Best Pens for Drawing on Skin

Best Pens for Drawing on Skin Reviews & Guide 2022

A certain percentage of the population loves drawing the best possible design on their skin using pen and markers. However, many tattoo lovers and admirers avoid permanent tattoos with an initial design because it leads to regret and negative feelings afterward—the main reason being a lack of thought and attention paid to the design and outlook of the tattoo. Instead, you can switch to temporary tattoos for more fun and relaxing experience; at this point, the Best Pens for Drawing on Skin comes into play.

Most expert tattoo artists can create realistic and more natural-looking tattoos using a marking pen and stencils. But, many pens are available in stores, and most users get confused using them. Moreover, not every type of marking and tracing pen is compatible with temporary tattoos. Hence, naturally, one might wonder which pen is best for me and how I could find it as there are many options and features to look for while selecting the best possible option.

You don’t have to worry as this article is written to solve the exact problem. There are various skin-compatible and non-toxic pens on the market. Most tattoo artists use these tattoo marking pens for initial tracing and outlining before finalizing the implementation of the craft to skin. These pens are also useful for surgeons to identify targeted body parts while performing surgeries. Moreover, kids and even some artistic adults love to mark their skin with personalized artistic tattoos that are temporary and non-harmful.

Which pen is recommended to use on the skin?

Suppose you are indulging in medical surgery or skin decorations. In that case, it is advised to use a medical grade and sterilized marking pen for the best outcome and minimizing the risk of disease transmission—select products with non-toxic composites for an increased sense of security and immunity from allergens and medical complications.

What Are The Best Pens For Drawing on Skin?

Selecting the best option available is a stressful job, and the problems multiply if you are a beginner in the field. Without proper guidance and knowledge, one might fall into opting wrong product, which ultimately leads to a waste of resources, time, and efforts throughout the course. But, it would be best if you worried as we have already compiled a list for you.

Following are some of the best pens for drawing on skin:

  1. Viscount mini XL prep resistant ink tattoo pen
  2. Hildbrandt skin scribe tattoo pen
  3. Alex spa sketch and sparkle tattoo pens
  4. BIC body mark temporary tattoo pen
  5. Labrador professional sterile tattoo pen
  6. Ownest skin marking tattoo pen

Viscot Mini XL Prep Resistant Ink Tattoo Pen:

Viscot 1450-5 Mini XL Prep Resistant Ink Markers


Viscot mini XL prep-resistant ink pen is a more visible and stylish tattoo pen. This pen is very long-lasting and durable. The expert usually says that this tattoo pen is 10x times more visible than average competitors. It is rated as latex free. So, you can comfortably use this tattoo pen if you are allergic to latex. Use different colors of the pen with this prep-resistant pen for the best possible results and better painted artistic designs.

You can also use these pens to contrast and shade on other tattoos and temporary tracings on your skin. Artists can readily use them to create imaginative art, while surgeons can also use them in medical practices. However, if you want more broad designs on your skin, you will have to spend some time using these pens as the pen’s tip is quite detailed and precise.

Besides, Viscot is FDA-registered, and basic health standards are always considered. Most surgical experts and medical instructors prefer this tattoo pen. They use these pens for more accurate and precise temporary cut marks and other purposes. It is reliable since you can easily draw your temporary tattoo using these mini prep ink markers. Further, it’s easy for more detailing versions for better attention to detail while working.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re looking for a surgical pen that works with artistic domains, the Viscot miniature XL pre-resistant ink pen is the way to go. This tattooing pen is more long-lasting and apparent than a normal tattoo or surgery. It’s ideal for drawing lines and tracings on your temporary tattoo. Further, It’s safe to utilize on the skin, but avoid direct eye contact because it might irritate them. However, you can easily use it while sketching before creating an actual tattoo.


  • Longer lasting
  • More visible and defined color
  • Best for tracing


  • Smaller size

Hildbrandt Skin Scribe tattoo Pen:

Tattoo Skin Scribe Pen


Only a few brands in the market which are competing with the Hildbrandt skin scribe tattoo pen. This pen is quite famous and recommended by users due to its versatility and wide range of color availability. You can easily choose between three colors and draw several types of designs and art pieces. Additionally, you can use a blue, red, or black tattoo pen.

Retailers in two possible methods sell these tattoo pens. Either they sell them as single pieces or a full five-pack. So you won’t have to buy extra or repeatedly, consider your requirement and you can easily pick a specific amount of products. These skin scribe pens are great for you if you are an aspiring and talented tattoo artist.

Using this pen, you can easily draw fine lines on the prototype sketch or shade the outlined image formed on the tatted area. The main feature of this pen is that you don’t have to worry about the colors being speeded and uneven on the skin because this tattoo marker completely resists over spreading of ink on the skin. Some tattoo pens can cause unnecessary cuts and wounds, but this pen is designed to avoid extra cuts and is more comfortable.

Final Thoughts:

Hildbrandt skin scribe tattoo pens are the best option if you are an aspiring and talented tattoo artist. These pens are quite versatile and useful. You can easily choose between black, blue and red color according to your requirements. You can readily buy a single pen or a full package of five pieces from a nearby store. These tattoo pens are safer to use and resist spreading ink while used on the skin.


  • Versatile range of colors
  • Spread resistant ink
  • Safe to use


  • Dries out

Alex Spa Sketch and Sparkle Tattoo Pens:

Alex Spa Sketch and Sparkle Tattoo Pens Girls


The Alex spa sketch and sparkle tattoo pens are available in the form of a complete set to be used by feminine tattoo artists and other enthusiastic users. The complete set of tattoo pens consists of stencils and gel pens, and you can easily make diverse temporary tattoos using this complete set. Some types of tattoo pens are difficult to be removed from the skin after they are used to apply designs, but you won’t have to worry about such issues while using these pens.

There are a lot of fashionable designs and styles of tattoos carved upon these stencils. A user might worry about sticking the corners of the stencil, but the Alex spa sketch and sparkle tattoo pen set have already solved your problem. The tattoo pens come with adhesive tape on each side to easily apply them to the skin comfortably. All you have to do is peel off the cover of the stencil and use tattoo pens to create your personalized artistic style.

You can easily wash the temporary tattoos by cleaning your hands with tap water and soap. The ink is not semi-permanent and rogue on the skin; you can comfortably remove it whenever you want in a few seconds. The user has six different pens and six stencils as a package. Experts recommend the users about the set be used by adults and children above eight years to minimize any possible negative usage outcomes.

Final Thoughts:

Alex spa sketch and sparkle tattoo pens are useful and crafty recommendations for fashionable and intelligent girls. You can easily use a wide range of pens and stencils to create all of your favorite styles. The ink is temporary, and you can easily remove it by simply washing the skin with soap and tap water. Use peel-off stickers on the back of stencils to help stick them in one place. It is a very interesting option of tattoo pen for adult feminine artists and children above eight years mark.


  • Safe to be used by children above eight
  • Easily washable
  • Wide range of stencils


  • Lacks sweat resistance

BIC Body Mark Temporary Tattoo Pen:

BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Markers


Some users are interested in cosmetic essentials, and the BIC body mark temporary tattoo pen is sure to adore them. The design and construct of this tattoo pen are comforting and safe to be used on the skin. The brand has high merits in product marketing, and they have featured an international cosmetic quality product to the market. The pen is not sure to be used on extra sensitive and allergic skin. However, except for these specific natural skin conditions, the marker is safe for all skin types.

The tip of the BIC body mark temporary tattoo pen is quite flexible yet easy to direct during tattoo creation. Using this pen, you can produce very detailing thin lines or broad and defining lines. The package is loaded with essential and useful products. You will get six marking pens, nine stencils, and a guidebook with some of the best inspirational content available. This is helpful for new artists and beginners to learn and grow simultaneously.

There are various shapes and figurative options available in the package. For example, you might receive flowers, hearts, and other visually appealing images on stencils. The ink used in the tattoo pens is temporary, so it is not intended to last weeks and months. The guidebook consists of numerous guidelines and tips with eleven pages of interesting ideas variating between traditional and more futuristic patterns. You can easily create temporary tattoo designs for festivals and parties.

Final Thoughts:

BIC body mark temporary tattoo pen is a pleasing replacement for users interested in cosmetic products and designative patterns. The tattoo pen is compatible with almost all skin types, and there is vast adversity of colors variable to be used. You can enjoy experimenting with many designs as the markers come with eleven stencils. If you have more versatility in patterns and stylish designs, you should consider these tattoo pens.


  • Detailed guide book
  • Compatible with cosmetic standards
  • Flexible tip


  • Ink is temporary but difficult to wash

Labaider’s Professional Sterile Tattoo Pen:

6Pcs Professional Surgical Tip Skin Marker


Labaider’s professional sterile tattoo pen is your advised option if you are more concerned about hygienic regulations. These surgical skin marking pens are individually sealed and sterile to dissolve the argument of the presence of unclean components on the product. The complete package consists of six tattoo and surgical pens. The markers are created while heavily emphasizing global health and cleanliness standards.

The composition of the built quality of this tattoo pen is very high. The handles are made up of a hundred percent BPA-free plastic. The ink used in these surgical markers is also medically graded natural gentian ink. The tip of the tattoo pen is variated twice for ease for users. You can either use a 0.5mm tip or 1mm tip, depending upon the choice and requirement of the artist. As a result, you can draw accurate lines and tracings without missing a beat and creating irregular shapes.

Regardless of the user’s expertise, the tattoo pen is equally useful and productive for everyone. The ink is sweat-resistant, waterproof, and longer lasting compared to other competitors in the market. You can easily remove the ink from the skin using medical spirits or alcohol with a cotton pad or soft cloth. It can be used in plastic surgery, fashion, tattoo artistry, and many more.

Final Thoughts:

Labaider’s professional sterile is a useful and reliable tattoo pen used by medical experts and tattoo artists. Each pen is sterilized and separately packed to remove the chances of additional impurities in the packaging. In addition, there is versatility in the tracing ability of the marking pen. No compromises are made on the medical quality of the body and ink used in this tattoo pen. This tattoo pen is highly recommended if you are interested in a non-toxic replacement.


  • Sealed and sterile components
  • Water proof ink
  • Accurate lining ability


  • Inability to draw wide artistic stroke

Ownest Skin Marking Tattoo Pen:

Ownest 6 Pcs Surgical Skin Marker Tattoo Pen


Ownest skin marking tattoo pen is a non-toxic and medically approved product in a fairly agreeable price range. There are four pieces of tattoo pens available in the packaging. You can switch between 0.5mm and 1mm tip markers which are relatively easy to wipe. Two pieces of silver and white double head marking pens available for the beneficial usage of buyers and professional experts. You can use the featured paper ruler to measure the dimensions of each marking design for better understanding.

There is a featured skin positioning pen in the packaging. You can use it to enhance and highlight skin. It is safe to be used on any part of the skin without hesitation and the chance to cause irritation or inflammation. The ideal usage will be to apply this on eyebrows to enhance the look and add details. Some users prefer using it with permanent makeup because it is presentable and classy to use on casual occasions.

You cannot recreate a certain design repeatedly; hence the ink is waterproof and durable. The ink truly stays on the skin and avoids fading during the painting process, and even after several washes, the design stays. Each user is assured of graded medical quality and hygienic ink. You can draw accurately determinable patterns using the fine tip of this tattoo pen. It is advantageous to obtain such high standard results while spending relatively less.

Final Thoughts:

Ownest skin marking tattoo pen is non-toxic and medically graded option for surgical professionals and tattoo artists. The packaging consists of four pens with variating tip thickness. There is a featured ruler which can be used for marking measurements. In addition, you can use a skin positioning pen for enhanced detailing. You should consider this tattoo pen if you are interested in more calculated and geometrical tattoo patterns.


  • Perfect for eyebrow marking
  • Water proof ink
  • Different tip sizes are available


  • Some pens are easily washable while others aren’t

Buyer’s Guide for Pen to Draw on Skin:

There are many things to consider if you have just started making tattoos and are interested in temporary tattoos. Lack of attention to prominent features might lead to cheap quality products and demotivation outcomes. You should search for idealistic features carefully and use the given guidelines with proper conscious efforts.  

Following are the basic features and guidelines to follow to find the best pen to draw on skin:


One of the most important features of the tattoo pen is that it should be affordable and efficient in its specific economical range. You might spend more revenue on purchasing tattoo pens and other products, which ultimately becomes a bad decision.

Washable ink:

It is already understood that the ink used in the product should be washable as the main purpose is to create temporary tattoos. The particles stick to the skin for a longer time; it is considered mostly a low-quality characteristic of a tattoo pen.


It would be best if you only used a temporary tattoo pen for making outlines and tracings tattoos on the skin. The flow of the pen should be smooth and uninterrupted. Use non-toxic options with efficient performance for best results. This ultimately decreases the waste of time and effort for you.

Tip Size:

The flexible tip of the pen is an essential part of the key features of the best tattoo pens. Variations in sketches and outlines of the tattoo are directly related to the tip size and its contact with the skin. One can achieve more precision and accuracy due to the high-quality tip and grip of the marking pen.

Health grading:

If you’re using a pen directly to your skin, it should be sterilized and sealed before being used. Users can acquire random and fatal transmitted diseases due to unchecked usage of these tattoo pens. You should always maintain medical protocols and regulations while creating artistry that risks your personal and communal health.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it safe to draw on skin?

Most tattoo pens and other non-toxic medical markers are safe to use on skin. Although you have allergic skin, you should avoid using such products on your skin, which can cause allergic reactions and other issues. Maintain proper medical protocols while drawing on your skin.

Which pen is used to draw on skin?

Medical experts and tattoo artists always recommend using non-toxic and medical-grade pens and tracing markers on your skin. These pens are smooth non-reactive, durable, and more visible on your skin.

What health complications can arise from unhealthy drawing practices on the skin?

You have a high risk of skin allergy, the transmission of blood disease, viral infections, irritation, constant pain and swelling, and several other complications if you completely or partially ignore medical regulations while drawing or tattooing your skin.

Can ink be transferred to the skin?

There are several methods to temporarily and permanently transfer ink to your skin. First, use tattoo pens and stencils to temporarily transmit ink to the skin. At the same time, you can revert to tattooing techniques and medical surgeries for the permanent transfer of ink to the skin.

Are there waterproof inks for drawing tattoos temporarily?

Yes, several brands feature waterproof and sweat-resistant ink for temporary tattoos. You can either spend hours on the internet looking for the best options or select any of the products mentioned above as they are selected for their best features in the minimum price range.


Human skin is quite sensitive and fragile. Therefore, you should always use non-toxic and comforting products on your skin to avoid any complications. Use the mentioned products and features as a guideline to select your ideal tattoo pen to draw on your skin. Use each product under the supervision of an actual expert and consult a medical instructor in case of any inconvenience and unpredicted reaction to the skin. 

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