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Wormhole Tattoo Pen Complete Review

Wormhole has been a standout choice of professional tattoo artists in various styles and designs of tattooing. While navigating the diverse market of tattoo machines and kits, you would come across many valuable products, but they also come with expensive price tags and limited availability. So, finding a unique product that fits the budget while providing a premium tattooing experience is stressful. It takes a great understanding of tattoo machines and inking kits to ensure your time, money, and efforts are well-spent. But don’t worry; we have done the homework in research and compiled this Wormhole Tattoo Pen Complete Review for you. 

Wormhole Tattoo Pen WTK070 Complete Kit

Wormhole Tattoo Pen WTK070 Complete Kit

Most tattooing communities consider the Wormhole pen the best for luxurious performance at affordable pricing. While the machine holds an excellent reputation as a professional tattooing tool, you can also use it effortlessly if you are a beginner. With the efficient tattoo pen, they also offer a complete kit with more than 100 components, including various transfer papers, tattoo inks, tattoo caps, cartridge needles, and much more. So, you won’t have to worry about anything once you buy this tattooing kit and continue professional tattooing with comfort. 

While you can use this WTK070 tattoo machine for various styles and art forms, it’s specially made for more black/gray and portrait color tattoos. You would require thorough practice and intermediate-level tattooing skills to complete lining tasks with it. However, black and gray tattoos are made easily using this tattoo pen because of its dynamic strokes and consistent performance while shading the designs. Similarly, once you have outlined the tattoo, you can add different color tattoo inks using the featured 8-ink collection in this tattooing kit. 

If you were expecting this tattoo machine to be lightweight in strokes and power, you couldn’t be much away from the truth. All you have to do is add the right size needle cartridge to the machine, and you can get the perfect stroke length from its powerful motor. It easily runs from 6 to 10 volts, unseen in the tattoo pen machines in this price range. The cherry on top is that while being such a consistent performance and satisfying device, the motor doesn’t overheat during the tattooing sessions. So, if you want a tried and tested champion, the Wormhole Tattoo Pen WTK070 Complete Kit Supplies is perfect. 


  • Weight: 120g
  • Stroke: 3.5mm
  • Voltage: 6-10V
  • Speed: 10,000rpm
  • Connection: RCA connection
  • Pros:
  • Ready to Use.
  • Wide Range Usage.
  • Comfortable Grip.
  • Cons:
  • Not suitable for advanced professionals. 

Wormhole Tattoo Pen Kit Specifications:

Since we have already discussed and reviewed the tattoo pen earlier, let’s discuss the complete kit and its specifications in detail. All the components in this tattoo kit are socially designed, so a learning tattoo artist must buy this package and start their professional practice immediately. This is why almost all tattoo-related products and components are readily available in this kit. Each tattoo tool is placed separately and mentioned on the advert packaging to avoid misconception. 

Following are the wormhole tattoo pen kit specifications regarding each tool and product in it:

  • 1 Tattoo Pen
  • 2 Transfer Paper
  • 8 Color Tattoo Ink (30 ML)
  • 20 Cartridge Needles
  • 40 Tattoo Cap
  • 1 Grip Cover
  • 1 Power Supply
  • 1 Clip Cord 
  • 1 Foot Pedal
  • 1 Practice Skin

Wormhole Tattoo Pen Top Features:

There are certain merits to measuring the efficiency and performance of a tattoo machine, such as the price, performance, and usage of the pen. Each feature is crucial to analyzing whether the device is good for professional tattoo sessions. We’ve monitored its performance on each of these scales. These are our reviews regarding wormhole tattoo pen features:

Price (8.5/10)

It’s available for $45.99 on Amazon and other e-commerce stores, which is impressive compared to other tattoo machines in its class and performance category. This offer seems more impressive when you consider it’s not only a tattoo pen but a whole kit alongside it.


The tattoo pen machine is lightweight in actual weightage, with a powerful and heavyweight motor that allows comfortable usage. Its low-voltage operation makes it more applicable to tattoo shops. 

Usage (8/10)

Many tattoo artists regard it as the best tattoo pen for shading tattoos with black/gray and color ink. That said, this wouldn’t be the ideal option if you want to create more detailed, there are better options than mini So, use it primarily for shading and coloring tattoos. 

Who Should Use This WTK070 Wormhole Tattoo Pen?

  • If you are someone who is between a beginner and intermediate level of artistic skill in professional tattooing, this tattoo pen is best for you. It has all the important features and a complete kit to assist you in any tattooing venture you experience. Whether you like to practice shading a tattoo or want to master coloring a portrait tattoo, the WTK070 pen works efficiently. 
  • On the flip side, if you intend to use it for lining or want to ink a complex tattoo (as a more experienced and advanced tattoo artist, you should increase your budget and explore more professional and expensive tattoo pen machines. 


Whether you are tight on budget or want a tattoo machine specifically for shading and coloring tattoos, the WTK070 pen is the best. This concludes our Wormhole Tattoo Pen Complete Review. Its super durable motor and smooth handling allow consistent and professional performance during tattoo sessions. Use it as an intermediate-level tattoo artist and practice various shading and coloring exercises to grow into becoming an advanced and skilled tattooer in the future. Thanks for reading. 

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