Best Tattoo Shops In Dallas

Best Tattoo Shops In Dallas

Best Tattoo Shops In Dallas

Tattoos are evolving more and more popular in modern society, so it is not unusual to have tattoos. But finding the right tattoo studio might be a little difficult for some people. There are many areas where you can get tattoos, but good tattoos come from good tattoo artists. Tattoo shops are also different depending on the location you live. But finding the best tattoo shop in Dallas can be easy for you now. 

Dallas is known for many things: its BBQ, its Cowboys, and its culture. But did you know that Dallas is also home to some of the best tattoo shops in the country? So whether you’re looking for a new tattoo or just interested in checking out some of the amazing work being done in Dallas, read on for our list of the best tattoo shops in the city. Each Shop has its own unique style, so there’s something for everyone!

Tips for finding the best tattoo artist or Shop

  • Good artists are well known for their style, designs, and accuracy. Make sure the tattoo artist you will pick has all of those things. He should be able to create designs that are truly works of art.
  • Good hygiene is also one of the best qualities a good artist should have. The tools used in tattoos are very sharp, and needles are made of metal, which can create infections or diseases if not properly sterilized.
  • Make sure you feel comfortable with the tattoo artist. Tattoos are not only about drawing and placing ink on your skin, but it’s also about feeling completely comfortable in that person’s hands and his personality. You should feel like the artist has a good command of what he is doing and can talk about anything.
  • If the artist is more than one, make sure they are equally skilled. It can be frustrating if one of them has very little skills, but you have to pay for your whole tattoo at a high price because there is only one artist in the Shop.

Our Top Recommendations For Best Tattoo Parlors in Dallas

  1. Legacy Arts Tattoo
  2. Cedar Springs Tattoo & Piercing
  3. Elm Street Tattoo
  4. Gold Dust Tattoos & Fine Art
  5. Cat Tattoo Company
  6. Lone Star Tattoo
  7. Lamar Street Tattoo Club

Legacy Arts Tattoo

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Legacy Arts Tattoo is a high-quality tattoo shop with two locations in the Dallas area. They offer world-class services to our community and surrounding areas with experienced artists who provide comprehensive designs for all types of bodies! Also, they want their clients’ tattoos to be something that will make them look and feel confident, which is why they go out of the way for every person who walks through those doors to get exactly what they want. They stand out from other tattoo shops because of their attention to detail, colors, and shapes that pop on the skin – especially black! Their customer services are always friendly, helpful, and kind. They will never make customers feel ashamed or clueless as they guide beginners on another journey with them!

Cedar Springs Tattoo & Piercing

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If you are looking for a tattoo parlor that will provide the highest quality service, look no further than Cedar Springs. This shop is in Oaklawn and provides individualized attention to every client with their expert body art expertise! The team of awesome and enthusiastic artists at Designers can offer outstanding designs for their clients in any style. They have got you covered with the right look! Customers will be greeted by an elegant, modern design when they walk into this tattoo parlor. In addition, the shop’s state-of-the-art equipment ensures that all customers are being offered top quality work and services to maintain their loyalty as well!

Elm Street Tattoo

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The first time I walked into Elm Street Tattoo, it was love at first sight. The shop has been around for more than two decades, and their services have never changed – they’re still doing an amazing job! The shop has a team of professional and certified tattoo artists that maintain the safety, cleanliness, and creativity of their clients. Their environment is always welcoming, with guest appearances by international artists from across different countries who share similar passions towards artistry! The company has been around for 20 years. In those two decades, they have opened many new shops and had many memorable moments along the way!

Gold Dust Tattoos & Fine Art

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Gold Dust Tattoos and Fine Arts is a tattoo parlor located on Greenville Avenue in Dallas, Texas. The Gold Dust Tattoos is a one-stop-shop for all your tattoo design needs. With their diverse collection and personalized service, they can turn any idea into reality! The team at Golddust has years of experience in the industry which enables them to produce high-quality artwork on-demand with exceptional efficiency – perfect if you’re looking for something unique or don’t know where else to go.” The shop’s resident tattoo artists are some of the finest in their field, with highly skilled and experienced professionals such as Char Mcgaughy (tattooist), Roque Mendez(resident artist), Moses Veliz, Zach Mathews, Tearanie Wildman, Matt McGrath Babs & Jordan Brackeen.

Cat Tattoo Company

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Cat Tattoo is the first custom tattoo parlor in Dallas and has been providing quality ink for 17 years. They also specialize in piercings, laser removal of tattoos (which they claim leaves no scars), as well as other services like body hair transplants with their expertly trained staff! Cat Tattoo is one of the few remaining tattoo parlors in Dallas that still provides customers with high-quality work. They are proud to say that they have never had a customer leave unsatisfied with their work, whether an animal portrait or a traditional Japanese geisha girl! Cat Tattoos is a highly-reviewed tattoo parlor with an incredible online presence. They feature their work on Instagram to gain feedback from clients and collectors alike, who can then create custom designs by inboxing the studio or each artist through CatTat’s contact page. Additionally, if you live in San Antonio or chicago, we have covered you.

  • Phone: (972) 387-0990
  • Website Address:
  • Address: 4544 BELT LINE RD. ADDISON, TX 75001 

Lone Star Tattoo

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Scott here began tattooing in 1995, and it wasn’t until recently that he bought his art forward under the name Lone Star Tattoo. One of only a handful open on Sundays (and one of those only at night), this shop has proven time after again why they are considered an icon among artists across all disciplines. Here at the tattoo parlor, you can get a piercing done and have various tattoos ranging from American Traditional to Japanese. The excellence in this art form lies in how well they understand your vision for what type of design would best suit you! Lone Star Tattoo is the place to go if you’re looking for a tattoo in this city. They have friendly staff, good prices and they never fail me!

  • Phone:  972-964-8100
  • Website Address:
  • Address: 18804 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX, 75252, United States

Lamar Street Tattoo Club

Best Tattoo Shops In Dallas

The tattoo and body art industry are booming, so it’s no surprise that Lamar Street Tattoo Club has grown in the last few years. The owner of this shop was once just himself with an idea for a business; two short decades later, they’re now four artists working under one roof! So if you are looking for a top-notch tattoo studio in Dallas, look no further than this well-known and highly rated one. They’ve been voted best of both worlds – their skills combined with friendly customer service make them an unbeatable choice when it comes time to get your next great work done! The Lamar Street Tattoo Club artists offer a wide range of custom tattoos in all styles. They also provide cover-ups and laser removal services for when your tattoo isn’t quite what you had wanted it to be! The price is $100 per session, but some ways can get discounted if needed.


Tattoos are becoming more and more mainstream in society. It is not unusual to see people with tattoos, but finding the right tattoo studio might be a little difficult for some people who have never had one before. Tattoo shops are also different depending on the location you live. But finding the best tattoo shop in Dallas can be easy for you now. The best way to do this is by looking at reviews online or asking friends who may know of an artist they like that lives near them.

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