the exact location of the tattoo on this iconic character, but it’s already been mentioned by several reliable sources. 

Which character is assigned the number 1 rank in the phantom troupe?

Nobunaga is assigned the number 1 rank in the phantom troupe gang. These rankings are not based on power or skills but on the time frame of each member joining the gang and their role. 

What is the joining process of the Phantom troupe?

The joining process for fictional characters of the phantom troupe is relatively unique. Anyone wishing to join the original gang must kill an existing member and replace their position. 

Do all members of the Phantom Troupe gang have tattoos as a membership symbol?

Yes, all members of the Phantom Troupe gang have tattoos as a membership symbol. Each gang member is given a specific digit based on the spot in the gang. Afterward, a spider with that number is inked to the members. 

What is the age of Feitan in the Phantom troupe?

Feitan Portor is a young and skilled man estimated to be 28 years old in the phantom troupe series. He might seem younger than most gang members, but he is mature and a great warrior. 


Feitan is a great character in the original animated series and as an anime figure. He is silent but deadly, cold but caring too. We shared some of the Best Feitan Spider Tattoo (Phantom Troupe) with you. Now you can pick which tattooing idea was more interesting and special for you. It would help you finalize the phantom troupe tattoo you desire. If you want to learn more about Feitan, you can ask a professional tattooing artist and an anime historian. Thanks for reading. 

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