How Much Is A Nose Piercing?

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For centuries, people have been piercing their noses. The vast majority of these piercings are through the side and go right next to the nostrils themselves. At the same time, the septum rings are very rarer than others that pierce through cartilage. The surface ones may also do so at times if there is an area without many muscles around where one’s nose meets the face, which can make it easier for jewelry makers looking into making something special out of this spot in particular- though they’re primarily done by needle because most machines aren’t flexible enough when working on the skin only!

General Cost

The cost of a nose piercing can vary depending on the jewelry style and where you get it done. For instance, some piercers charge an additional fee for getting rings or studs placed in your nose and just basic earlobe hoops. At the same time, the other studios offer their services at lower prices because they don’t include these costs with the price tag associated with standard navel piercing jobs (30-80$).

Grab em’ trout – that’s what we call them down here! One studio offers cheaper rates in Portland, Oregon, than most places, not including any extra expense outside its general Pricing Guidelines.

The septum piercing is a more costly option, costing between $40-$90. Infinite Body Piercing Philadelphia charges 30$ for the procedure. But it does not include any jewelry purchases as an extra cost; they recommend getting your own set from another store instead if you want it done with style and class!

Bridge piercings are rare piercings placed through the skin at the bridge of one’s nose. A typical cost for this procedure can vary depending on whether or not you purchase custom jewelry. Still, it typically ranges from (40-90S$) with Saint Sabina Studio being that they charge an additional fee just because this studio doesn’t include any pieces within their prices!

What else do you need?

For the nose piercing, you will need to include all three pieces of jewelry: a real stud or ring for your cartilage; an adornment that fits into it (usually spikes) and is held in place by clips around one nostril only; instructions on how long this should stay out according to length/taste preferences. Septum piercings usually use captive balls, like little weight lifter’s gloves made specially. So they can hang from body parts – think “businessman’s arms.” Bridgework best with either curved barbells when done right ́or straight bodkin blades.

Extra Cost


Picking a percentage for the gratuity is a personal choice. Some people like to go as high as possible, while others will be satisfied with less or even none at all! A piercer should receive around 5%-15% in standard though most customers leave it up top based on how much they liked you and your work ethic from their experience beforehand, even if there was an issue from start to finish.

Aftercare Products

After a nose piercing, you might need to use aftercare products. After tattooing, all the blood and mucus come out of it by itself most times during the healing process, giving plenty of chances for bacteria to get inside there as well! H2Ocean. It is an ingredient found naturally in seawater that costs about 12 dollars per 4 ounces. A canister is a salt-based cleanser that helps speed up recovery time. While also safe on seven days old bruising or sensitive skin tissue without any harmful chemicals, just pure seawater.


One of the most important styles for nose piercing jewelry is quite intriguing and famous now. These are small hoops that sit against your cartilage and can come in different colors or designs to suit any taste, from bright pops of color like bluebells on a spring day down towards cream-colored hues at night time with stars twinkling above you as they shine through their light veil). You’ll find these little pieces start around 8-15$ depending where you shop – Claire’s has some really cute ones!

The bigger rings will cost more because not only do they have thicker gold bases, but many times, there might also be gemstones attached, so those prices go up even higher.

Frequently Asked Question

Is it true People think nose Piercing is trash?

No doubt, nose piercings are all the rage in America. In most places across this country, people can be seen with a shiny metal hook through their nostrils, and if you’re one of those who has chosen to go down that path, then we wish for your success- as long as it doesn’t interfere with breathing!

Many reasons keep individuals from getting themselves pierced. Some might think they look trashy, while others may not feel like having something stuck inside them no matter how small or big the desired size gets done. Either way, everyone deserves freedom over what body part they want to alter, And many more benefits exist behind these decisions. 

Is it true that the nose Piercing means that you are married?

 A common misconception is that the use of these piercings’ dates back to ancient times. But, in reality, they are more modern than you might think! Enter “nose” rings and other types of body jewelry worn by women from India’s subcontinent – namely South Asia, including Nepal or Pakistan. Some say it symbolizes solidifying sexual relations between newlyweds, while others argue it’s merely an act out tradition- mainly for signifying how traditional Indian females were seen before marriage.

With all of the potential risks and side effects, is a nose piercing worth it?

 The worst part is that you will be right in your face with needles so close to one another. Of course, you can avoid looking at them by closing your eyes or turning away from the light. But even then, there’s still some pain involved on both ends, as well as the healing time for sure! But if I really want something unique besides my ears (which most people do), this may become an essential addition later down the line, too, because how could anyone resist those cute little nostrils after all?

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