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Tattoos That Show Strength

People have been interested lately in tattoos that represent courage due to workout motivation spreading around the internet. Raising awareness about exercising and keeping oneself healthy is okay. We all can relate to the fact that you can always get a tattoo designed to match your vibe. Let’s discuss some of the best meaningful tattoos that show strength. These tattoos will help most of us rethink our ideas related to the art of tattooing. Instead of wasting an ascension into any formal introductions and affirmations, let’s jump into the topic. 

Meaning of Strength Tattoos

Firstly, we should understand the meaning of strength tattoos that they tend to show courage and strength this is why they are typically designed with powerful artwork and anime characters. But it’s understood that any form of art is not one-dimensional and it usually holds various meanings depending on the audience’s perception. Most professional tattooing experts understand this basic understanding of tattooing and encourage others to show interest. hence, strength tattoo ideas have more depth and diversity.

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What Makes Strength Tattoos Special? 

Strength tattoos are special because of their symbolic meaning and unique design in the tattooing community. If you have a creative and artistic mind, there is no fixed rule to ink a strength tattoo. Pick between minimal, abstract, and even quotes; there are several options available for you to choose from. We all know that having strength refers to physical, mental, and spiritual capabilities to do something our hearts may or may not desire. 

The artistic imagery in strength tattoos has made them so special and beloved by everyone. Unlike most letter and quote tattoos, they aren’t only words and messages. Conversely, superhero or anime tattoo ideas usually focus on visuals and reduce textual messages. The strength tattoo perfectly combines the courageous appearance of a fictional world and merges them with powerful words. And all of these reasons are more than enough to make the strength tattoo ideas special and connect to people more than most other tattoos.

Strength Tattoo Ideas:


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qoute Strength tattoos
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hand written Strength tattoo
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minimal qoute Strength tattoo
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iconic women Strength tattoo
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Best Tattoos That Show Strength:

Tattooing is a mutual experience, not a one-sided visual experience. The tattooed design is visually expressive to the viewers, but it also carries a deeper meaning for the tattooed person. This multidimensional approach to the art of tattooing helps us understand its true beauty of it. We might be delusional by thinking tattoos that show power and strength are easy to find. There is a lot of research and a certain understanding of visual artistry to gather the most satisfying tattooing designs which show a specific emotion or human feelings. This is why we compiled a listing of some of the most amazing tattoos which might indicate power and control for you. 

Following are some of the best meaningful tattoos that show strength:

Strength Tattoo Card

Strength tattoo card designs are easily among tattoo artists’ most desired masterpieces. Tarot cards are not generally harmful, yet there’s a misconception among people that they are related to magic. A Strength card might seem like another tarot card, but it’s not a tarot card at all. It has its meaning and background, which separates it from other famous card tattoo designs. In addition, most strength card tattoos have a female depicted on them, promoting female empowerment. Let’s see some of the more appealing strength tattoos. 

tattoos that show strength
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hand tattoo strength
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girl strength tattoo
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Positive Resilience Tattoo

Positive resilience is briefly summarized as the ability to survive the difficulties and challenges of life. This great life lesson is beautifully inked into a positive resilience tattoo. Unlike being stubborn to bad decisions, positive resilience lets you stay firm on what’s right and back off when necessary. This is a more trusted way to live life; representing it in a tattoo adds to its beauty. You can customize resilience tattoos as per your taste. 

simple resilience tattoo
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neck resilience tattoo
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cute resilience tattoo
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big resilience tattoo
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Having Perseverance Tattoo 

Having perseverance is quite subjective to an individual, and expect fewer people to agree with your thoughts. However, sometimes you must be your only supporter before the world joins in. Such drives require having a perseverance tattoo. Yes, a tattoo enthusiast could easily elaborate perseverance to their tattoo. To help you with this stuff, check out these perseverance tattoos. They are specially picked for people who give more attention to authenticity to their tattoos. 

perseverance tattoo colorful
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neck perseverance tattoo
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hand perseverance tattoo
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Semicolon Tattoo

A semicolon was used as a symbol in English to take pauses in a sentence. With modern and technological advancement, the semicolon has become more than a pause symbol. Nowadays, many struggling people, especially mental health survivors, identify with the experience by getting a semicolon tattoo. If you also had a harsh experience but fought with strength, getting a semicolon tattoo is the most appropriate tattoo idea for you. 

Sword Tattoo

Swords and shields are the universal symbol of attack and defense in human history. The main usage of a shield is to defend against the attackers, while a sword attacks the offensive forces. It is a beautiful balance that keeps the human mind regulated and makes the survival of the human race possible. If you like the role of shield and sword in human psychology, you can get a sword tattoo to show strength. This sword will not only represent strength but also ensure the defense of your beloved ones. 

Cactus Tattoo

Hardships and life problems are not unique, but almost all living organisms must endure certain situations to survive. Whenever we think about deserts, the first thought that comes to our mind is sand and cactus trees with a blazing hot sun. The cactus doesn’t have much water or moisturized soil to grow in dry wastelands, but it still nourishes. We all get inspired by such courageous and motivational life cycles of the cactus plant. So, if you are thinking about getting a cactus tattoo to show strength, it’s great, and you should discuss it with your professional tattooing expert. 

Birds Tattoo

When a bird is born into this world like any other baby or a living organism, it cannot do basic life actions with perfection. Then their parents teach them, and slowly the bird and all other organisms learn to survive in the world. Getting a bird tattoo to show strength will be wholesome if you remember some great life teachings. There are many alterations and additions to the tattoo ideas for women, while the bird tattoo can enhance the outlook of the design and help you express yourself more confidently. 

Tree Tattoo

There are infinite natural examples to motivate us to live better lives. For example, trees are rooted and grounded, but their branches ascend to the sky. This motivates many people to remain humble while showing strength and force when required. Another beautiful aspect of tree tattoos is that they share life with other living organisms. So if you are a person who likes to have a protective and caring aura around your beloved ones, the tree tattoo will show strength and depth in your life with great precision. 

Life Tattoo

Most people today are happy and satisfied with whatever they are blessed with, but few are ungrateful and unthankful for the blessings. Similarly, some people highlight the lows of their life so much that it becomes a part of their persona to look depressed. Professional tattoo artists have a therapeutic way of making life by encouraging tattoos on such people to show them strength and power in positivity. If you are experiencing such depression in life, you should consider getting a life tattoo to show your strength and will to live a positive life. 

Quotation Tattoo

We all have a quotation and line narrated to us, forever imprinted in our minds. These quotations might be a combination of words for others, but to the person who thinks those words into their body, it means the world. It would be a great idea to get a quotation tattooed on you, showing strength and courage in your life. This quotation might be inked on the hands or strength meaningful wrist tattoos, but the significance remains the same. 

Tarot Card Tattoo

In the past, people have been associating tarot cards only with witchcraft, illusion, and mysticism, but they hold more scope in the real world than spells. If you understand how tarot cards work, you will instantly know that each tarot card shows an absolute and unchanging experience in life. One of the luckiest tarot cards is considered to be the power or strength card. You can get this tarot card tattoo to show strength because it’s a literary symbol. This tattoo can also intrigue people interested in magical, witchcraft, and illusional tattooing designs. 

Lion Tattoo

Wild animals and predators also differ in the mindset of humans based on their perspectives. Lions and tigers, bears, and wolves are considered top-tier wild predators who represent courage, fierceness, and strength. If you love lions as a wild species and get inspired to get a tattoo, you should do it regardless. The lion tattoo is an eco-friendly gesture to the king of the jungle while representing strength for the ability to defend our loved ones. 

Dragon Tattoo

This might be related to historical wars and symbolism in both regions. Still, dragons are not prescribed well in the typical west, while people civilized in the east consider it lucky and inspirational. You don’t have to go with any interpretation of the dragon tattoo as long as you can make your own. One of the most visible qualities of a dragon is its raw courage and strength. So, now you get these tattoo ideas for men inked with a dragon design that shows strength. 

Knight Tattoo

Knights and brave soldiers have been guarding and protecting the rulers and innocents from societal injustice and enemies’ evil. In the past, most of the knights were who fought bravely and even sacrificed their respective lives to protect their responsibilities. Knights have been the symbol to show trust and strength and many people, especially Europeans, love the role of knights for the royals. Getting a knight tattoo would be amazing if you love the knights and their responsibilities. 

Phoenix Tattoo

Everyone knows the backstory of the phoenix, that it is reborn from the fire and ashes to conquer the world. Phoenix bravely dives into the fire of countless hardships and comes out victorious from the ashes of the same fire. This shows the sheer will of victory and accomplishment from the phoenix. If you feel inspired by the phoenix, you can get a tattoo of a phoenix that shows strength. Phoenix is mostly depicted as a feminine energy, so these would also be great female tattoos meaning strength and confidence for women. 

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Best Body Parts For A Strength Tattoo

Any tattoo design is initially drawn on a paper pen or sketch pad but evolves from a sketch to a tattoo. The main idea of straight tattoos is to depict your outer and inner courage and durability in life instances. The best place to get a strength tattoo is where it’s readily visible to others. If you are curious about placements of strength tattoos, here are a few guiding for you:

Arms, Chest, and Legs

For more colorful, large, and living creature tattoo designs that show strength 

Wrist, Neck, and Ankles

For more subtle, simple, and text-based tattoo ideas that represent strength 

Frequently Asked Questions

What symbolizes power and strength?

Lion is the universal symbol of power and strength. They are forceful, powerful, and courageous but always fight for their family and well-being. 

How are strength tattoos designed?

It is relatively easy to design a strength tattoo. All you have to do is ask yourself questions and realize what strengthens and motivates you. Then redesign and ink those inspirations in the form of a tattoo. 

How much would a strength tattoo cost?

A strength tattoo can cost anywhere from 150 to 2000 dollars depending upon the tattoo shop and respective artist. 

What are some popular strength tattoo ideas?

Lion, bear, dragon, phoenix, knight, samurai, and ninja are some of the most popular strength tattoo ideas. However, you can also find some other meaningful tattoo ideas. 

Which type of tattoo shows confidence and strength?

Peacock tattoos are most famous for showing confidence and strength. This is because they are naturally confident in their environment and are often depicted as a symbol of pride and high self-esteem. 


So our beloved reader, today we have discussed the best meaningful tattoos that show strength. It is a strong possibility that you have already picked which tattoo is most suitable for your personality and repression of your strength. All you have to do now is consult your tattooing artist, and they will bring one of these inked onto your selected body region. These tattoo ideas are based upon the mentality of facing the world and the problems in it with great confidence, humble positivity, and sheer strength. 

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