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How To Remove Henna Tattoo Quickly

We all have beautiful henna tattoos, but sometimes it becomes essential to remove them. Drawing a henna artwork design usually takes a week or more to fade away naturally. But if you are already in a hurry and want it to remove from your hand or other body parts completely, there are a few remedies too. If you need to know which methods are working and which are just time wasters, we have you covered here. Today, we are about to discuss how to remove henna tattoo quickly.

What’s a Henna Tattoo?

Most people have seen different tattoo ideas and designs, but they are still determining what a henna tattoo is. The confusion is also understandable since two methods exist to create a henna artwork on a person. If a temporary henna tattoo is created, a tattoo artist will use a black or brown henna herb solution to design the tattoo. Similarly, if a person wants to tattoo with henna artwork design permanently, a sketch is inked on the body first, and then it is completed with a permanent tattoo machine kit.

How To Remove Henna Tattoo Quickly:

People panic when a henna tattoo doesn’t fade away after a day or two. Henna tattoos made from herbs are meant to stay for a week or more because of simple reasoning. But be clear since it will fade gradually, and the colors will fade after 3 or 4 days. So, the simple way to quickly remove a henna tattoo is as follows:

  • Using lemon is the most common way to fade easy henna design on your body swiftly. It’s because lemon and other citrus fruits act as a natural bleach and remove the layer of henna from the skin.
  • Many natural salts work great to remove a henna tattoo in a hurry. We all have seen even permanent tattoos fading when overexposed to salty water. This phenomenon happens due to osmosis, so you can try lukewarm water and salt mixture to fade henna tattoo.
  • If all other options work are not working to remove the henna design, the last resort is exfoliating scrubs. Instead of going for chemically synthetic scrubs, choose a natural one like honey, lemon, and citrus fruit. After using the exfoliating scrub, apply coconut or olive oil to the body part with a henna tattoo.

Things To Avoid While Removing Henna Tattoo:

There are many ways to remove these henna tattoos from your body. However, it’s necessary to understand that intense chemicals can damage your body parts. Hence, using more natural, professionally recommended, and smothering products is always better. The following tips would help you avoid problems in removing henna tattoos:

  1. Firstly avoid using any acid, harsh chemical, or unauthorized product to remove henna or any other tattoo from your body. It can lead to infection or even worse in some conditions.
  2. It is also important to avoid using toothpaste and baking soda mixture. This is not a professional way to remove a henna tattoo; blisters or inflammation can occur afterward.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can you erase a henna tattoo fast?

You can easily remove a tattoo made from henna if you follow professionals’ guidelines. You can try citrus fruit massage or natural exfoliating scrub on the tattoo to remove it.

Does Lemon Juice Remove Henna Tattoo?

It’s been tested many times that using lemon on henna tattoos works well if you want to fade away the design. All you have to do is to cleanse the skin region with soft soap and water. Once it’s cleansed, apply citrus lemon to it and gently rub. You would see the fading of artwork within a few minutes.

What is a mehndi tattoo, and how are they created?

Mehndi tattoos are a famous eastern name for henna tattoos, and they are created by using a henna herbs mixture. The henna artwork and tattoos are usually temporary and fade after some time. People in Arabian countries and Southeast Asia have been practicing these tattoos as a feminine beauty makeover for centuries.

Are henna tattoos safe to practice?

If you use natural henna for temporary tattoos, it is safe and secure to use for tattooing and other expression purposes. There is only one exception to using black henna since it contains PPD(para-phenylenediamine), which can cause certain skin problems.


Mehndi tattoos or henna tattoo designs are nothing new since they have been practiced for thousands of years worldwide. But many were sure about using henna and needed clarification about removing it when wanted. This is why we discussed; how to remove henna tattoo quickly. You can try them at home and maintain a natural procedure for removing these temporary tattoos. Discussing it with a professional tattoo artist is best if you need clarification. Thanks for reading.

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