50+ Best Berserk Tattoos Design Ideas And Meanings

Berserk Tattoos Ideas

Since the first broadcast of Berserk in 1997, people have been inspired to ink the best Berserk Tattoos. After the initial release, the fans must wait for the next broadcasting season for almost two decades. But the second broadcast season of Berserk in 2016 was worth waiting for. With the rise in popularity of berserk tattoos, artists have been encouraging fans to get great artistic tattoos. Newly inspired tattoo lovers ask for the best berserk tattoo with meaning. Don’t worry; your required listing is coming quickly with great and interesting meanings. 

Introduction to Berserk Tattoos:

The Brand of Sacrifice Tattoos:

The Best Berserk Tattoo With Meaning:

We know some people wouldn’t be aware of the fictional anime series and its bondage with the art of tattooing. However, people have been drawn to Berserk and its artwork for decades. Creative artists have designed some phenomenal berserk tattoos for clients. 

This is why we should check out these quality berserk tattoos and their meanings:

Guts Berserk Tattoo:

Guts is one of the main reading roles in the franchise. He is an assassin and a wanderer in the brand of sacrifice. He is also known as the black swordsman in the anime series Berserk. In the initial episodes, Guts is a wanderer trying to figure out the meaning of life. But with time, he learned to share and become compassionate to others. In the series of anime fiction, he goes through many tragedies, which lead him to become a vengeance-oriented person. If you love the Berserk series, there is no way you couldn’t help but love his growth in the series. That can be a great inspiration for berserk tattoos. 

Behelit Berserk Tattoo:

Behelit in Berserk isn’t an ordinary object or a random stone, but it’s very spiritual in the series. It is mainly a bridge or connective joint between the normal and astral worlds. The stone represents positivity and the power of spirituality in Berserk. Different characters have used the behelit stone to summon the hand of god. Berserk’s main color grading for behelits is either blue or green, which would look amazing if you decided to get it tattooed on your hands or bicep. 

Behelit Berserk Tattoo
Behelit Berserk Tattoo

The Brand of Sacrifice Berserk Tattoo:

Now the brand of sacrifice might be too insensitive for some people, but most berserk fans are usually excited to see the ritual. It usually includes a traditional ritual of sacrifice in which the person who desires to become an apostle in the hand of god sacrifices someone they love. Berserk fans find this tattoo idea compelling, and you must have seen someone rocking this amazing tattoo in the berserk fan communities online. 

Sacrifice Berserk Tattoo
Sacrifice Berserk Tattoo

Casca Berserk Tattoo:

Casca, in the berserk, acts as balancing feminine energy in the anime series. She is a great warrior and a highly deadly fighter on the battleground. In the past, she was leading the band of falcons which intruded on her leadership qualities, and later on, in the series, she goes along with guts. Initially, Guts and Casca keep arguing with each other. Still, with time, they develop a companionship that eventually helps them survive by having each other alongside them. Casca usually has inked oath guts, but she would also look great on your tattoo design without guts from Berserk. 

Casca Berserk Tattoo Design
Casca Berserk Tattoo

DragonSlayer Sword Berserk Tattoo:

We have already discussed the role of guts in the series, but his adventures are only complete with his infamous sword, which helps him survive throughout. Berserk’s dragonslayer sword is considered one of the identifying weapons in the series. The dragonslayer is meant to be used by the guest because no one in the Berserk series can use it properly. The power of the dragonslayer sword is understood by its name, and it can easily kill a fierce dragon, so berserk fans love getting a dragonslayer tattoo alongside guts. 

DragonSlayer Sword Berserk Tattoo
DragonSlayer Sword Berserk Tattoo

Griffith Berserk Tattoo:

Griffith acts as the main villain in the berserk series by providing the essential contrast of the guts character. Moreover, Griffith once won a fight from guts which led to guts forcefully being joined in the group led by none other than Griffith. He was initially a gray character with some flaws in the beginning. Still, with his continued pursuit of power and success, Griffith took some wrong paths and eventually became a perfect villain. He even sacrificed his initial team for more power by being included in the hand of god. Griffith is also loved by most berserk lovers, which can lead to an inspirational tattoo. 

Griffith Berserk Tattoo
Griffith Berserk Tattoo

Frequently Answer Questions:

Can you define a berserk tattoo in simple words?

Berserk tattoo is a special one inspired by the Japanese u0022Berserku0022 manga. The theme of this manga is more mature and dark, which resonates with many adult readers of the franchise. These readers are sometimes tattoo lovers who get berserk-inspired tattoos on their bodies. 

Which are some famous berserk tattoo ideas?

There are enough berserk tattoo ideas to fill a person’s entire body. However, people usually require one or two to create their tattoo designs. So, you can get a Casca, Griffin, Guts, and many more characters from the Japanese manga as a tattoo idea.

Who can get a berserk tattoo?

The theme and view of the berserk manga are darker and fruity, so it’s inappropriate for everyone. Nevertheless, we can always find admirers for anything, and graphic anime tattoo lovers are everywhere worldwide. So, if berserk matches your taste in tattoos, you can get it inked on your body. 

Is the brand of sacrifice tattoo worth it?

Yes, the brand of sacrifice tattoo would be worth it if you know what kind of design this is. Similar to other berserk tattoos, the brand of sacrifice is also not for light-hearted people, and it’s recommended for a more mature audience. However, its artwork and art have no boundaries, so if you love it, create a unique berserk tattoo with the help of your tattoo artist. 

What would be an expense of a berserk tattoo?

The cost of a berserk tattoo mainly depends upon the size, tattoo artist, colors, and design. But, the estimated cost could be anywhere between 90 dollars to 250 dollars on average. So, adjust your budget, and get your new tattoo from the infamous berserk franchise. 


After discussing all of these characters and objects in the berserk series, we have concluded the best berserk tattoo with meaning. You can choose any of these tattooing ideas or merge two characters in a situation depicted in Berserk to get inked. In addition to highlighting some of the main characters and objects from the series, we also told you the meaning they carry into Berserk’s tattooing world. Furthermore, if you have any other favorite character, form, or object from the infamous anime berserk, feel free to share it with us. Thanks for reading. 

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