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Best Tattoo Shops In Memphis

There are thousands of cities worldwide, and each has its reason for fame and popularity. The United States is well known for the diversity of art and craft at its metropolitan levels. Most of the metropolitan cities in the US have great artistic and creative value to offer to the rest of the world. Memphis is a well-known city in the state of Tennessee. There are many reasons for the popularity of Memphis, but music and art are top of the list. Many people visit Memphis and desire to mark their memories with this artistically influential city. You can visit the best tattoo shops in Memphis to ink your memories and inspirations. These tattooing parlors would not only create great tattoos but also help you understand the creative diversity in the city. 

Many famous and influential artists were born in Memphis during the last century, and most of these celebrities helped reshape the world of media entertainment. Various people argue that Chicago tattoo shops are great, while others emphasize that Portland tattoo shops are way better than most other states. Memphis has an added advantage in that it has great tattoo shops and is home to other art forms. Many musical events and festivals are arranged in Memphis to celebrate music and other art forms in a very worth-seeing way. Many people visit this city and enjoy the sitings and great views with delicious food served in many regional restaurants. 

The Best Tattoo Shops In Memphis, Tennessee:

If you have decided that you will get a tattoo inked on yourself while visiting Memphis, certain places will enhance your experience. There is no fixed rule on exploring tattoos and music in Memphis, as the city has several artistic hubs. However, you have to understand that collections of tattoo projects are not only shared on Instagram, but they also represent the quality of work at the tattooing institute. Additionally, the reviews of these tattooing parlors are very satisfying and relieving for other visitors. 

So, after proper research and consultation, here are some of the best tattoo shops in Memphis, Tennessee:

Underground Art Tattoo:

Address: 2287 Young Ave, Memphis, TN 38104, United States


While enlisting the most professional and well-perceived tattooing parlors in Memphis, we must consider the Underground Art Tattoo shop. This tattoo institute has a long list of skilled and experienced artists who help their clients incarnate their ideas into reality. You can easily contact the officials at the underground art tattoo by mentioning contacts on the website. Unfortunately, this tattooing shop’s strong social media presence makes it hard to get an appointment here. So be prepared to book advanced consultation in this tattoo shop if you are interested in getting a tattoo while staying in Tennessee. 

Skin City Ink:

Tattoo design

Address: 1692 Madison Ave, Memphis, TN 38104, United States


We all know that tattooing and piercing get along, and many people fuse both to create great outlooks. If you want to explore a tattooing shop with piercing services readily available, the Skin City Ink tattoo shop is also best for you. There are professionals at this tattooing parlor who comfort you with great tattoo designs and smooth piercings. The most famous attribute of the faculty at the Sky City Ink tattooing institute is the attention to detail in their craft. If you have a blurred idea about creating a tattoo design, visit and consult a tattoo artist here to polish the idea and transfer it to reality. 

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Inked Memphis:

Address: 565 S Highland St, Memphis, TN 38111, United States


Professional tattoo artists generally consider Inked Memphis the center of attention for tattooing. Many tattooing experts actively participate in the procedures and methods used in this tattoo shop. Visitors of the inked Memphis shop praise the faculty’s hospitality and the experts’ supportive environment. You don’t have to pay a hefty fee to book a consultation at this tattooing institute, as it is free. The tattooing experts in this tattoo shop consider your ideas and help you finalize your preferred style. Check their famous tattoo artwork on their website and decide which is more suitable for you. 

Royal Flush Tattoos:

Address: 6310 Winchester Rd, Memphis, TN 38115, United States


Most visitors in Memphis like to explore nearby places and learn about regional artistic diversity. You can check out aspiring tattoo designs crafted at the Royal Flush Tattoos during such scenarios. Most tattooing shops have great hygiene and professionalism but significantly need more diverse skin color tattooing practices. Fortunately, the Royal Flush Tattoo parlor has a special service to provide equally great tattoos to people with certain color complexions. This is appreciated by the visitors of these tattoo shops, who frequently encourage others to visit this institute. 

Trilogy Tattoos:

Address: 530 S Highland St, Memphis, TN 38111, United States


Without a doubt, there are many tattoo shops and tattooing institutes in Memphis, but if you visit everyone to explore, it would be very time-consuming. Instead, focus on the highest quality tattoo shops like trilogy tattoos, which is a great addition to the historic collection of tattoo shops in memphis. The social media presence of this tattooing parlor allows many visitors to explore the craft of professionals here. The most famous service of the trilogy tattoos shop is the highly customizable tattoo designs offered to visitors. It allows artistic advantage to the experts and provides freedom of creativity to the tattooed people in the trilogy tattoo parlor. 

Devil’s Playground:

Address: 619 N Graham St, Memphis, TN 38122, United States


Many people love dark and abstract forms of tattooing, and the Devil’s Playground is the finest tattoo shop for such people. Many abstract and dark art-loving personnel visit this tattooing shop to get their favorite tattoos to ink onto their bodies. You will always have choices because there is a long list of tattoo designs available. You can contact the faculty via contacts provided on the website to book an appointment with the tattoo artists. Having a booked consultation call would be helpful to get your favorite tattooing design, as walk-in sessions might only be available for some clients. 

Fresh InkGood Tattoo Artists:

Address: 10 N 2nd St, Memphis, TN 38103, United States


Customer satisfaction is the main distinguishing feature of the tattooing experience in the Fresh InkGood Tattoo Artists. You can visit this tattoo shop with a vague concept of a tattoo design, and experts at the Fresh InkGood tattooing parlor would make it a great price for the artwork. Before inking your tattoo design, there would be a beneficial and friendly exchange of ideas. This ultimately means you won’t just sit or lie on a tattooing chair when entering this tattoo shop. Many classic tattoo artworks are created here; you will surely be satisfied with the work once your tattoo is completed here. 

Rook x Raven Tattoo Creative:

Address: 2821 N Houston Levee Rd #106, Cordova, TN 38016, United States


Another great tattooing shop, the Rook x Raven Tattoo Creative, is a bit far from the core of Memphis’s attention, but the craft of tattoos is on point. Upon entering the tattoo parlor, the first thing that charms clients is the friendly environment and behavior of the tattoo artists. The cleanliness and hygiene add to many people’s qualitative experience when they get tattoos inked here. You can book appointments in the Rook x Raven Tattoo Creative on appointed dates to get your desired tattoo. Unlike most other tattooing institutes in Memphis, this tattoo shop also welcomes walk-in tattooing sessions. But ensure proper appointment and consultation with experts to avoid any inconvenience during walk-in sessions. 


We have mentioned many tattooing institutes in the culturally enriched city of memphis. Hopefully, you will have selected your preferred one from the best tattoo shops in Memphis, tennessee. The main decisive factor while visiting and exploring these tattooing parlors is understanding your requirements and co-relating them with the work ethic of the selected tattoo shop. Undoubtfyully, there would be many more tattoo parlors in Memphis, but you can trust a great tattoo design from any of the mentioned ones. If you need clarification about any tattoo shop, you can consult officials via mentioned websites and addresses. Thanks for reading. 

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