How Does a Dopamine Tattoo Make You Feel?

How Does a Dopamine Tattoo Make You Feel

Chemicals like dopamine are not used for tattoos unless you truly know how to fuse science and art. We have to admit that even people who aren’t enthusiastic about science and research know that dopamine acts as an important hormone in our body. It is generally called the happy hormone because it triggers feelings of … Read more

50+ Phantom Troupe Tattoo Ideas (hunter x hunter)

Most of anime lovers of twenty-first-century love phantom troupe, and some even get their favorite characters tattooed on themselves. This was popular among anime fans for years, and the latest series of hunter x hunter: phantom rogue helped but skyrocketed the influence and popularity of this masterpiece among core anime lovers. So it isn’t a … Read more

How to Waterproof a Tattoo for Swimming?

How to Waterproof a Tattoo for Swimming?

Summertime is the perfect time to get a new tattoo! What’s cooler than displaying your new tattoo at the beach or pool? When you get a tattoo, your artist will go over aftercare instructions. These will usually include keeping the tattoo clean and dry for a certain period, typically around two weeks. After that, you … Read more

What Are Sigil Tattoo And Their Meaning

Sigil Tattoo

Getting an offensive and insensitive tattoo is the worst thing a tattoo lover can do. There is a thin line between being too expressive and offending tattoo designs. Your social, religious, economic, and personal values are also important while finalizing the sketch for your tattoos. What are sigil tattoos and their meaning? It seems mysterious … Read more

What are the Reasons to Avoid Neosporin on Tattoos?

What are the Reasons to Avoid Neosporin on Tattoos

Neosporin is a popular wound care prescription that some people use on their healing tattoos. It has many benefits, including hydration, moisturization, anti-oxidant healing, and many more. But What are the reasons to avoid Neosporin on tattoos? If you can use it, what is the proper way of using it, and if it’s prohibited, what … Read more

40+ Best Meaningful Tattoos That Show Strength

Tattoos That Show Strength

People have been interested lately in tattoos that represent courage due to workout motivation spreading around the internet. Raising awareness about exercising and keeping oneself healthy is okay. We all can relate to the fact that you can always get a tattoo designed to match your vibe. Let’s discuss some of the best meaningful tattoos … Read more

What is Tattoo Blowout, and Can You Fix It?

Tattoo Blowout

A tattoo blowout is when ink from the needle spreads beneath the skin while you’re tattooed. It results in a blurry and raised tattoo, and it’s pretty darn unfortunate. But don’t worry! In this blog post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about What is Tattoo Blowout, and Can You Fix It? What … Read more