Mad Rabbit vs Hustle Butter: Tattoo Balm Comparison

Mad Rabbit vs Hustle Butter

A professional tattoo artist can only help you directly in the tattooing process when the inking process is continued. Once a tattooing expert has completed the tattoo design, you are the primary caretaker of the tattooing procedure. Unfortunately, at an early age, people needed a clearer idea about tattooing aftercare and products. This leads to many unwanted issues in the properly healing and normalization of tattooed skin. Today, we will discuss a comparison; mad rabbit vs. hustle butter: tattoo balm comparison. Now, as innovation is massive in all other fields of art, tattooing is not left behind, and significant changes have been made in the tattooing process in the past few decades. 

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm

Mad Rabbit has established its worthiness in the aftercare marketplace by offering the highest quality products at balanced prices. Most people who are considerate of using tattoo balms and ointments prefer using mad rabbit tattoo blame due to its stunning benefits on the skin after tattoo gun sessions. Tattooing ointments are essential since they are mostly organic and healthy to improve skin healing. Now, if you add Mad Rabbit’s unique specialties and features, it’s the cherry on top. 

The only problem with using Mad Rabbit’s tattooing balm or another high-quality product is that you should use it sparingly. Over-moisturizing healing skin can lead to blockage of the skin and increase the chances of infection. Using Cocoa butter on a tattoo is a natural and easy way to get more healing factor by using organic ingredients. Whether you pick cocoa butter or mad rabbit tattoo balm on your tattoo, consult a professional for the best results.

Mad Rabbit vs. Hustle Balm:

These days, specific aftercare products and healing ointments are the primary sources of quality aftercare. Most professional tattoo artists encourage users to switch to high-quality and effective aftercare products to avoid unwanted consequences. People have realized it with time, and now tattooed people even book appointments to discuss aftercare with well-known tattoo artists. So, we already saved your time and resources to visit a tattoo artist and discussed efficient aftercare healing balms. 

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Following is the comparison of mad rabbit and Hustle balm:

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm:

mad rabbit tattoo balm

People were not involved in tattoo aftercare until recent past decades. But recently, aftercare is becoming a proper subset of the art of tattooing. Rabbit balm is one of the best healing ointments for aftercare. Many healing products take a relatively extended time to build up the aftercare process.

Mad Rabbit tattoo balm avoids all of these delays and instantly starts enhancing the healing effect of the tattooed skin. You don’t have to worry about the ingredients and composition of the product, as all the ingredients are natural and organic. Instead of leaving oil and a greasy outlook on the tattooed skin, the mad rabbit tattoo balm absorbs quickly and provides a smooth texture to the skin. The mad rabbit tattooing balm is highly recommended if you want a well-tested solution for the aftercare of tattoos. 

  • Pros
  • All organic ingredients in the composition
  • Suitable for sensitive skin 
  • It gives a vibrant and fresher outlook to tattoos

  • Cons
  • A bit more expensive for some users 

Hustle Butter Tattoo Aftercare Balm:

hustle butter tattoo balm


Hustle Butter Tattoo Balm is not similar to regular tattoo balm people use. This tattooing lotion manufacturer has been assigned to create aftercare products without using paraben or petroleum products. It seemed very difficult initially, but hustle butter was finally introduced to the tattooing community, and it pleasantly surprised everyone. The results from users worldwide were satisfying, and every professional tattoo artist started to recommend this aftercare product.

Natural extracts in the Hustle butter lotion, like coconut oil and shea butter, allow the product to heal the tattooed skin naturally. The absorbing capabilities of hustle aftercare lotion are unmatched by any other product in its class because it leaves the skin at an optimum moisturization level. Hustle Butter Tattoo Aftercare Balm is the most suitable option if you are more concerned about the dryness and irritation of tattooed skin. 

  • Pros
  • Very affordable for users 
  • Reduces irritation and swelling 
  • Highly pleasing scent 

  • Cons
  • The antibiotic effect is not as strong as other products. 

Comparative Features In Mad Rabbit vs Hustle Butter Tattoo Balm:

We have discussed the brief introduction and usage review of both products and now it’s time to pay attention to the comparative features of both products. Comparing such high-quality products is weird because it’s just unfair. The just part of the discussion is that both healing balms are high quality and deserve to be in the discussion. The unfair part is that both have several strengths and few weaknesses that distinguish them from each other. Ideally, such comparisons should be easy, but they are relatively difficult here for several indirect reasons. But let’s continue comparing hustle butter and mad rabbit aftercare ointments

Following are some comparative features of mad rabbit vs. hustle butter tattoo balm:

Healing Enhancing Ability:

Undoubtedly, the most important feature of aftercare products is their healing ability. If your tattooing balm is not healing the natural healing mechanism of your skin, you shouldn’t be using such a product. When the tattooing creams boost the healing, the overall tattooing procedure works more stable and smoothly. The healing enhancing ability of mad rabbit is quite similar to the hustle butter tattoo, yet mad rabbit has an edge here. 

Nature Of Ingredients:

The nature of ingredients and the composition of the healing product directly impact the healing time and quality of aftercare. Many people prefer organic and natural ingredients in their tattoo healing cream. The composition of mad rabbits is safe and organic, but if you want strictly organic ingredients, you should use hustle butter. The Hustle butte tattoo balm provides natural composition and highlights natural healing using various organic ingredients. 

Protection Against Infection:

While the tattoo is healing, you might be worried about the risk of infection, and it’s justified to be worried about such unwanted consequences. Professional tattoo artists rate infection protection right after the enhancement in the healing of a tattoo. So, you should also pay great attention to infection protection and choose products with high infection protection. Hustle butter is a good infection protection ability, but it needs greatness in this feature. The mad rabbit tattooing balm is superior in protection against infection but actively acts to avoid it. 


The budget might not be the comparative feature for some users while discussing two products, but most people have a specific budget for each life activity. Most companies and brands understand their audience and budgets, resulting in user-oriented products. Fortunately, tattoo aftercare products are relatively inexpensive for users. You can buy high-quality products if you have a sufficient budget. Even mad rabbit is relatively inexpensive, but hustle butter tattoo balm is recommended if you want the best cost efficiency. 

Sensation On Skin:

The last yet important competitive feature of tattoo healing balms is the sensation of the product on the skin and its outer features. The outer properties of the healing balm don’t affect the product’s functionality, but they are really important for marketing, longevity, and preferences in the market. For example, the scent and texture of Hustle butter are better, while mad rabbit has great absorption and a non-oily outlook. So, you can decide your preferred combination and switch to the tattoo balm which features your specific requirement.


We successfully compared hustle butter and mad rabbit and concluded with “Mad rabbit vs. hustle butter: tattoo balm comparison.” Choosing the absolute best among these high-quality aftercare products was difficult, but we sorted one for each type of user. If you have a limited budget and want a great tattooing balm with a pleasant scent and smooth texture, the hustle butter tattoo balm will be great for you. On the contemporary side, the mad rabbit tattoo balm is most suitable if you can afford a slightly expensive aftercare balm with great antibiotic and moisturization capabilities. You can consult a professional tattooer to elaborate on the best aftercare product. Thanks for reading. 

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