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Monroe Piercings

Lips piercing holds a separate fanbase in the community, and Monroe piercings are considered the crown jewel of these lip piercings. It’s not only a craft of art on your body, but it also looks distinguishing when you wear shiny jewels on a Monroe piercing. You should not be surprised about the name of this piercing as it’s named after the iconic Marilyn Monroe and her influence on fashion as an art. But since it’s not a centuries-old piercing method, people need to learn more about it. We have the Monroe piercings explained for you to understand better and acknowledge this unique piercing style. 

Variations In Monroe Piercings:

Since it’s obvious that if there is a high-quality fashion statement in piercing, there should be some varieties and optionalities. Similarly, the Monroe piercing isn’t just like any other type of body piercing but has definitive alterations. You don’t have to go and read separate research articles to look for these variations in Monroe piercing, as we have already compiled them here for you. 

Following are some of the variations in Monroe piercings:

Madonna Piercing:

The main distinguishing factor between Monroe’s and Madonna’s piercings can be really hard to spot for most audiences. But the professionals have an easy trick to spot the exact type of lip piercing. If the piercing is allocated at the left side of the lips, it’s a Monroe piercing, and if the piercing is on the right side of the lips, it has to be a Madonna piercing. 

Dual Monroe Piercing:

Dual Monroe piercing isn’t dedicated to the iconic Marilyn Monroe, but another icon is added to its dedication. The dual Monroe lip piercing simultaneously consists of the left-sided Monroe and right-sided Madonna piercing. This makes it a perfect combo of both styles of lip piercing, and you are ensured to look great in it until you follow the advice of a professional piercer. 

Bottom Monroe Piercing:

The most common types of Monroe piercings are drawn on the top side of the lips, and you already know that. What if we told you there is another way of getting Monroe lip piercings? You can get a bottom Monroe piercing by getting pierced on the lower bottom of lips regions instead of on the top. 

Monroe Piercing Pain:

Everyone is scared to get Monroe piercing for the first time because of two things. The pain level is obvious, and the second thing is its healing time. So, let’s explain pain in this body piercing on a scale so you understand it better. If lip piercing is average for the sake of pain, then it might be a little more painful than that. That makes it a 7 out of 10 pain scale meter. 

But don’t be stressed and consider the absolute pain level since there are a few ways to reduce your pain during piercing. Your piercing artist can use numbing cream for more advanced methods to reduce your pain. Moreover, even if you don’t use any extreme method, pain experience differs from person to person. 

Monroe Piercing Healing Time:

Monroe piercing is located on the face and pierces through the mouth’s skin tissue. So, the natural question arises: when can I start eating, and when would it completely heal? According to medical experts, you can start eating after 4 hours of the piercing if there is no sign of extra bleeding or severe pain. There would be some pain, swelling, and slight bleeding, but you know something is wrong if any aftereffects are severe. 

Similarly, while we discuss the complete healing of Monroe Piercing, it is important to understand that this piercing is above the lips, and thus, the mouth is involved in it. Healing is slow in most body parts, where water, food, and other external components constantly interact. Hence, This piercing can take a few weeks and one or two months to heal completely. 

Risks Of Monroe Piercing:

There’s no denying the fact that multiple risks are involved in every type of facial or lip piercing. Monroe lip piercings are no different than any other type, and in addition to all the benefits, there are some predicted risks by professionals. You shouldn’t consider these risks carefully and then finalize to get a Monroe piercing, as it will protect you against unseen dangers. 

The following are some risks of Monroe piercing:

  • Once you have been pierced for a Monroe piercing, your sensitive skin can turn red, causing the pierced facial region to redness. It is relatively common for Monroe piercing and usually reduces with time. But it can also worsen with time if proper aftercare is not maintained. 
  • There is a high chance of your pierced skin being inflamed after the procedure. Unlike piercings on other body parts, Monroe piercing causes extra inflammation on the skin, which lasts for an extended amount of time. 
  • Intense irritation, burning, and rashes around the pierced region of the face are also common risks in Monroe piercing. These issues are caused by improper piercing procedures or lack of prescribed aftercare

Aftercare Of Monroe Piercing:

You shouldn’t be worried about the risks regarding Monroe piercing as not everybody goes through the same complications. In most cases, Monroe piercing gets better and more comforting after a few days pass. However, it is important to maintain proper aftercare of any piercing, especially facial piercings, to avoid unwanted delay and pain. Additionally, these steps are way more relaxing and easy to follow compared to the treatment after the infection is developed on the skin. 

Following are some tips for better aftercare for Monroe piercing:

  • Firstly, you should avoid touching your pierced skin region with hygienic hands or objects. It is a common practice for beginners in piercing to keep touching the piercing for no genuine reason. This can act as a doorway to welcoming the infections of Monroe piercing. 
  • Once the piercing is completed on your face, the professional expert will place a temporary stud to keep it functional. It would help if you waited for the piercing expert to advise you of the time and meeting to remove the temporary piercing, and then you can shine your favorite piercing on this piercing. 
  • Completely avoid eating spicy, very oily, or unhealthy food while the Monroe lip piercing is healing because these meals can ruin the aftercare for your piercing. It is beneficial to switch to healthy, soft, and easy-to-digest food while your piercing wound is in its healing phase. 
  • Lastly, cleansing the face and inner mouth is equally important; Monroe piercing is also intact to the inner layers of mouth tissues, which means you will also have to keep your oral cavity clean.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is meant by Monroe piercing?

Monroe piercing is a famous type of lip piercing that is popularized due to its positioning on the face. The Monroe piercing has a signature look on the lips’ left side of the upper side. 

How is Monroe piercing carried out?

The producer of Monroe piercing is very easy and simple for professional piercing experts, and it doesn’t take elongated sessions. Instead, the expert pierces the skin to avoid piercing too deep into the skin. You have your Monroe piercing finished within a few minutes of professional craft. 

How much is experienced during Monroe piercing?

Monroe piercing isn’t the most painful type of piercing you can get on your face. But it isn’t the most comfortable. There is a certain amount of pain you will have to experience while the Monroe piercing is carried out. The initial springs of the piercing needle might be painful too. 

What is the extent of time required for a Monroe piercing to heal?

Most professional piercing experts estimate that a Monroe piercing takes 5 to 9 weeks to heal completely. During this time, you must take proper care of the piercing. That so it won’t cause infection in the facial region in the future. 

What is the inspiration behind Monroe’s piercing?

Now it’s interesting that Monroe’s piercing is inspired by none other than Marilyn Monroe, but she didn’t have a beauty spot on her upper lip but was naturally located on her left cheek. But since she’s the main inspiration behind the infamous peeing, it’s named Monroe piercing. 


Finally, we completed our topic for today; the Monroe piercings explained. Hopefully, you will have understood exactly what this piercing means and how it’s carried out. It’s a good-looking piercing inspired by a legendary fashion and self-expression icon, none other than Marilyn Monroe. You should consult your piercing expert if you still have any misconceptions or problems regarding Monroe piercing. Thanks for reading. 

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