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Best Tattoo Needles For Lining

The tattoo needles are the basal part of a machine that makes incisions into the skin and releases ink, lined or shaded, to create portions of tattoos. The needle that creates the tattoo is much more advanced than any other hypodermic syringe. It’s made of metal and has a small tube attached to release liquid ink into your skin for lining or shading purposes to create portions of an entire piece!

Many people are drawn to tattoos for attention, self-expression, a reminder of culture, expression of emotions, or anything else. If you are looking for the best tattoo needles for lining? Then you should be congratulated because you are at the right place. 

Lining Tattoo Needle Sizes:

Fundamentally, tattooing needles are flat when you are using them for lining and sketching a client’s tattoo ideas and designs. Flat needles are more appropriate because they are essentially manufactured for that purpose, and later on, shading and coloring tattoo needles were introduced. The standard lining for tattoos is the 12 gauge needle measures 0.35-millimeter diameter. It is the most commonly used and well-known tattooing needle worldwide, and various professionals use it in their essential’s tattoo kits. 

However, some other types of tattooing needles are also present in the market, which are equally important to tattooing. While you are focusing on lining tattoos, other aspects of inking a tattoo require different types of needle sizes. The market has 0.2 millimeters, 0.4 millimeters, and 0.45-millimeter diameter tattooing needles. Each of these has a specific visage, as some are perfect for shading, some for coloring, and others for providing realistic tattoo effects.

The 8 Best Tattoo Needles For Lining:

Now ready for the best tattoo needles for the lining. Not only used for lining but also it is beneficial for coloring and shading. The best packing for tattoo lovers is scrolling down and selecting your favorite pack, and ordering it through online services.

  1. Autdor Tubes and Tattoo Needles For Lining
  2. AVRILKEY Disposable Tattoo Needles For Lining
  3. BIGWASP 50pcs Assorted Disposable Tattoo Needle
  4. Dragonhawk Cartridges Disposable Tattoo Needle 
  5. ACE Needles 50 Mixed-Assorted Tattoo Needles 
  6. Beoncall Mixed Tattoo Machine Needles 
  7. Pirate Face Tattoo PFT 100 pcs Assorted Tattoo Needles
  8. Wormhole 5RL Tattoo Needles 5 Round Liner 

Autdor Tubes and Tattoo Needles For Lining

Autdor Tubes and Tattoo Needles For Lining

Getting the right tattoo needle size used to be a problem, but Autdor Needles For Lining have solved these problems significantly. Instead of providing boring transparent tattoo needle cartridges like most competitors, Autdor focused on quality and style. This leads to a versatile range of tattoo needle tip sizes for you to pick, which works best with a personalized tattoo machine. There are 20 stylish black and disposable tattoo tubes in the packaging to use more hygienically and professionally.

Individual packaging of the Autdor Needles is safer and more hygienic to use, especially if you have a sensitive immune system. If you create tattoo ideas and designs for people, having a C.E. certification for your equipment is a good practice. It allows the clients and visitors of your tattoo shop to trust and comfort in a professional environment and works in your best interest. Regardless, the pre-sterilized packages of these tattoo tubes and needles work great. The 316 stainless steel needles are strong with a quality plastic tube and comfortable grip. Moreover, the important thing regarding the tube grip is that they are gel-based grips that reduce slip and maintain control.

Final Thoughts:

The Autdor Tubes and Tattoo Needles For Lining are great for fixing your problem with different needle sizes. Black tattoo lining needles are not to be ignored since they are made from high-quality plastic covers. The 316 stainless steel needle easily pierces through the skin and reduces pain and suffering in the process. As it comes with a C.E. certification, there is complete peace of mind to use in a professional environment. And the gel grip increases your control of the tattoo needle and machine, so you enhance your skills too.


  • 20pcs black disposable tattoo tubes.
  • Pre-sterilized tattoo needles.
  • Each needle and tube is individually blister packaged and C.E. certified.
  • 316 stainless steel needles.
  • It has a suited tattoo grip tube.

AVRILKEY Disposable Tattoo Needles For Lining

AVRILKEY Disposable Tattoo Needles For Lining

Line needlework is no joke, and AVRILKEY Disposable Tattoo Needles are perfect for multiple reasons. To give you a glimpse, it consists of round liner needles most appropriate for detailed tattoo work. The length of these needles is 19mm, to be exact, which allows your skin to stay comfortable and avoid pain and irritation in the tattooing session. Many people are concerned about the clean and smooth lines during the inking process, and AVRILKEY’s needles meet all high standards.

Professional tattoo kits have different equipment than practicing or beginner tattoo artists. AVRILKEY Disposable Tattoo Needles fit exactly into the high-quality tattoo artists’ kit because their trust and efficiency have proven over time. Sometimes clients are too reluctant on a fact, and you don’t seem to satisfy their demands. These disposable needles are separately packed and sterilized into E.0 gas packaging. So, there is little excuse now for such clients to waste time and energy debating random details.

Final Thoughts:

The AVRILKEY Disposable Tattoo Needles For Lining are most suitable for professional tattoo artists who face difficult clients regularly. Although fundamental queries of clients are justified, some people get into minor details and waste a lot of time and productive energy of a professional. That is why using AVRILKEY Disposable needles sounds most valid because each is separated and packed into E.O. gas and has quality material in the composition. Even the needle is 304 medical grade stainless stain, so you can trust that the process will be clean and comfortable.


  • Pre-sterilization with E.O. gas.
  • The highest level of hygiene and safety.
  • 304 Medical Stainless Steel needles.
  • 19MM length of the round liner needles.
  • Individual packaging.

BIGWASP 50pcs Assorted Disposable Tattoo Needle

BIGWASP 50pcs Assorted Disposable Tattoo Needle

Different sizes of needles are available in the market, but the BIGWASP tattoo is the best needle for designing shading, shapes, or texture. You have almost covered any tattoo that you wish to make.

Moreover, this feature is beneficial for those people who are operating small businesses and their amazing tattoo designs. This tattoo needle is precious to anybody that needs to save the needles for quite a while. You can utilize the ones with prior termination dates before using the others. It can design any tattoo without any irritation or redness. 

This needle package is the best gift for tattoo lovers; you can easily use these needles in your daily routine. The needlework is without any disturbance, and you can make fine lining shades and any other design that’s your favorite. And you can take it anywhere and carry it in your travel bag or another. If you are unsatisfied with this product and any other issue, then you have the option to refund or replacement.


  • 50 pcs Mixed Assorted Tattoo Needle Cartridges 
  • 10pcs each of: 1003RL, 1005RL, 1007RL, 1009RL, 1011RL
  • Long-lasting
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with all rotaries
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Dragonhawk Cartridges Disposable Tattoo Needle 

Dragonhawk Cartridges Disposable Tattoo Needle

Dragonhawk manufactures the best cartridges for disposable tattoo needles. One-piece needle and plunger take into account the most excellent steadiness and control. 

Moreover, the layer system forestalls ink spit back. These needles’ layers and tip permit craftsmen to appreciate a more liquid inking system, Compatible with all rotaries/wound machines and pen-style tattoo machines. Comes in 20pcs. However, the Top-notch silicone keeps the needle versatile. Cartridge’s body straightforwardly allows you to see the entirety of your inward and the amount of tattoo ink that goes into the spout, preventing unexpected shock. 

Moreover, The high quality and super sharp needles are easy to use and best for any design that’s your favorite. As professional artists, they are the best bang for your buck, honestly. On the other hand, If you are a tattoo lover, this package is the best gift; you can make any tattoo yourself. The needlework is without disturbance, and you can make delicate lining shades and any other design. Lastly, If you are unsatisfied with this product, you have the option to refund or replacement.


  • Reliable for all-purpose work
  • Maximum stability and control
  • Compatible with all rotaries
  • Cartridges body with transparent
  • Lightweight

ACE Needles 50 Mixed-Assorted Tattoo Needles 

ACE Needles 50 Mixed-Assorted Tattoo Needles

They are great and the absolute best accessible. Made from the most significant carefully treated steel, they have standard-length circle bars to fit all machines and cylinders. They are also exclusively rankle stuffed and pre-disinfected with ethylene oxide gas (proven by the shading changing speck blue within sight of EO gas).

You get exactly what you are paying for, and they are good quality needles. If you want to produce the right stick and poke tattoos and are a beginner, then ACE needles are the best choice. The stainless steel needles use and fixed for all machines, with a sharp style. Moreover, these ACE needles work without any disturbance and give you a fantastic performance.

We are devoted to furnishing our clients with reasonable, premium inking hardware. If in any way, shape, or form you are not entirely fulfilled about the Autdor Tattoo Needles Set. Return it for a full discount or trade it.


  • High-quality surgical stainless steel
  • Individually packed
  • Fit for all machines and tubes
  • Pain-free performance
  • Sharpness needles
  • Lightweight

Beoncall Mixed Tattoo Machine Needles

Beoncall Mixed Tattoo Machine Needles

Beoncall Mixed Tattoo Machine Needles are best for shading and lining tattoos. This is very beneficial for professional tattoo artists to learn the use of needles on the skin. Avoid the storage of these needles in high temperatures and maintain the isolation of tattoo needles for better usage.

The tip of the Beoncall Tattoo Machine Needles and durable, string, precious, and sharp. Such high-grade quality needles allow expert tattoo artists to create more detailed and craft designs. A model number of needle tips is embedded to avoid confusion in the sizing.

Furthermore, the edges of tattooing needles are comfortable and smooth for easy usage. The needles’ design allows you to utilize the ink flow in tattooing fully. The stainless steel needles are developed to be used with most tattooing machines. Manufacturers have used disinfectants on needles to avoid any medical issues.


  • Individually packed
  • Each needle is for single use only
  • Smooth edges

Pirate Face Tattoo PFT 100 pcs Assorted Tattoo Needles

Pirate Face Tattoo PFT 100 pcs Assorted Tattoo Needles

Pirate face tattoos are great and the absolute best accessible. Tattoo experts worldwide utilize the Pirate Face Tattoo brand of tattoo needles. Likewise, This 100-pack of hardened steel tattoo needles accompanies an assortment of the most regularly used sizes – Round Liner, Round Shader, and Magnum Shader tattoo needles.

 Each needle comes independently bundled in a sterile rankle pack. Also, the pirate face tattoo needles are made with medical-grade stainless steel. Our tattoo needles are cleaned and protected for utilization. Each needle arrives in a sterile rankle pack and exclusively steps with lapse dates.

The first thing is that the round liner needles are used for fine differences and detailed work. The gathering is near one another (tight) and in a round setup for tight lines and itemized work. The second thing is that the round shader needles blend the shading or detailed results. And the third thing is that the magnum shader needle is used for filling larger areas, shading, and packing in color.


  • The package includes 10 pieces of each size
  • 100 mixed tattoo needles
  • Stainless steel
  • Individually packed lightweight
  • Lightweight

Wormhole 5RL Tattoo Needles 5 Round Liner 

Wormhole 5RL Tattoo Needles 5 Round Liner

The wormhole manufactures these tattoo-lining needles. These tattoo needles are made of high-quality 316 medical stainless steel. All the tattoo needles are packed and sealed individually. Besides, The burr-free and sharp needle is easy to use even if you create different types of tattoos yourself. 

Moreover, wormhole tattoo needles are suitable for stick-and-poke tattoo work. All tattoo needles are checked by microscope to ensure high usage and quality.

Wormhole Tattoo needles are just for single use. If the individual bundle is broken, kindly don’t utilize it. Wormhole tattoo needles are of diverse sizes that satisfy various needs. So, You can pick in size graph.

Also, you can refund or replace it if you are unsatisfied with this product or have any other issues.


  • High-quality 316 medical stainless steel
  • Various size available
  • Lightweight
  • Leveling soldering, burr-free, and sharp needles

Things To Consider Before Buying Tattoo Needles For Lining:

When you are going out and want to buy the best tattoo needles for lining, you will always keep in mind a few things daily or for any use. These attributes might help you find out your favorite tattoo needles.

Here we offer you the best attributes and working performance as mentioned above’s tattoo needles for the lining. 

  • Quality
  • Needle Design
  • Versatility


The nature of a needle is essential. That is because, in such a case that your needle has burrs or isn’t sharp, it will both reasons a great deal of torment and not give a decent-quality print. That can be too tricky. 

You ought to consistently examine the needle for any quality issues before you use it.

Needle Design

You should consistently ensure that the needles you purchase are of a standard size if you have a classic machine. Also, You should comparably ensure that the needles you purchase would be viable with your machine if you don’t have a standard-sized machine.


On the off chance that you are a limited-scale tattooist, flexibility can be vital. It would permit you to spend less and still have all the needle plans to meet your customer needs. This implies you ought to choose a flexible pack.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I reuse tattoo needles for myself?

You shouldn’t reuse needles for someone else; they should be disposed of immediately.

Why do tattoo needles expire?

When the expiry date on a tattoo needle has passed, the needle is not, at this point, ready to secure against infections or microscopic organisms. So don’t use the expiry needles. It is the risk.

How do you sanitize a tattoo machine?

Splash your machine with disinfectant.
Stand by the suggested time the item indicates (typically around 10 minutes)
Wipe the machine with a spotless paper towel.


Professional tattoo artists understand the importance of using the best tattoo needles for lining since they play a crucial role in lining work and other tattooing techniques. If you need clarification about buying these tattooing needles or cartridges, your work has been made easy as we picked the most suitable options today. Just fixate on and understand your requirement for a tattoo machine and method to ink, and then it will become easier for you to pick the one. Thanks for reading.

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