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Piercing Gun Vs Needle

You can use a tattoo needle or a piercing gun, as these are some primary methods to create tattoos or body markings. There is always a debate on which process is better as different people usually like some aspects of each method. Tattoo needles are usually used by all tattoo artists around the globe while piercing guns do not apply to every client in the tattoo industry. But, there’s no denying that each process has its benefits and drawbacks due to various factors. 

In general, using tattoo needles to create artistic creations on the skin is more precautionary compared to other methods. It is considered more painless and easy for beginners as compared to the usage of piercing guns. Many experts suggest needles for better healing and fewer effects on health. Piercing guns are a bit more painful and complex, but users usually don’t get serious issues. Ultimately, it’s mostly dependent upon the agreement between clients and tattoo artists.

Definition of a Piercing Gun:

“A piercing instrument which is used to insert a piercing or tattoo ink into human skin by creating a hole in it using a drilling pin connected to a rotary motor” is known as a piercing gun. Different experts around the globe use piercing guns for embedding earrings, nose pins, etc. you can reuse these piercing guns or machines once they are sterilized properly. Some new and innovative versions of piercing guns include disposable pins and needles. Many professionals use piercing guns and machines in tattoo shops and shopping malls for piercings and tattooing. 

Definition of a Tattoo Needle:

“A metallic or silicon needle which consists of a hole in the bottom to fill epidermal tissues with tattoo ink” is generally called a tattoo needle. These tattoo needles have many variations and types depending upon various decisive factors. For example, tattoo needles are more hygienic and painless than other piercing methods because they require minimal skin disruption. You can also dispose of these needles once used, which is more convenient than using a whole machine or another instrument for tattooing. 

Comparison Between Piercing Gun and Tattoo Needle:

Deciding which method is more helpful and suitable can be difficult as every tattoo artist and their clients have different preferences. Still, certain factors can be used by a beginner or even an expert to decide rather easily which methods are more compatible with clients. Usually, this type of informational data is not found easily, and you have to spend a lot of time searching for it on online platforms and tattoo shops nearby. But you don’t have to worry as they have already collected related information for you. 

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Following are some benefits and drawbacks of piercing gun vs. needle:

Benefits Of a Piercing Gun:

Piercing guns work more precisely and quickly compared to other methods due to rotary motors. Therefore, you can quickly complete the process without causing extra time and effort to the clients. 

They are less stressful and help reduce the discomfort and anxiety of beginners in tattooing. Moreover, this method is faster, lessening the pain and suffering. 

It’s less likely to cause panic and added tension to the clients because the needle is invisible and doesn’t look like body piercing initially. This is very beneficial for tattooers that are new in the field and hesitate disturbing vision during the procedure.

Benefits of a Tattoo Needle:

For most tattoo artists, tattoo needles are more beneficial. They provide more control and accuracy in body marking and tattooing. Hence, they prefer tattoo needles for detailing tattoo designs. 

The structure of a tattoo needle is more compatible with human skin for tattooing. As a result, it causes less pain and inflammation on the skin while creating tattoos and markings on the human body. 

Tattooing needles are more useful and versatile for fashion and self-expressive notions. You can use them to portray different artistic patterns on your hands, legs, back, neck, and several more regions on the skin. They are also more engaging to use and cause lesser medical complications.  

Drawbacks of a Piercing Gun:

The bottom portion of a piercing gun covers the actual needle, and users are enabled to locate the piercing pin. This causes issues when the targeted region is small yet precise output is required. 

Piercing guns may be faster in working, but the wound takes a lot of time to heal, even under normal circumstances. In addition, most experts forbid piercing guns on more sensitive areas of the body as it could cause infection to the skin. 

The usage of these piercing guns is not very generalized, and there are only a few portions of the skin that can absorb the pain and suffering that is caused by the usage of these instruments. 

Drawbacks of a Tattoo Needle:

For most users, a tattoo needle has to be used on clamp skin. However, using tattoo needles on a motif skin causes tremendous pain, so tattoo artists clamp the region on which they are about to use these needles. 

The tattooing needles are generally more difficult to perceive as people see needles moving to and fro in their skin several times. This causes nervousness and panic attacks in beginners. Hence, to resolve this issue, beginners should avoid getting tattoo needles for their initial experiences.  

Tattoo needles consume more time and effort than other tattooing methods. A tattoo artist has to constantly use these needles on the skin with accuracy and precision, or else the design is not achieved. 


We have already compared the benefits and drawbacks of both methods for you. This will enhance your knowledge about tattooing and help you decide between piercing guns and needles. We suggest using tattoo needles if you are experienced and desire perfection in your selected pattern. But if you are nervous or a beginner, a piercing gun would be more compatible with your experience. Consult a tattoo artist for more detailed and personalized advice. Maintain proper medical requirements while tattooing on humans to avoid health-related complications. Thanks for reading. 

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