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Septum Piercing Pain

Many people are intense and worried about septum piercing pain. There is nothing to worry about because the intensity and amount of septum-piercing pain are similar to general nose piercings. The actual amount of pain for everyone can only be defined with effort because it is subjective to the pierced person. Today, we will discuss; everything you should know about septum piercing pain so you can easily get rid of the unwanted stress and tension in your life. There is a signature estimate of pain while getting a septum piercing which is discussed in the upcoming discussion; hence pay close attention so you can take advantage of every valuable lesson. 

By now, we all know what to expect while getting a piercing, a limited amount of pain and extended aftercare for a healthy piercing procedure. If you have selected a highly professional piercing expert to get a septum piercing, this will reduce the pain intensity because of their professionalism and skilled methodology. On the other hand, if you get your septum piercing procedure done by your amateur friend or a hygienic local piercer, the chance of infection afterward increases a lot. Hence, it is really important to choose a skilled piercer and maintain healthy aftercare of the septum piercing to reduce pain. 

Septum Piercing Pain:

As we have mentioned earlier, the precise amount of pain and suffering isn’t general and constant for each person. Every person getting pierced at a specific place with specific tools might feel the different intensity of septum piercing pain. But with proper research and studies, most piercing experts have come to a generalized conclusion. When the septum piercing procedure starts, the needle pierces the cartilage. During this initial cartilage piercing, there is a high chance that you will feel a painful pinch, but it’s not unbearable. Consider your most painful experience a 10 out of 10; then, by this integration, septum piercing will be a 5 or 6. 

You shouldn’t be worried about the in-process pain because it would only last a few seconds or a minute. Piercing artists usually explain comprehensively to understand better people who need to know about septum piercing. However, if you have already experienced ear, lip, or tongue piercing, the septum piercing pain is about to be more intense than all of these piercings. The main reason is that during ear, lip, and tongue piercing, only muscles are involved, and no bone or cartilage is involved in the piercing process. On the contrary, when you get a septum piercing, the needle would also pierce through your cartilage. Hence, the amount of pain during a septum piercing is increased slightly compared to only muscle piercings. 

Extent Of Septum Piercing Pain:

Similar to the intensity of septum pain, the extent of the timespan in which your septum piercing pain would remain is also subjective from person to person. However, the factors determining the amount of pain you will suffer are simple and easy to understand. If you keep these factors in mind, you will have a better understanding of what is the extent of septum piercing pain. 

The following are some factors that determine the extent of septum piercing pain:

  • The skill and experience of the piercing expert are one of the utmost important factors in determining the extent of septum piercing pain. If the piercing expert is skilled enough, you would feel less pain, and if they are still learning, it’s closer to the reality that you will feel an added amount of pain. 
  • The tools and technique also play an important role in navigating the extent of septum piercing pain. If the tools are professional grade and hygienic, the chance of infection reduces, ultimately leading to a healthy piercing. While if the tools are unprofessional or unhygienic, the risk of infection increases significantly. 
  • Aftercare plays a final yet one of the most important roles in determining the extent of septum piercing pain. If you follow the advice properly and continue to maintain aftercare of septum piercing, you will feel less pain during the procedure and afterward. 

The Septum Piercing Prices:

Once the constant worry of septum piercing pain is out of your mind, we can continue discussing the prices and variety of septum piercings. Septum piercings’ most average and generalized range is between 45 dollars to 100 hundred dollars. You won’t have to buy jewelry separately because the piercing studio will provide you with a standard jewel piece for your piercing too. 

The septum piercing prices are not constant everywhere because certain factors determine the prices. If you already know these things, it would be easy to sort out a budget and get a professional piercing procedure. The following are some factors that determine septum piercing prices:

  • The experience of the pricing expert plays an important role in piercing pricing. If the artist is experienced and well-known, they will charge you more than a piercing artist who is new to the field. The fame of a piercing expert isn’t directing the procedure itself, but the popularity increases demand. 
  • The established piercing studios charge slightly more than local and regional piercing shops. The popularity of the piercing studio isn’t important as compared to professionalism and hygiene. If your local piercing studio is also professional and hygienic, you can get a healthy piercing with the least amount of pain. 
  • The quality and material used in piercing jewelry is the most important factor in determining the septum piercing price. If precious metals and stones are used in the jewelry, it would be really expensive too. On the flip side, if the jewelry is minimalist, the pricing would be more affordable. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can we rate septum piercing pain?

It is interesting and easy to understand the expected pain in a septum piercing. Let’s assume a pain scale of 10 ratings; an average septum piercing pain lies from 4 to 5 on that scale. It is more an instant pain shock than a long-term pain, making septum piercing so popular among females.

What is proper aftercare for septum piercing?

While your septum piercing is healing, it is very important to pay attention to aftercare. Firstly you should avoid the nose, especially the septum piercing from water and other moisturizers in the first few days. After the wound is healed, you can maintain cleanliness using cleansers and moisturizers. But following the advice of the piercing expert is essential. 

What is the average cost of septum piercing?

If you want a complete septum piercing session with standard jewelry, too, it would cost you about 50 dollars to 100 dollars, depending on the piercing studio’s prices. You can increase or decrease the cost of septum piercing by choosing the piercing studio according to your budget. 

How can we ease pain after getting a septum piercing?

Septum piercing pain is somewhat inevitable, but there are some ways by which you can reduce it. Firstly you should completely follow the advice of your piercing expert. Secondly, keep the piercing clean and allow natural sunlight to interact, so it heals faster. Finally, if you are having increased pain, it is better to consult your piercing artist. 

Why is septum piercing pain compared to lip piercing?

Septum piercing is compared to lip piercing to provide a better understanding of the amount of pain you would be suffering while the procedure is completed. You will likely experience more pain in the septum than in lip piercing due to the piercing of cartilage during septum piercing. 


Here you go with everything you should know about septum piercing pain, as we have discussed everything essential regarding the subject. The concluding idea is that septum piercing would be a bit painful instantly, but it will get better as time passes. The septum piercing prices mainly depend upon the material of the jewelry and the quality of the construct and design. If you have more questions, you should consult your piercing expert before getting a septum piercing. Thanks for reading. 

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