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Mast Tour vs Stigma Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine

What are the best wireless tattoo machines?

“The handheld device usually operated to create markings on the skin for the permanent and temporary course of time” is known as a tattoo machine. Most tattoo machines use electromagnetic coils to rotate the armature bars. These armature bars further move needles to fill the skin with tattoo ink. The best tattoo machines are supposed to decrease the period and increase the efficiency and diversity of the tattoo artist. 

Mast Tour Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine Kit:


For ease of use and traveler’s essentials, the Mast tour wireless kit is among the best wireless tattoo machine in the global marketplace in recent times. The grip is comfortable and quite stable, with a diameter of 25mm. The body of the tattoo machine is quite good-looking and small to fit in most of the sufficient spaces as you move along with exploring the world. It provides continuous rotary operating ability on the skin. It only requires four volts to initiate the process and start marking a tattoo on your selected region. 

The tattoo machine is initially made in Japanese mechanical designs and patterns. The body of the tattoo machine is coreless for more stability. The battery is quite large and stable at the same time. You can easily use the machine kit for up to three thousand hours for larger and more complex tattoos. The construct of the wireless tattoo pen is very simple and suitable for accurate linings and tracings on the tattoos. You can use it to make black and gray combinations of artistic patterns for reference. 

This provides you an ultimate advantage to create more quality tattoos with less pain and suffering throughout the process. It is widely considered a perfect tool for beginner tattoo artists. The tattoo machine features a special innovation mechanism. The main function of this technology is to provide direct contact with skin with softness and comfort. It weighs almost eighty-two grams, which is considered ideal and light for a tattoo machine. The most important benefit of this Mast tour wireless tattoo pen machine kit is that it provides great healing results after use. 


  • 25mm easy grip 
  • Lightweight 
  • Smooth performance 
  • Ideal for lining and tracing on tattoos
  • long-lasting battery 


  • Low noise
  • Strong hit
  • Comfortable grip


  • Not good for shading

Stigma Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine:


Stigma kit is another well-designed and beautiful artistic rotary tattoo machine. It is initially made of rose gold color grading and has an amazing luminous outlook. The tattoo machine features DC connectors with batteries and other portable energy sources for easy usage. In addition, it features a space aluminum frame for enhanced durability and a Japanese engineered motor mechanism for better workability. The critics will perceive the device and its CE certification. So, you can use it in professional environments with confidence and comfort. 

The design is kept visually stunning and inspired via a general usage pen on purpose to attract buyers of modern generations. The power rotary motor enables powerful response, and an advanced gear system is embedded. The gearing system ensured noise-proof operating ability, more reliability, and lesser vibratory actions. It features two heavy-duty batteries in the body case of the tattoo machine. The main advantage of featuring two batteries is that you can easily use one battery for tattooing while the other is recharging simultaneously. In addition, the interchangeable nature of the power source makes the machine kit more efficient at work. 

You will get twenty cartridges in addition to the powerful batteries and elegant tattoo machine design. Each cartridge is separately packed and sterilized using Ethylene Oxide gas. This Stigma kit rotary tattoo machine is compatible with almost all tattoo pen needles, making it very compact for expert tattoo artists. The power supply mechanism of the tattoo machine is quite sensitive, so keep it working under twelve volts for long-lasting usage. The product comes with a whole year warranty by the manufacturers for the satisfaction of customers and increases in reputation of the brand itself. 


  • Rose gold construct 
  • Japanese Motor 
  • Features sterilized cartridges 
  • Two interchangeable batteries 
  • Minimizes vibrations while tattooing 


  • Customer support
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy maintenance 


  • Instructions manual not available  

Comparison Between Mast Tour and Stigma Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine:

There are a lot of similarities between both products, and both are equally praised and recommended by tattoo artists around the globe. Regardless, there are few significant differences in each tattoo machine’s major quantitative and qualitative properties. Therefore, we have highlighted their discriminant contrast to understand readers and the general audience better. 

Following are the significant differences between both tattoo machines:


Mast tour wireless tattoo pen machine kit is more affordable than the Stigma rotary tattoo machine as there is a visible difference in the retailing prices of each tattoo machine kit. 

Battery Life:

The durability and battery life of the Mast tour wireless tattoo pen machine kit are relatively better than the Stigma kit rotary tattoo machine. However, even though the Stigma kit machine has two batteries, it is less durable. 


As mentioned before, the design and construction of both tattoo machines are nice and elegant. Still, the Stigma kit rotary tattoo machine is more presentable and classy due to its rose gold body color and space aluminum frame. 


The Stigma kit rotary tattoo machine has the excellent working ability and provides great smoothness in each craft produced by it. On the other side, a wireless tattoo pen machine kit, Mast tour, is good enough but lacks shading and thin line pattern creation. 

Featured products:

Mast tour wireless tattoo pen machine kit is well priced but only features a tattoo pen machine and its power supply. On the other hand, the Stigma kit rotary tattoo machine features twenty useful ink cartridges in addition to the tattoo machine. 


Both the tattoo machines are equally working and useful for beginners and experts at the same rate. It isn’t easy to select one over the other as both have great similarities and fewer differences. Yet if you have a limited budget, you should opt for the Mast tour wireless tattoo pen machine kit. And if you have great economical resources and require additional features with the tattoo ink machine, you should consider buying a Stigma kit rotary tattoo machine. Use all of the products under the supervision of an expert and consult medical assistance in case of any unseen complication. Thanks for reading. 

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