Best Tattoo Shop In Austin

Best Tattoo Shop In Austin in 2022

Best Tattoo Shop In Austin

Austin is Texas’s capital city and a metropolitan area in central Texas. Being one of the fastest-growing places, it has many best tattoo shops that offer a wide range of services such as special effects, black and grey work, cover-ups, or brand-new piercing options. You can get everything you want from these studios. Some studios have been there for years and have been working in the same way for a long time. This will be better because you can check their type of work to choose one studio from many. If you are serious about getting a tattoo, that means you should not go with any random shop just because they have low prices that attract all visitors. It would help to look at some important factors when selecting a tattoo studio.

Tattoos are not just art, but it’s also a lifestyle for many people in Austin. The number of artists and visitors from other countries is also increasing day by day to the best tattoo shops in town, so you will get good options and quality work to reach your goals. You should see at least three to four shops before narrowing your search. Austin Tattoo Shops would help you find the best deals for tattoos.

Find the Best Tattoo Shops

The first thing you should consider is the cleanliness of the tattoo shop. You do not want to receive a tattoo from dirty instruments because there are many ways this can lead to infections and diseases, too, so be careful about it. The studio should have a separate work area for artists to give them enough space to focus on their job only without any interruption. You should ask if they use fresh needles or disposable ones.

If you choose the right studio, then your satisfaction is guaranteed. Still, there are some important things you need to consider before receiving services like design, size, location of the tattoo, etc. Make sure that the artist is professional about their work. You can ask them to show you some of their recent tattoos before getting services from them.

The price is good for a tattoo, depending on the studio itself. Quality, size, location are some factors that may increase the prices of tattoos, but it does not mean that expensive tattoos are always better than low-priced tattoos and vice versa. It’s your choice and decision, and you should select the best tattoo shop in Austin according to your preferences and budget too. Additionally, if you live in San Antonio or chicago, we have covered you.

Our Top Recommendations For Best Tattoo Parlors in Austin

  • Gully Cat Tattoo Shop
  • Mainstay Tattoo 
  • Triple Crown Tattoo Shop 
  • Black Dagger Tattoo 
  • Mom’s Tattoo Studio
  • Dovetail Tattoo Shop
  • All Saints Tattoo

Gully Cat Tattoo Shop

Best Tattoo Shop In Austin

Gully Cat Tattoo is a tattoo parlor founded by Mike Terrell in 2003. Dedicated to providing a stress-free and carefree atmosphere for customers, particularly those who will get their first tattoo, they ensure a relaxed and comfortable ambiance in their shop. Operating from Monday to Saturday from 11:30 AM to 7:30 PM and on Sunday from 12 Noon to 6 PM, they accommodate both walk-in customers or those with appointments.

Mainstay Tattoo 

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Mainstay Tattoo is located in Austin, TX. They provide classic tattoos for their clients, including both custom and pre-made designs from a wall of flash designs. The artists working there are some of the best in the industry and have been recognized by their peers. In addition to tattooing at Mainstay, guest artists occasionally work there with their unique styles that add diversity to the shop’s collection.

Triple Crown Tattoo Shop 

Best Tattoo Shop In Austin

Triple Crown Tattoo is an established tattoo shop that was opened in 2007. They have six different artists who can do custom tattoos of both classic styles, traditional and Japanese, and cover-ups for imprecisely done tattoos. Triple Crown also offers services for people who want to change or fix their current tattoos with high-quality professional artists on staff. Tattoos are important forms of body modification. There are many different tattoo types worldwide, where each culture has its special meanings and designs attached to them, both aesthetic and symbolic.

Black Dagger Tattoo 

tattoo studio | Best Tattoo Shop In Austin

Black Dagger Tattoo is a tattoo shop established in 2013 in Austin, Texas. The shop has five of the best tattoo artists in Austin and guest tattooers worldwide. They have an hourly rate of $150 for tattoos, so it’s very affordable. With different styles like black and grey, American, Japanese, and tribal tattoos, you can find anything to fit your style at this shop.

Mom’s Tattoo Studio

tattoo shop | Best Tattoo Shop In Austin

Starting in 2000, Mom’s Tattoo has been Austin’s go-to tattoo studio for its friendly environment and high-quality work. With skilled artists working there, they cover all different styles of tattoos, whether it be custom or flash art. In addition, with their care kits provided after getting tattooed, your new ink will heal correctly. They also make sure that the facility is clean and safe to receive your tattoo.

Dovetail Tattoo Shop

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Dovetail Tattoo is a tattoo shop that has two locations. The first location opened downtown in 2009, and the second location opened up in East Nashville in 2017. They are popular for their versatile art styles and talented artists who can accommodate all types of clients and their needs. In addition, they take pleasure in catering to various customers and trends, keeping with the times.

All Saints Tattoo


All Saints Tattoo is a tattoo and piercing studio in Austin, Texas, that works with some of the best tattoo artists in the world. All Saints has shops on historic Sixth Street and Burnet Road with two locations. They specialize in all tattoos and piercings; they also accept walk-ins.

They accept walk-in clients and work with work-in clients (people who have already been tattooed). Their tattoo artists are very skilled, working with different Japanese traditional Americana folk art pieces. Their shop is clean and safe; their piercers use sterilized equipment and fresh gloves for each client. In addition, everything in the shop is autoclave sterilized. They also have a private piercing room that’s open to all ages. All Saint Tattoo works with some of the best tattoo artists globally, who are skilled at working with different styles such as Japanese and traditional Americana folk art pieces.


Finally, to conclude the selected tattoo shops, we can say that you should do some research before visiting tattoo shops because there are many options available and many great artists work in these studios. Find the best studio that provides high-quality services at reasonable prices. Do not go for cheap places because they offer lower rates than others; otherwise, it would be a complete waste of money. You should look for cleanliness before receiving any service from shops, so if they have a separate area for artists, then it’s one good option to choose them over other low-budget studios. Additionally, if you live in Dallas or Houston, we have covered you.

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