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How Safe It Is To Use A Homemade Tattoo Gun

People have been making their own customized and homemade tattoo guns for their specific artworks for decades. According to these people, making and using a custom art tool is completely fine and safe. However, many professionals disagree with their point of view and suggest that a skilled person should use professional tattooing tools. So we will discuss; how safe it is to use a homemade tattoo gun. So, you have a clear reason to avoid using experimental means for the art of tattoos. 

Difference between Professional and Homemade Tattoo Guns:

Some people need clarification on assembling a professional tattoo machine with homemade tattoo guns at home. Let’s clear this misconception so people have a clear idea what is the actual difference between these them:

Professional Tattoo Gun:

It is usually a one-piece or multiple-piece set of tattoo machines manufactured by registered companies and tested for use by professionals. You can assemble the machine at home by reading the instruction manual or getting a pre-assembled professional tattoo gun from various places. 

Homemade Tattoo Gun:

this term is often used to describe a highly customized tattoo machine that has yet to be tried and tested on an industrial scale. These rotary or coil tattoo machines are usually made using scrap and raw components on a very low budget. 

  • The key difference between both types of tattoo guns is the level of professionalism, safety, hygiene, and efficiency the gadget has. It isn’t compatible with the two devices since homemade tattoo guns are experimental, which is often risky and unprofessional. 

Are They Legal In The United States?

The legality of homemade tattoo guns in the United States varies depending upon which state you are currently discussing. Nationwide the use of homemade tattoo guns is considered unsafe and risky because of the lack of legitimacy of the gadget. However, it is important to inform you that there are few states in the US where you can find a sneaky way to use a homemade tattoo gun for personal use. To avoid legal complications, you should use professionally graded tattoo machines for ideas and designs instead.

Risks of Using Homemade Tattoo Machines:

It is easy to understand why using a homemade gadget is not encouraged. But it is crucial to elaborate on the main reasons for doing so. Experts highlight multiple problems that make these tattoo machines so controversial among the professional tattooing community. The following points help discuss the risks and problems:

  1. Health Risks: The most concerning part of using homemade machines for tattooing is that there are a lot of health-related risks in it. At the same time, professionally graded gadgets and tools minimize the chances of disease, allergy, or infection. There is no such insurance in these self-made tools.
  2. Lack of Professionalism: Another major point is that self-made tattoo machines must be more efficient and safe. This creates an environment of unprofessional tattoo artwork, and most people dislike it. You can only achieve professional respect and credibility if your devices work properly, causing interruptions between tattoos. 
  3. Poor Tattoo Quality: your tattoo ideas and design will be less impressive after using such unpredictable and experimental tattoo guns. Many users of homemade tattoo guns have noticed inaccurate lines, spread color ink, and unwanted errors in tattoo sketches. So, it destroys the client’s expectations and ultimately impacts your reputation as a professional tattoo artist. 
  4. Ethical and Legal Issues: lastly, there is a lot of legal and ethical composition in using homemade tattoo tools. In most developed countries, especially the US, using such experimental and risky gadgets is not encouraged by the law. Moreover, many people have moral and ethical concerns about self-made tattoo machines because they lack credibility, precision, and safety. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How safe is a homemade tattoo machine?

According to experts, despite how cool and impressive it looks, a homemade tattoo machine could be more safe and precise. So, avoiding using these tools for tattooing and other piercings and body alerting procedures is best. 

Why should you choose a professional tattoo machine?

Tattoo experts always encourage using professional tattooing kits for practice and client work. These tattoo machines are safer, more accurate, and more comfortable for the artist and the client. 

How to set up a tattoo gun safely?

If you have a professionally manufactured tattoo gun, you can easily set it up. All you have to do is to read the manual or watch online tutorials to set up that particular tattoo machine. Once assembled, you can practice on fake skin or other textured surfaces. After approval, you can use it for tattoo artwork and designing new tattoo ideas. 


Now, after all the explanations and suggestions from experts, it’s pretty clear how safe it is to use a homemade tattoo gun. However, creating a personalized and homemade device seems creative and genius. There are too many risks and problems involved in homemade tattoo machines, so it’s best to avoid them. There are professional tattoo guns available in all price and quality ranges. Find the professional device of your choice and avoid all the issues today. Thanks for reading. 

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