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Interstellar Tattoo Ideas

Looking up into the sky, the universe above has always inspired humans, and space tattoos inspired a whole generation of modern tattoo artists. This is said in various religions that humans are not actually from the Earth and are descended from heaven or a higher place. This concept laid the foundation of the human obsession with stars, space, and the rest of the universe. It is also a thing in human psychology that we try to explore and chase what seems untouchable. Now as the basics are set for our discussion today, let’s peek about the 32+ Best Interstellar Tattoo Ideas. 

Now there are more than one reasons why space tattoos are so aesthetic. Firstly, there is a sense of mystique and enigma in space tattoo artwork that everyone loves. There are uncountable stars, galaxies, and other universes humans do not explore. This curiosity takes everyone attracted to galaxies and stars, ultimately leading to space tattoo ideas with more realistic and creative designs. It also symbolizes exploring and seeking new life experiences that resonate with different people. 

Space Tattoos and Ideas:

Interstellar space tattoos are not only a collection of random ideas but are well-organized artwork that helps you pick the exact tattoo design you ever wanted. With all of the deeper symbolic meanings and interpretations, here are a few space tattoo ideas we have for you:

Reasons To Get An Interstellar Tattoo:

There are several reasons to get interstellar tattoo ideas and designs inked on your body since they are so mesmerizing and cool. But with all the visual appeal and magnificent designs, these styles of tattoos also hold deeper meaning and symbolic value in many people’s lives. So, as there are infinite interpretations and meanings behind these tattoos, it also gives you numerous reasons to get them for yourself as artwork. 

Following are some of those reasons to get an interstellar tattoo according to different reliable sources:

  • Love for Outer Space and Cosmos: The most common and famous reason to get a cosmic space tattoo is the sheer love of astronomy and our universe. There is no denying the fact that there are eternal mysteries and questions unanswered in our universe. These mysteries are usually in the form of cosmic bodies like Black holes, stars, planets, asteroids, and others. So, people get these tattoos and other forms of cosmic artwork to show their love and appreciation for them. 
  • Movies and Entertainment:  The original word interstellar is only used to hold a dictionary meaning of something related to far outer space. But since the release of the Iconic movie by Director Christopher Nolan, “Interstellar,” the term has had a special place in mainstream pop culture, cinema, and other art forms like tattoos. After watching and understanding the movie’s storyline, many people are inspired to get a Tars Interstellar tattoo, the ink design of Joseph Cooper (Matthew McConaughey’s character), etc. 
  • Personal Meanings: In addition to all these rational and logical meanings, some people don’t have a popular reason to get a space tattoo on their body. They get inked with a space body to represent something important in their personal life or an incident in a loved one’s lifetime. Professional tattoo artists understand these unique and heartfelt reasons to get tattoos and help their clients refine their interstellar tattoo ideas via different tattoo styles, colors and designs. 

Galaxy Tattoo

Let’s kick off the tattoo ideas with galaxy tattoos since we can’t fit the whole universe’s artwork into singular frames. Galaxies are collections of millions of stars and are often depicted in some specific structure and forms into tattoos. The appearance of galaxies is like sand dust glowing into different colors. Regardless of how you describe it, galaxy tattoos are unique and special in their manner. The swirling waves of stars around space dust create a special tattoo artwork

Galaxy tattoo represents the vastness of space exploration with uncountable possibilities. 

Star Tattoo

Star tattoos are famous, even if they are geometric shapes or cosmic bodies. Almost every tattoo lover once thought about getting a star tattoo on their wrist or neck. Stars tattoos are special because you can ink these tattoos in several ways and methods. For example, you can use the stick-and-poke method to ink star tattoos in black and gray. Similarly, you can use UV tattoo ink to portray the giant gas balls of stars with planets and asteroids around them. These star tattoo ideas are enjoyable if you use the right design and ink color. 

Star tattoo portrays hope and fulfillment of goals, dreams, and ambitions. 

Sun Tattoo

Sun tattoos symbolize power, protection, and prosperity among various cultures and civilizations. It is not a modern tattoo design with glitter inks but a plain yet strong tattoo idea that represents the importance and significance of the sun in the existence of Earth and life. The black sun tattoo also looks impactful, but there’s nothing more appealing than a yellow-colored ink tattoo of the sun with proper shading. Sun tattoos show hope and power to create a better future in our dark times. 

Sun tattoos express strongness, positivity, and the ability to provide for others’ lives. 

Planet Tattoo

Planets rotate around stars and create a mesmerizing visual for the viewer. Although we can’t see planets clearly from Earth, we can get stunning planet tattoos. There are enough planets in our solar system to create a great tattoo idea, and we can also use farther planets as inspiration. You should get a simple tattoo or glitter ink with these planet tattoos to make them appear more exotic and special. 

Each planet tattoo has its respective meaning, and generally, they promote equality, harmony, and discipline in one’s life. 

Earth Tattoo

Earth is our homeland, a rare, unique, and aesthetic planet, even from the outside. An earth tattoo is usually blue and green, showing the planet’s land and water, making it habitable to trillions of living organisms on different levels. Even if we go about astrological studies, the appearance and presence of a planet like Earth are rare in galaxies. So it’s interesting to form new tattoo designs using the Earth and its atmosphere as a reference. 

An earth tattoo would represent the safety and well-being of our dear home planet and its atmosphere. 

Moon Tattoo

Moon is like a best friend of our home planet, Earth, which stays around it regardless of time. It has different meanings depending upon its usage in astronomy or cultural studies. In different civilizations. Moon is seen as a sign of positivity and peace, but lunar eclipses are considered dangerous, especially for dark magic. However, in astronomy, the moon symbolizes the companion of Earth, which revolves around it, and we can see it in different phases throughout the year. A feminine aspect of moon tattoos triggers inspiration in women, and they usually use sun and moon tattoos in their body artwork. 

A moon tattoo symbolizes change, femininity, and the spiritual well-being of a person. 


So, moving from stars to planets to our sun and moon was all about the 32+ Best Interstellar Tattoo Ideas. We captured as many astronomical bodies as possible in our discussion and provided you with great tattoo ideas as a reference. If you have another tattoo design or some query, please tell us in the comments. Also, you can check out other tattoo ideas for inspiration and motivation for your artwork. Thanks for reading. 

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