How To Use Tattoo Sunscreen For Healing and Older Tattoos

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How To Use Tattoo Sunscreen For Healing and Older Tattoos

Many people need clarification about how to use tattoo sunscreen for healing and older tattoos. The problem in understanding the difference is understandable since both are in different stages of wound healing. Sunscreens are important to protect your skin when you go out in harsh and really warm weather. Numerous factors determine the ideal use of aftercare products for healing tattoos, and you can only apply the same strategy to some situations. So, let’s dive deeper into understanding the relation and usage of this sunscreen and the health of a tattoo.

Easy Steps To Use Tattoo Sunscreen:

It is rather easy to take proper care of your tattoo if you have the right product and know how to use it. Thankfully, our tattooing experts have found both to ensure you are not alone in any instance. So, we are presenting you with easy-to-follow guidelines to apply sunscreen on your healing tattoos:

Check Initial Healing Of Tattoo:

Before applying a single drop of healing tattoo sunscreen, there are certain things to take care of. The most fundamental thing in this regard is the healing phase of your tattoo and its condition. If it has any infection, swelling, or any sign of bad healing, you must consult your medical doctor before using any product. However, if there is no sign of infection or internal pain, you can apply sunscreen on your tattoo as advised by your tattoo artists.

Choose Right Sunscreen:

As the tattoo healing is normal and stable, you’ll apply sunblock as advised. Mostly, if you ask your tattoo artist, they will advise you on a suitable tattoo sunscreen. However, if you forgot or the tattooer didn’t advise sunblock, you can easily pick a high-quality sunscreen for tattoos. All you have to do is look for a specific sunscreen that is made to be used on a tattoo, then check the gentle ingredient and high SPF level to finalize the aftercare product.

Apply Thoroughly:

Sometimes, when everything is right, the amount of aftercare products you use can cause a significant delay in your healing. It can be caused by using less sunscreen on tattoos or applying too much on the skin. Both of these conditions can negatively impact the healing speed of a tattoo. So, applying a moderately thick layer with through spreading on the entire tattoo design is better. This would ensure that no part of the tattoo idea is left unprotected and the tattoo isn’t buried under a thicker layer of sunscreen.

Extra Care:

Finally, always remember to maintain other extra care measures for the healing tattoo and sunscreen. These careful practices involve wearing loose and soft fabric on the whaling tattoo so it doesn’t stick to the skin and cause itchiness. Similarly, use a sun hat, umbrella, or anything that reduces the impact of sunlight and warmth on the tattoo. Moreover, it would allow the tattoo sunscreen to absorb and protect the tattoo from harmful UV rays properly.

Using Tattoo Sunscreen For Healing and Old Tattoos:

As mentioned earlier, a significant difference exists between applying the tattoo sunscreen to a healing tattoo and an already healed one. Following are advised ways to apply sunscreen to a healing tattoo and an older healed tattoo:

  • If the tattoo is under two weeks of healing, you should not apply sunblock or any other extra aftercare product. Applying such practices or moisturizing products can adversely affect and delay the healing process. So, it’s better to focus on cleansing and relaxing the skin after the tattoo design is inked via ink and pen.
  • So, a four-week healing tattoo is ideal for sunscreen since it’s halfway into the procedure. But, the key in this stage is the same as earlier: you must consult your tattooing expert before using anything on a healing or healed tattoo. Follow the above steps to properly apply the tattoo sunscreen on the skin during the healing of wounds.
  • Lastly, it’s considered an old or healed tattoo if no signs of healing and the skin has recovered completely. Now, you can treat the tattooed skin as regular skin of different body parts and apply the sunblock as you would on any other limb. The tattoo ink might fade away without sunscreen after the tattoo is healed. So, ensure the use of suitable aftercare products on the tattoo at every stage of healing.

Benefits Of Using Sunscreen For Tattoos:

If you use tattoo sunscreen on various body parts that UV rays might affect, you can protect yourself from unwanted allergies or inflammation on the tattoo. Different tattoo patterns and ink colors have various vulnerabilities to intense UVA and UVB rays, often neglected by tattoo lovers. Following are a few examples of tattoo patterns if you properly maintain the aftercare of your healing wound:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is CeraVe Good for Tattoos?

If your tattoo has passed three weeks and there are no signs of infection, CeraVe is good for tattoos. It would help the skin regenerate, add moisture, and maintain hydration levels on healing tattoos. However, CeraVe Tattoo sunscreen is also great if it has more than 30 SPF to protect the skin against harmful UV rays.

Can I use any tattoo sunscreen stick on my skin?

If an expert advises, it is rather easy to use a tattoo sunscreen stick on your tattoo design. All you have to do is pick a 30+ SPF sunscreen specially manufactured for tattoos. Prefer gentle and organic ingredients and moderate layers of tattoo sunscreen to stick on your body to avoid any problems in healing.

Can I use the same sunscreen for tattoos on my face and body?

Yes, you can use the same sunscreen for tattoos on your face and body if it satisfies the quality criteria. It has to be gentle, have natural ingredients, be non-allergic, and be easy on the skin. However, the best way is to pick a more gentle sunblock for face tattoos and others for body tattoos.


So, now you know how to use tattoo sunscreen for healing and older tattoos. Proper care for tattoos is not for the sake of their aesthetic, but it’s a testament to your skin’s health. By diligently applying sunscreen to your healing and older tattoos, you can preserve their beauty and safeguard them from the sun’s harmful effects. Choose a high-quality sunscreen, apply it generously, and wear protective clothing to ensure your tattoos remain a vivid and lasting part of your personal story.

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