Tattoo Aftercare

Second Skin Tattoo Aftercare

Second Skin Tattoo Aftercare 2022

Tattooing has been around for decades, and as such, we have a plethora of knowledge on how it can affect your skin. However, a fresh tattoo is traumatic and requires attention that may be difficult to take care of to heal properly without the proper aftercare methods employed. I’ve tried countless remedies over 15 years, … Read more

Best Numbing Cream For Tattoing

Best Numbing Cream For Tattooing 2022

When getting a tattoo, the last thing you want is for the experience to be painful. But unfortunately, even with the best pain management techniques, some discomfort is inevitable. That’s where Best Numbing Cream For Tattooing comes in. Numbing creams work by temporarily numbing the nerves in the area where they are applied. This can … Read more

Is A&D Ointment Good For Tattoos Healing

Is A&D Ointment Good For Tattoos Healing?

We live in a well-connected world these days, and due to advancements in technology, the number of products available for users is increasing daily. With such accessibility for the consumers and users, if you make a low-quality product, it will not survive the competition in the market. The A&D brand understands this and tries to … Read more

Vitamin E Oil Good For Tattoos

Is Vitamin E Oil Good For Tattoos And Aftercare?

One subject that keeps repeating in the discussion among the tattoo-loving community is things to do and avoid during tattooing. The discussion is rightfully applicable to most situations as everyone, especially people associated with tattooing, should know what to do and what to avoid while tattooing. As the list of questions keeps rolling, and professionals … Read more

Best Tattoo Aftercare Products

Best Tattoo Aftercare Products 2022

The aftercare products are used to take care of the tattoo and helps in healing quicker. Most of the products are available in the market. The doctors mostly suggest using Vaseline and petroleum jelly for a better and faster healing process.  A tattoo takes approximately four to six weeks to completely heal, and one of … Read more

Best Numbing Creams For Piercings

7 Best Numbing Cream For Piercings (Fast Acting Pain Relief) 2022

Numbing creams or topical aneses can help alleviate piercing pain. These numbing products can also be utilized in treatment for tattoos and lasers but can also be used during tattoo removal for reducing sensitivity during piercings. You may use it with tetracaine, prilocaine, lidocaine. This substance numbs your face for an hour. The best numbing … Read more