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Pros And Cons Of An Inner Lip Tattoo

It is very common these days to try new trends and experiment with looks, but some people keep them subtle by having inner lip tattoos or hidden piercings. Many celebrities, especially female popstars, and Instagram influencers, have inked their inner lips with tattoos. This caused a lot of fame and popularity for the tattooing method. But it’s also true that inner lip tattoos are relatively new so let’s discuss; the pros and cons of an inner lip tattoo. This would eventually give you a better understanding of these hidden types of tattoos.

Inner Lip Tattoo
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It has an interesting origin story that starts with the taboo around tattooing and body marking. We already know how people act judgmental if they see a vibrant tattoo on visible parts of your body. However, this doesn’t cause any offense to most tattooed people since they are comfortable and confident. This might be the general notation, but some people desire to maintain their personal space and fulfill the tattooing requirements of anti-social extroverts, and inner lips tattoos are invented. After passing for some time, this specific type of tattooing became popular, and everyone desires to have these tattoos these days.

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Pros And Cons Of An Inner Lip Tattoo:

Inner lip tattoos are, without a doubt, infamous on a global scale, but we have to take a proper look at the trend before finalizing if it’s for us. This is why one of the best options is to discuss the positives and negatives of inner lips tattoos. While the positives would provide a piece of deeper knowledge about the inner style tattoos, the negatives will highlight why some people should avoid these tattoos.

Lip Tattoo
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Source: @Instagram

Even though the inner lip tattoo differs from other types of lip tattoos, like the lip pluck tattoo procedure, etc., some types of lip tattoos are meant for permanent makeup on your skin. In contrast, others are specially designed to appear in UV light only. Most of the time, the inner lip tattoos are designed using invisible ink, which only becomes visible in the presence of Ultraviolet light and Darkness. Some professional tattooing artists are so skilled that they use rotary or coil tattoo machines to create inner lip tattoos with additional colors. Hence, if you have a highly skilled tattooing expert, you can also get a colorful inner lip tattoo.

Benefits Of An Inner Lip Tattoo:

Following are some major benefits or pros of getting an inner lip tattoo:

The most significant benefit is that inner lip tattoos are not meant to be shown publicly, so you can keep them personally close to yourself. Although we sometimes desire a tattoo that isn’t for the public eye to see and means special worth to us, these types of tattoos are best to be kept hidden. People who respect their space love getting an inner lip tattoo to express something special.

Inner Lip Tattoo
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The inner lip tattoos are not permanent and get erased naturally over time. The immune system for the inner portion of our mouth is reactive and efficient, ensuring that no wound remains unhealed for too long. This is why most inner lip tattoos naturally fade away after some time. If you inked something as an inner lip tattoo but want to remove it, wait for some time, and it will naturally fade away.

There are a lot of trends and rituals of celebrities that normal people can’t relate to or duplicate. Inner lip tattoos are a few celebrity trends you can follow without facing severe repercussions. This makes you feel liberated and independent since most people can’t judge these tattoos. Moreover, the working mechanism of inner lip tattoos allows you to feel way more attractive and special in your friend’s and peers’ settings.

Drawbacks Of An Inner Lip Tattoo:

The following are some major drawbacks or cons of getting an inner lip tattoo:

The most apparent con of getting an inner lip tattoo is that it hurts a lot more than most tattoos on your body. The biology behind this phenomenon is that the pain level you experience mainly depends upon the number of pain receptors in that body part. We all know our mouth is among the most sensitive body parts, so naturally, an inner lip tattoo would cause severe pain.

By getting an inner lip tattoo, you let yourself be at significant risk for medical infections. If your tattooing artist is a skilled professional with a hygienic environment, you might still get swelling and inflammation due to oral bacteria and sensitivity of inner mouth skin. However, the worst condition you can put yourself in can be if your tattooing expert isn’t an actual skilled expert but an amateur with a lack of professionalism and hygiene.

Most tattooing experts would agree most tattooing artists to the act that inner lip tattoos are not meant for large and humongous tattoos. An inner lip tattoo’s most appropriate size ranges from 1 centimeter to 3 centimeters. Any inner lip tattoo larger than one inch would look less attractive and impressive. This is why most people avoid these types of tattoos since there are few chances of customization.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you advise on the aftercare of an inner lip tattoo?

Yes, aftercare for an inner lip tattoo is straightforward. Instead of using a cleansing cloth and soap, you can use cleansing mouthwash to clean the inner lip tattoo. At the same time, you don’t have to do much about moisturization since your mouth would naturally do it for you.

What is the estimated cost of an inner lip tattoo?

The estimated cost range of an inner lip tattoo mostly depends upon the tattooing institute and skill level of the tattooing artist. To get inner lip tattoos, you must have a budget of 40 to 100 dollars.

How long does the inner lip tattoo take to heal?

In most cases, the inner lip tattoo can take from 10 days to 3 weeks before healing completely. The tattooed skin, natural environment, and age of the tattooed person can also play a role in the duration of inner lip tattoo healing.

What is the expected time of fading an inner lip tattoo?

Most inner lip tattoos are not permanent, meaning they won’t last a lifetime. While the tattoo is healed within a few weeks, it also starts fading away in a few months. You can enjoy your inner lip tattoo for 3 or 4 months before it erases naturally.

How can the fading of inner lip tattoos be slowed?

The inner lip tattoos were never meant to last forever, so they faded after a few months. The most efficient way to slow the fading of inner lip tattoos is to ask your tattooing artist to redo the inked tattoo once it starts fading. By fixing a tattoo from your tattooing expert, the inner lip tattoo will last longer than you expected.


And this is how the pros and cons of an inner lip tattoo conclude our discussion. Today we discuss many benefits and drawbacks of this special type of tattoo, leading to choosing whether this tattooing method is your type. In this context, the most important thing to remember is that inner lip tattoos are not meant to stay permanent and visible. If you want a personalized, hidden, and temporary tattoo with a stunning design, then inner lip tattoos are best for you. Your tattooing expert will help you understand more about the inner lip tattoo if you consult them. Thanks for reading.

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