Best Tattoo Shop in Houston

Best Tattoo Shop in Houston

Best Tattoo Shop in Houston

Best Tattoo Shop in Houston provides many services like custom tattooing, laser removal of unwanted tattoos, and other body art services. People should take the specialist’s advice before getting a new ink on the skin because it may cause allergy or infection otherwise. A consultation session with the expert helps you learn about the different types of best tattoo shops in Houston that provide better results as per your desire. You can select any pattern from different styles available at cheap rates. The experts suggest people not get a new kind of tattoo without taking their skin test, so consult with specialists to choose one. It is an expensive process but worth it after getting a beautiful & cool design on the body.

People who like tattoos can have lots of fun choosing the tattoo design. It is the most important step before getting a new ink on the skin. Tattoos are available in various cute, stylish, and other unique designs. Designs also vary depending on a person’s choice, like tribal tattoos, skull tattoo designs, Japanese Tattoos, and Maori tattoos.

Factors considered while selecting the best tattoo shop in Houston

Many factors should be considered while selecting the best tattoo shop in Houston. These factors’ significance will help you choose a professional tattoo artist for your skin. Here, we have mentioned some factors about Best Tattoo Shop in Houston that are easy to understand and use while finding an artist for getting a new ink on skin. They are the following:

  1. Relevance of the work experience: An interested person should consider this factor while choosing an experienced or new tattoo artist who knows all about stenciling designs on your skin. Specialists advise people to ask as much information as possible from their potential artists before hiring them because it is very important for safe & successful body art. In short, it’s better to select a tattoo artist who has enough experience in this field so people can get better services during tattooing.
  2. Ability Of the specialist to give you better results: If you opt for the best tattoo shop in Houston, it’s important to know about their abilities. Before getting a new ink on skin, people should discuss every aspect of body art with an expert because he may suggest some patterns affecting your personality badly. So, choose an experienced professional you have met before or read his reviews online, then contact for further information before making any final decision. These professionals have years of experience and can advise customers looking for the best tattoo shop in Houston according to their choice & satisfaction level because they like improving their skills by learning new things.
  3. Do you want a permanent tattoo or a temporary tattoo? When it comes to Best Tattoo Shop in Houston, people should know whether they want a temporary body art or a permanent one according to their choice and wanted design. If you are planning for only small tattoos, then you do not need to go for expensive treatments because cheap services will provide better results as per your choice during the tattooing process. However, suppose customers choose the best tattoo shop in Houston. In that case, they need to find an experienced specialist who knows how to make tattoos on the skin without causing any scarring & irritation issues after getting a new ink on the skin.

Our Top Recommendations For Best Tattoo Parlors In houston

  • Texas Body Art
  • Scorpion Studios Tattoo
  • The Redhawk Studio
  • Flying Squid Tattoo
  • 3rd Generation Ink
  • Imperial Tattoo Company
  • Noble Street Tattoo Parlour 

Texas Body Art

tattoo shop

Texas Body Art is managed by the tattoo icon Johnny Jackson. Several tattoo artists in the studio are under him. They are equipped with the proper knowledge and background to render amazing tattoos. Each artwork combines style and comfort. They cover surfaces with safety films while discarding ink caps and service needles after use. All artists and staff in Texas Body Art are professional. They have the proper knowledge, skill, experience, and tools to do tattooing. Their clients are anyone, including lawyers, doctors, musicians, etc., from all walks of life.

  • Website Address:
  • Address: 12537 Jones Rd, Houston, TX 77070
  • Phone: (281) 894-2282

Scorpion Studios Tattoo

tattoo shop

The studio’s tattoo artists are very professional. The tattooers try to make sure each customer gets what they want, whether it be about something they want to change or new elements added. Although walk-ins are welcome, an artist consultation can review options if someone wants to go in with a set idea of what they want to be done. Scorpion Studios Tattoo provides people with fulfilling experiences filled with artistry that transforms their skin into beautifully unique. Their team of professionals works closely with customers who wish to create custom pieces of art that suit them perfectly. They execute tattoos well and on the first try. All their equipment is single-use and sterilized before use. Additionally, if you live in San Antonio or chicago, we have covered you.

The Redhawk Studio

tattoo studio

The Redhawk Studio is an East Downtown, Houston-based premier tattoo shop specializing in blackwork and line tattoos. These tattoos require the meticulous use of just black ink instead of color, making them difficult to create. The Blackwork requires expertise and talent to accomplish, as does the Line Tattoos. To maintain focus for every project, clients need to book an appointment at least a week out to be prepared for it. This way ensures that both parties are up for the task ahead. They do not accept walk-ins because this could lead to cancellations or delays due to unforeseeable reasons that may hinder work on time or properly. 

Address: 3420 Rusk St #10, Houston, TX 77003
(832) 314-5555

Flying Squid Tattoo

tattoo studio

Flying Squid Tattoo is an art studio/art gallery located in Houston Heights, Texas. The artists who work there are experts in many different styles of tattooing. In addition, these tattoo artists ensure that the customers stay healthy by using only sterilized items for their procedures. There are seven main tattoo artists: Perez, Ryan Scroggins, Bill McBee, Dustin Whelan, Jeremy Pacheco, Mel Mo’Black, and Billy Ho. Each artist has their room with all of the necessary tools they need to complete a tattoo job successfully. Artists at Flying Squid Tattoo have a lot of artistic freedom and privacy while working on tattoos because each room is separate from the other room. This concentration makes Flying Squid Tattoo one of the best tattoo shops in Houston, Texas.

3rd Generation Ink

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Bob Shaw is one of the most important figures in the tattoo industry. He has been an apprentice to Bert Grimm, a well-known artist from all over the globe. After learning a lot from him, he took over his shop and made it his own. Since then, Bob has become infamous for his intricate design skills and client safety. His contributions helped him get a Tattoo Hall of Fame induction.

3rd Generation Ink is the oldest tattoo authority in America. The family headed by Bob Shaw knows tattoos as early as the 1940s and worked with artists such as Bert Grimm, who is widely known in different parts of the world, producing high-quality designs that gain people’s interest.

Imperial Tattoo Company

Tattoo Company

Imperial Tattoo Company is the place to get your first awesome tattoo. The staff will help you get some custom-made tattoos as well. Customers were pleased with the quality of their body art pieces and this studio’s cleanliness. Furthermore, according to the reviews, everything was enjoyable here, including the artists working there and this studio’s experience. In addition, the whole experience is comfortable and enjoyable, so take your seat and get your tattoo done. Imperial Tattoo Company was founded in 2011, but the artists working here have already combined 25 years of piercing and tattooing.

Noble Street Tattoo Parlour 

Noble Street Tattoo Parlour 

It all started in 2009 when this tattoo studio was opened. The owners and founders of the Noble Street Tattoo Parlour (Gabriel Garcia and Gabriel Gutierrez) are two brothers who had a lot of experience in tattoo art before they established their place. Especially the latter one who has many years under his belt, working with some traditional tattoo artists around Houston. So you can rest assured that this is an important factor for him and something he takes to his heart, always striving to offer nothing less than top-quality tattoos. On top of that, you may be interested to know that at the Noble Street Tattoo Parlour, they are offering piercings as well! 

Address: Spring, TX 77373, Old Town Spring


 If you’re interested in getting a new tattoo, it’s important to do your research first. There are many different best tattoo shops in Houston that provide various services, so it’s important to find the one that fits your needs. Also, make sure to consult with an expert before making any decisions – they can help you choose the right design and give you tips on how to take care of your new ink. Thanks for reading!

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