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Vitamin E Oil for Tattoos

One subject that keeps repeating in the discussion among the tattoo-loving community is things to do and avoid during tattooing. The discussion is rightfully applicable to most situations as everyone, especially people associated with tattooing, should know what to do and what to avoid while tattooing. Hence, it sounds complete to discuss another question: Is vitamin e oil good for tattoos and aftercare? It’s a very interesting question as it includes tattooing and health research to work together for the proper answer. 

Many people, including various tattooing experts, also believe vitamin e oil is important and nutritious for tattoo healing. It can keep the surface hydrated and provide the necessary moisture to the skin. Moreover, many people also suggest that vitamin e plays an important role in protecting tattoos against dangerous ultraviolet radiations and intense sunburns. These proclaimed benefits of vitamin e seem unrealistic, but we must research a more proper and valid answer. Hence, this officially starts our quest to understand that we should use vitamin e for tattoos. 

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Vitamin E Oil:

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Using Vitamin E for Tattoos

Although there are some benefits to using vitamin E oil on tattoos, we should look at the expected issues it can bring to your tattoo. The best way to use vitamin E oil for tattoos is to discuss its usage with your expert tattoo artist, and they will give precise and highly personalized advice. By following that specific advice, you can get far more reliable and long-lasting results than following generic advice. 

However, if you are at a place where you can’t access tattoo artists easily, we got you covered. The key factor here is to use vitamin E supplements on tattoos, like any other moisturizing product. However, you don’t have to overuse it on your healing skin. For example, creating thick layers of vitamin E lotion or vitamin E cream on your tattoo might worsen the ink on the skin. So, be smart and use even natural aftercare products with moderation and care. 

Vitamin E Lotion

Vitamin E lotion is an organic and natural way to moisturize your skin and reduce dryness. However, it would be highly beneficial to take a step further and add vitamin E lotion to your tattoo healing kit. If you have naturally dry skin and a tattoo is healing, using vitamin E lotion in a balanced concentration can work as a booster in healing. Just consider your skin type before using vitamin E supplements on healing tattoos. 

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Vitamin E Cream 

Finally, our vitamin E cream; is slightly different from vitamin E lotion in appearance and work too. The basic distinction between a cream and a lotion is the water concentration in their composition. A lotion usually has more water percentage in it as compared to a cream. So, the thick vitamin E cream would be more effective if you have really dry skin. Moreover, scabbing and flaking are some of the common problems that occur when a tattoo is healing. So, using vitamin E cream on healing tattoos can decrease scabbing and flaking but don’t over-apply it. 

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How to Apply Vitamin E Oil On Tattoos

To Apply vitamin e oil to tattoos, you should consider that a certain percentage of people might be allergic to vitamin e oil on the skin. This is mainly caused by hypersensitivity to essential oils on the skin. So, applying the oil on a non-tattooed skin part for a day or two before applying it to the healing tattoo surface is better. This would reduce any chances of inflammation, allergy, or adverse reaction to the skin. 

Similarly, while applying vitamin e oil to the tattooed skin, you should harshly rub or massage it. The healing skin surface is fragile and sensitive; rigid touching or application of oils can cause rashes and swelling. Moreover, you should always maintain balance while using vitamin e oil or any other aftercare product on tattooed skin. So, does vitamin e oil clog pores? Yes! If you overuse vitamin e oil, it can cause clogging and pore blockade on your skin. That might lead to acne or skin infection in the future. 

Vitamin E For Tattoo And Aftercare:

If your tattoo artist or doctor suggests you use vitamin e oil for tattoos and aftercare, you should switch to using it. Vitamin e has been a base ingredient of many healing and regeneration products for a long time. Instead of using intoxicated chemical products, preferring naturally beneficial oils is much better.

The included benefits of moisturization, hydration, protection, and regeneration are enough to satisfy someone who recently got skin wounded. In addition to these highly appreciable benefits to tattooed skin, vitamin e also provides much useful functionality in the human body. It boosts skin health and ensures proper coordination of other organs and senses related to our skin. So, vitamin e is useful and effective on tattooed or wounded skin, per the doctor’s advice. 

Benefits Of Using Vitamin E Oil In Tattooing:

Following are some benefits of using vitamin e oil in tattooing:

  • The most important benefit of using vitamin e oil is that it is highly moisturizing and provides a properly hydrated outlook to the tattooed skin. We all understand that moisturization is important for our skin, and hydration of the body ultimately leads to a healthier look. So this makes vitamin e essential for proper moisturizing and skin hydration. 
  • Vitamin e oil is significantly helpful in decreasing scars and wound marks on the skin. Vitamin e helps regenerate skin cells; the inked skin heals faster. This causes temporary scars and wounds of the tattooing process to fade with time, and eventually, your skin will be free from these unwanted marks. 
  • Whenever your tattooed body region is in its healing phase, the requirement to protect the skin from intense ultraviolet radiations and sunburns also increases gradually. Most tattoo aftercare products help in regeneration, but they lack protective capabilities; vitamin e is equally beneficial for the safety of skin as well as boosting the healing of wounded skin regions. 

Drawbacks Of Using Vitamin E Oil In Tattooing:

The following are some drawbacks of using vitamin e oil in tattooing:

  • Skin inked with a tattoo design needs proper oxygen and moderate sunlight to boost healing. The most adverse drawback of using vitamin e oil in tattooing is clogging the skin. When the skin is clogged by vitamin e layering, direct access to air and sunlight is affected, and you’re left with increased healing time. 
  • If your skin is highly sensitive and takes longer to heal, using vitamin e oil to heal the tattooed skin might not work well. The main reason is that vitamin e is not an independent cell regeneration agent. It only boosts the natural healing process of your skin. If your skin is already causing delayed healing, there are better options than using vitamin e oil. 
  • Another drawback of using vitamin e oil on sensitive skin is that it might cause rashes or allergies to the healing skin region. If you have a skin disease, infection, or naturally sensitive skin with an inked tattoo, it’s best to ask your doctor before using vitamin e oil. 

Vitamin E Oil for New Tattoo:

  • Using Vitamin E oil or other supplements on a newly-inked tattoo is not a good option, according to many professional tattoo aftercare experts we’ve discussed. The most common reason the professionals give is that if you start using Vitamin E serum or any other essential oil immediately after getting a tattoo, it would interfere with the natural healing process. We already know that a tattoo is inked using a rotary or coil tattoo machine, creating micro-wounds when it deposits ink into epidermal skin layers. So, if you immediately add thick layers of Vitamin E oil or any other substance, it would only create pores blockage and increase the chances of infection.

Hence, all of these and many more reasons are analyzed to form a suggestion that using Vitamin E oil for new tattoos is not advised.

Best Time to Use Vitamin E on Tattoos:

  • It’s common among dermatologists and tattoo artists that the best time to apply Vitamin E on tattoos is when it’s in the scabbing and dry flakes stage for most tattooed people. Initially, the tattoo is in the primary healing stages, which leads to swelling, pain, and the body’s natural immune system reaction. Once this stage passes and there is a layer of scabbing on the healing tattoo, you can apply Vitamin E oil or any other prescribed natural serum. Ensure a mild and specified cleanser to keep the skin hygienic and safe from infectious bacteria.
  • The key benefit of using Vitamin E oil, cream, or lotions during flaking and scabbing is that it adds a protective layer to tattoos and also maintains healthy moisturization. This means you will have comfortable, well-nourished skin during the dry stage of tattoo healing.
  • But it would help if you only used it when allowed by the tattoo artist or a medical professional, or else wrong usage might lead to further delay in tattoo healing and increase the chance of infection.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it okay to use vitamin e oil on healing tattoos?

Vitamin e oil is usually beneficial for healing tattoos once the initial healing phase is completed. But each person has a different skin type, and everyone’s body reacts differently to certain natural oils. Therefore, asking your doctor before using anything on your healing tattoo or other wounds is best. 

Can you name other natural oils which I can use for healing tattoos?

Many essential oils are highly beneficial for tattoo healing and help better skin regeneration. For example, you can use coconut oil, tea tree oil, or grapeseed oil for the aftercare of the tattooed skin. 


There are many benefits of vitamin e oil, and many experts suggest that it is beneficial for the human body. As people usually ask, is vitamin e oil good for tattoos and aftercare? The researchers found that vitamin e oil is beneficial during wound healing for most people. As tattoo healing is also a form of cell regeneration after a wound, you can use vitamin e oil in the tattooing experience. But it would help if you never experiment on your skin as it is sensitive, especially wounded skin. Always consult your professional tattoo artist or medical expert before using any aftercare product on tattooed skin. Thanks for reading. 

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