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Beauty and The Beast Tattoo

We all know and love the 1991 Disney classic Beauty and the Beast. The animated movie has received various nominations worldwide, and millions have their memories attached to this masterpiece. The tattooing community also doesn’t shy away from sharing their love for such quality pieces of art and animation. We have the 50+ Beauty and the Beast Tattoo Ideas in 2024. The story of Beauty and the Beast is fairly simple to understand. There is a handsome prince who mocks an old lady for her appearance. That old lady is a disguised witch who then curses the handsome prince. According to her curse, the prince would remain in a beastly form until he finds true love. 

Beauty and the Beast Tattoos:

Following are some of the top picks of the Beauty and the beast tattoo ideas and designs for you:

Couples Beauty and The Beast Tattoo

This tattoo idea is also quite similar to some earlier tattoos mentioned. For example, Disney’s Belle is an infamous tattoo inspiration among women regardless of whether them being average girls or female celebrities. But in the tattooing design, she isn’t standing alone as her true love, the beastly prince, is also with her. 

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Beauty and The Beast Tattoo Sleeve

One of the most popular tattoo ideas among Disney fanatic men and anime lovers is the cartoon-style Beauty and the beast tattoo. The best thing about this tattoo is that you can put it on your sleeve or your legs as you choose. It looks equally amazing on both body parts. 

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Small Beauty and The Beast Tattoo

For people who don’t want large and vibrant beauty and beast tattoos, a small yet meaningful tattoo is a worthy choice. Besides being a small tattoo, the amount of attention to using needle tips on this design is truly appreciable. If minimal tattoos are your choice, this might be your obvious option. 

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Realistic Beauty and The Beast Rose Tattoo 

One of the later ideas on our list is similarly special for beginners and experienced people in tattooing. The realistic design of the tattoo alongside the rose depiction with Beauty and the Beast is truly legendary. For a person looking for a tattoo idea of a Disney princess, a realistic belle, and prince tattoo with a rose is a suitable choice. 

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Simple Beauty and The Beast Tattoo

Since we know a bit about the story of the Disney animation, it’s pretty easy to understand the main concept behind this tattoo. Belle, the beautiful girl, is alongside her true love, the Beast. Both are having a moment of comfort and love towards each other while holding each other close. 

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Beauty and The Beast Tattoo Quotes:

The core of Beauty and the Beast as a fairytale is of unconditional love, beauty inside the darkness, and an individual’s personal experiences. The concept behind the tattoo ideas and artistic designs related to Princess Belle or the Prince Beast is understanding your partner and loving that person’s inner beauty, personality, and character instead of going for shallow things. To help you gain clarity regarding the quotation and famous dialogues from this iconic story, we have these beauty and the beast tattoo quotes:

“Inner Beauty”:

  • This would be the most concise yet clear quote to reference this phenomenal animated movie from Disney. It would show how the whole storyline in this classic story revolves around finding love with a person’s character and respectful and loving behavior towards you.

“Tale as Old as Time.”

  • Everyone knows this song from this timeless story in which the idea of love, transformation, and acceptance is shown greatly. It preaches to the audience that love and understanding your life partner has been crucial and significant to healthy relationships for thousands of years as human civilizations evolved.

“Until the Last Petal Falls.”

  • This is another famous quote taken directly from the movie, which symbolizes hope and belief in the love of your life. There is no denying that challenges and hurdles in the way of love will always be there, but you can’t lose hope in love if you want a successful and healthy love life.

These were a few examples of Disney quote tattoos regarding the Beast and Belle, the Princess in this iconic storyline. All of these lines represent one or another great scene from Beauty and the Beast and hold a deeper meaning. You can convert any movie quotation, dialogue, or narration into a minimal tattoo design and show it confidently to your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the meaning behind the Beauty and the beast tattoo?

The basic meaning behind the Beauty and the beast tattoo is the foundation of love. Two individuals unite, filling each other’s shortcomings to form a strong couple. Beauty and Beast are opposite in appearance yet similar in heart and hence love each other. 

How are beauty and beast tattoos symbols of true love?

The Beauty and the Beast tattoo symbolizes true love because besides being so different from each other on the outside, they stay together and face difficulties in life. Trust and loyalty are the two most basic foundations of love which are heavily found in both Belle the Beauty and prince the Beast. 

Which is the most iconic object in Beauty and the Beast?

The rose is one of the most iconic objects in the Beauty and the beast storyline. However, this rose isn’t an ordinary rose since it is a spelled rose from the same witch that cursed the prince. The rose is kept in a glass container for protection from the Beast. 

What is the moral of Beauty and the Beast?

The moral of Beauty and the Beast’s story is that we should always stay loyal and truthful to our loved ones in both good and difficult times. The physical and apparent condition of our loved ones shouldn’t bother us from loving them since we know how good they are inside. 


So, this is how we conclude our picks for the iconic and classic Beauty and the beast tattoo ideas. This epic story gives us morals of loyalty and truthfulness to beloved ones. We managed to provide some of the most exciting tattoo ideas and styles for you so you can celebrate our favorite Disney couple. Thanks for reading. 

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