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Best Tattoo Shops in Portland Oregon

Not many cities in the world are famous for their remarkable artistic heritage and best tattoo shops like Portland, Oregon in the United States. Most famous and historically influential artists from various art forms have been attracted by the city’s brilliance and imagination of enchanting sightings. Singers, actors, writers, comedians, and tattoo artists praise this place very highly.

Most of the general audience and readers are still confused about the idea of tattoo shops and parlors and their significance in the modern era of liberty to express ideas in all beneficial ways. These tattoo shops are usually defined as institutes or commercial workplaces where skin marking, branding, body piercing, and many other services are provided artistically by regulating the environment to hygienic and professional standards. 

Most of the most famous tattoo shops and parlors in the United States are in Portland, Oregon. But the area of this city is almost one hundred and thirty-three square miles. This ultimately means you might have to travel a lot and explore various places to find the best tattoo shops in Portland, Oregon. But we have already done all the hard work to provide you with the highest-ranked tattoo parlors in the city, which invite the best possible experience and excellent professionalism at the bare minimum price possible. 

Top Best Tattoo Shops in Portland, Oregon:

Initially, exploring and finding the perfect spot in such metropolitan cities isn’t easy. You might get stressed out by constant search while the main goal is to visit such an imaging place to relax and enjoy. However, once you understand the concept of skin marking and tattoos while keeping the geographical orientation of Portland in your mind, it is easy for you to select the best possible shop according to your personalized criteria. 

Following are some of the best tattoo shops in Portland, Oregon: 

  1. Birdhouse Tattoo
  2. Blue Ox Tattoo
  3. Broadway Ink
  4. Brynn Sladky
  5. Dead Gods Tattoo
  6. Fortune Tattoo
  7. Icon Tattoo
  8. Infinity Tattoo
  9. Lombard Street Tattoo
  10. Oak Iris Tattoo

Birdhouse Tattoo:

Birdhouse Tattoo

The birdhouse tattoo is a combined effort of a group of tattoo artistry experts based originally in Portland. You can get various pop culture, human emotions, literature, nature, and fiction-based tattoos and brandings via this imagined tattoo shop. Five artists are available for clients who have vast experience in this field and are quite talented. The main combination of tattoo inks used in this shop is black and white, and all of the artists are inspirational while utilizing these components to create their art on skin. There is no apparent discrimination based upon gender, body appearance, skin tone, and ethnicity at the birdhouse tattoo parlor. 

Address: 5823 Southeast Powell Boulevard, Portland. OR 97206.


Blue Ox Tattoo:

Blue Ox Tattoo

Blue Ox Tattoo is an artistry studio based in Kenton, and the neighborhood has a significant historical background. You can get any cultural and crafty tattoo well done by the artists. There is a diverse artistic background of professionals in this tattoo shop. Black, colored, and gray tattoos are an essential part of this studio’s artwork collection. By visiting this place, you can get tattoos of animals, plants, traditional inspirations, and many more. Before getting an actual tattoo, you can consult experts to discuss your preferences and then finalize your tattoo artist for a permanent or temporary time.

Address: 1907 North Kilpatrick Street, Portland. OR 97217.


Broadway Ink:

Broadway Ink

A woman owns this tattoo shop, and it’s diverse into other decorative and beauty services. Broadway ink provides users with permanent make-up, oral decorations, and tattoos. The professional mechanism of the workplace is based upon the independent contracts of each artist. You can freely customize and personalize your tattoo in a friendly and welcoming environment. Artists use different styles and patterns to create their chosen art pieces on your skin. The presentation and hygiene of the place are also up to mark and well received by most of the clients.

Address: 1605 Northeast Broadway, Portland. OR 97232.


Brynn Sladky:

Brynn Sladky

The Brynn Sladky is another tattoo shop owned by a respectable female artist. The tattoo shop is established in Portland, and the artist has significant expertise in the field as she began her career around 2006. Most clients from Portland and nearby regions keep visiting this tattoo parlor because of the quality work and experience in the subjective artistic field. The artist is quite versatile, but she’s most famous for her iconic pop cultural tattoos throughout the years. In addition, several other products and merchandise like stickers, mugs, t-shirts, etc., and a vast art collection of tattoos. 

Address: 1909 Northeast Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, Portland. OR 97212.


Dead Gods Tattoo:

Dead Gods Tattoo

Unlike most famous tattoo shops, the Dead Gods Tattoos is infamous throughout Portland for personalized tattoo designs from 2010. You can either get an appointment by registration or walk directly to the shop according to your choice. The overall crew is quite experienced in the field and provides great artwork in the form of tattoos. You can select any pattern-based, tribal, futuristic tattoo, and you are ensured to be surprised by the precision and elegance. The main highlight of this tattoo shop is the featured ultraviolet rays reactive tattoos.  

Address: 11509 Southwest Pacific Highway, Portland. OR 97223. 


Fortune Tattoo:

Fortune Tattoo

Natives and guests highly praise fortune tattoo shops for their realistic tattoos. You can easily get great colored, physiological, and even Japanese traditional tattoos by innovative artists. You don’t have to worry about medication complications because the shop prefers better cleanliness and professional regulations while creating tattoos. The brand has been working with clients since 2010. They use Out to Sea Tattoo lotion to decrease complications after tattoos and irritations to the skin. The artists are experts in the field, and the owner has been tattooing and learning since 1987. 

Address: 1716 East Burnside Street, Portland. OR 97214.


Icon Tattoo:

Icon Tattoo

Few tattoo shops are as consistent and diverse as the Icon Tattoo shop. They have been working in Portland with amazing expertise in the field. The team consists of five tattoo artists who are versatile in traditional and stylish designs. The crew is helpful and accommodates most of the clients on walk-ins. There is a flash day on the last Saturday of every month to provide clients with featured artworks of the tattoo shop. Clients are served based upon their arrival at the shop. 

Address: 813 North Russell Street, Portland. OR 97227.


Infinity Tattoo:

The Infinity Tattoo shop has been offering tattoos and other artistic services for more than twenty-four years. This is one of the most established and originated studios in Portland. Amanda Myers established the studio in 1993. There are well-experienced and great professionals in the workplace who acquire more than nineteen years of experience in the field. You can get amazing portraits using basic color combinations of black, gray, and other colors. Sketch and traced tattoos are also available for the ease of new tattoo lovers and amateurs. 

Address: 3316 North Lombard Street, Portland. OR 97217.


Lombard Street Tattoo:

Lombard Street Tattoo

If you are interested in abstract art, you are highly recommended to visit the Lombard Street Tattoo shop. This is a Portland-based tattoo parlor that provides custom and interesting tattoos. The variety of art collectives includes abstract, colored, traditional, and many more. There are different experts available for each sub-genre of artwork. In addition, Lombard Street Tattoo presents many guest artists with respect and acknowledgment of their craft. Artists also use mysticism, symbolism, and astrological designs and patterns very intelligently. 

Address: 8937 North Lombard Street, Portland. OR 97203.


Oak Iris Tattoo:

Oak Iris Tattoo

Some tattoo shops like Oak Iris Tattoo shop provide expression of art and ideologies to the community. It was established in 2019 in the neighborhood of Overlook. Watercolors and imaginary portraits are readily available to interested clients. In addition, you can get access to gift certifications and other retailing items in the shop. Many infamous and expert tattoo artists are available in the crew to enhance the tattooing environment of the workplace. 

Address: 4330 North Interstate Avenue, Portland. OR 97217.



You have already been taught a lot about the artistic diversity and tattooing ability of the city of Portland, Oregon. By reading the article, you will have enough basic knowledge to reach a point where you can access a lot of high-class and well-known tattoo shops. Select any mentioned tattoo shops according to your personalized liking and budget. We hope this article was helpful enough to enhance your tattooing experience. Thanks for reading. 

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