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Female Celebrities With Tattoos

One of the most important rituals in the world of tattooing is inspiration and motivation to create new tattoo designs from tattoos of famous and influential people. It is quite natural for us humans to get inspired by things designed and crafted with artistic passion. Tattoos are not different, and many celebrities get interesting tattoos. Hence, we are discussing the most famous female celebrities with tattoos. It would surely be an enthusiastic and loving discussion for us all, so let’s continue.

This is a strange pattern in the tattooing world. Whenever female celebrities get tattoos, they tend to stay passive and cozy about it. While most male celebrities with tattoos, special action heroes, and athletes usually highly emphasize the presentation of their tattoo designs. The main reason for this difference was that female celebrities usually get minimalist and simpler tattoos which are not as braggadocious. But this social norm among influential people is also being broken by many female celebrities. Now, many actresses and singers get more creative tattoos and are comfortable expressing them to the rest of the world. 

Our Latest Top Picks Female Celebrities With Tattoos:

There are many celebrities with great tattoos, but in this listing, we’ll only discuss the pioneers in modern female celebrity tattooing and the most influential ones. This would help us all understand and recognize the contribution of these respective women in the art of tattooing and body marking. So, let’s start the listing without wasting time on unimportant detailings. 

Following are some of the most famous female celebrities with tattoos:

Angelina Jolie:

Angelina Jolie Tattoo Design

Angelina Jolie is one of the most recognizable faces in the world, as she is known for their acting skills, beauty, and talent on an international scale. Moreover, angelina Jolie was a very expressive and rebellious personality in the early years of her career. She used to express her ideas and point of view without being overly apologetic or self-conscious. This led to her recognition in the world of acting and fashion as one of the most talented and expressive women of her time. She had a great obsession with tattoos in the past and received many great tattoos marked on her body. Angelina is widely regarded as one of Hollywood’s original pioneers of feminine tattooing and expressiveness. Many ionic and well-recognized tattoos exist on her body in many languages and tattooing methods. Thai shows her diverse interest and understanding of the art of tattooing. 

Billie Eilish:

Billie Eilish Tattoo Design

Billie Eilish is very different from most female celebrities on our list because she has a more introverted and shy personality. Her music is inspirational and motivating for billions of listeners, and everyone praises her talent and artwork. Similar to her personality, her tattoo collection is kept hideous from general people by Billie Eilish herself. For most of her career, she has been using a covered outlook not to reveal any details regarding her body. Nowadays, Billie Eilish has been more open to her audience, and fans get to look at her stunning tattoo designs. Unfortunately, fans have yet to see all of her tattoos, and only two tattoos have been shown to people up until now. Fans love her “dragon tattoo” on her thigh and expect to see more tattoos from her side. 

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Megan Fox:

Megan Fox Tattoo Design

Megan Fox has seen some ups and downs in her career and took a break from acting for some time. But there’s no denying that she is a world-known actress for many popular roles in big films. Each move of Megan Fox is looked at closely by the media, and this obsession of people with her has led to analysis of her collection of tattoos. She has some infamous tattoos that many females highly praise, and they get inspired to get similar ones. Megan Fox shares her personality with Angelina Jolie as an expressive and bold woman. Most of the tattoos marked on her body are symbols and pieces of literature. One of the tattoos on her collarbone is designed to express her love for her husband, MGK. 

Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga Tattoo Design

Lady Gaga is one of the most well-known names in the musical world, with a super confident and centered persona. In the early days of her career as a performer and singer, she learned a lot about being calm and confident. Lady Gaga has a lot of tattoos that many professional tattoo artists highly praise. She likes to cover most body regions with well-crafted tattoos by infamous tattoo experts worldwide. There are many reasons why Lady Gaga is loved by her fans and millions of people around the world. Most people focus on her music alone and identify her because of her music, but she’s also regarded as the queen of tattoos. A lot of girls have tried once in their lifetime to draw the mother monster tattoo, which is a tattoo on the back of none other than Lady Gaga. 


Rihanna Tattoo Design

Rihanna is one of the very few female artists in the world who is perceived as a very good professional and person. She is mostly loved by everyone and for many good reasons. Her professional work in the pop genre of music is already legendary, and fans eagerly wait for any price of art being drop by her. One of the most iconic tattoos in the celebrity world is the right-hand henna design tattoo of Rihanna. It led thousands of women around the world to get inspired to get henna design tattoos on their bodies. She also likes to get tattoos by various tattooing methods and doesn’t only rely on standard tattooing techniques. Not only henna tattoo designs, but she has an infamous depiction of Nefertiti, the queen of Egypt, on her ribs. 


Kesha Tattoo Design

Kesha is one of the female celebrities considered to be ahead of their respective time. There are many reasons why Kesha is considered a trendsetter and a great artist but her trendsetting music and tattoos are top of the list. In recent years Kesha is not in the public eye as she used to be, but her music and tattoo designs are still relevant and important to people to that date. She has a lot of tattoos with different tattooing styles to craft each tattoo on her skin. One of its most loved tattoos of Kesha is the “tiger tattoo,” which thousands of die-heart fans love. Many females like her tattooing style because Kesha has most of her tattoos organized and minimalist. This gives women a sense of class, charm, and beauty, and many girls are inspired by it. 

Miley Cyrus:

Miley Cyrus tattoo Design

Miley Cyrus is also regarded as one of the most influential females in the world with great tattoo designs. She has dozens of tattoos on her body, all presenting great meaning for her and millions of her fans. Unlike many female celebrities, she has maintained a great collection of tattoos by mixing meaningful, entertaining, and artistic ones. Miley Cyrus likes to express her outlook by channeling her ideas through her tattoos. She has a tattoo of her father marked on her body with some motorcycle tattoos too. In addition, Miley Cyrus had a dog and tattooed her dog “Floyd” on her body, showing her love and compassion. 


Halsey tattoo Design

We are discussing female influencers with tattoos, and it’s impossible to leave Halsey from the list while mentioning everyone else. She has most of her body covered with creative and charming tattoos. If you look at Halsey’s tattoos, you might need help understanding the randomness and lack of organization in her tattoos. However, after understanding Halsey’s origin story and her life, people could also understand her tattoos more meaningfully. The most common element in her tattoos is her craft’s randomness and pure originality. One of Halsey’s most popular tattooing designs is her “little prince” inspired tattoo on her left leg. These tattoos help fans understand her story and life experience more deeply and interestingly. 


As we have completed our listing of most female celebrities with tattoos, you will surely find these tattoo designs amazing. You can craft a unique tattoo by getting inspired by these influential and famous tattoos. There was no repetitive sequence in the listing, as these women have shown great diversity in tattooing styles and methods. Regardless of your preferred tattooing method, you can use any female celebrity for your next tattoo design. These women are motivation and aspiring personalities for billions of people worldwide, and we all should acknowledge their art and craft. Thanks for reading.

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