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How Does A Coil Tattoo Machine Create Elegant Tattoos

Self-expression with coil machine tattoos or other artistic means has always been influential for tattoo lovers. There are infinite collections of premium tattoo designs and ideas inked by the hands of some legendary tattoo artists. So, using the right method and tools becomes the foundation of professional tattooing this way. Coil tattoo machines are reigning as the preferred tattoo machines for most modern professionals. But How does a coil tattoo machine create elegant tattoos? Today, we will unveil the secrets of magical tattoos that impress customers and satisfy professionals.

How To Ink Exquisite Tattoos With A Coil Machine:

You can create an average-looking tattoo yourself if you have taken online tattooing lectures or read a few guiding books. But there is a visible difference between an artwork by some professional and an amateur. A skilled tattoo artist keeps every detail in mind and comes up with the most comfortable way to design an aesthetic tattoo. Fortunately, we all can learn how to ink exquisite tattoos with a coil machine. There are secrets to every great thing in the art of tattooing, so the following steps will guide you:

Preparing Setup:

Before you even pick up your tools, your preparation will be complete. To set up a Single coil tattoo machine, you must first maintain a workplace and tattoo kit. Once the place is clean and comfortable and the kit has all the essential components, you can move to step two of making good tattoo ideas on the skin. It is always better to check the functionality of tattoo machines, needles, cartridges, power supplies, and tattoo ink and stencils. This preparation for setup would make you more confident in work while the client gets more comfortable.

Placing Design:

Once the setup is prepared, you can pick the selected tattoo stencil and place it in the right position. It is really important to discuss the design’s placement, size, color, and tattoo art style with your client in detail. This reduces miscommunication and allows you to have more amazing-looking tattoos on your body. You can use stencil adhesive or other products to maintain and fix the stencil on the skin.

Tattoo Ink and Needle:

Since you have already picked up the tattoo ink and needle, there would be more clarity. A tattoo coil machine mostly uses lining artwork needles and cartridges; the color is optional. If the tattooed person wants line work or a large colored tattoo, you should share color combinations with them. This helps them understand what tattoo color combinations work better on certain skin types.

Adjustment and Movement Of Machine:

The last secret to an elegant tattoo design is the adjustment and movement of the tattoo machine. The coil or rotary tattoo machine will be smooth and proficient if the configuration, voltage, and needle size adjustment are fine. Similarly, the movement of your hand along the tattooing machine makes a lot of difference in precision. Every great tattoo design was inked by strong control and connection of hands and tool kit.

Best Technique For Using Coil Machine:

We have already mentioned that the adjustment and movement of machines and hands are really important. But you deserve to know the deepest art secret about the technique of a Coil machine tattoo. It is easy to understand, but most people are unaware of it due to the lack of practice on fake tattoo skin. The following are the points that amateur tattoo artists often overlook:

  • It would help if you gripped the tattoo machine like a pen, regardless of its shape and construction. It would maintain smooth and comfortable movement during the movements of the machine.
  • Keeping the angle of the tattoo needle between 45 to 60 degrees reduces the chance of painful infection and prevents tattoo blowouts.
  • Wave-like smooth movement of your hands is important because crippling and erratic motion can deflect lines and shading.
  • There is a universal rule in tattooing that lining tattoos require less depth, while shading and coloring require more depth of tattoo ink and needle.
  • Lastly, softly stretch the skin with another hand to create a smooth plane for designing the tattoo. The stretch shouldn’t be too harsh so the tattoo would reshape or disperse the ink.

Tow Truck Tattoo And Coil Machine:

The Tow truck tattoo is getting famous due to the rise in popularity in vintage cars collections and Disney’s Cars franchise. Most men love car tattoo ideas because they appreciate beautiful moving machines. Moreover, Disney’s car movies have inspired many people in Gen Z to get car tattoos on their arms and biceps. A tattoo machine is handy in making tow truck tattoo designs because it is precise and easy to use. A coil machine can create outlines, shadings, colors, and realistic finishing touches. So, all of these reasons combine to form a naturally beautiful connection between coil machines and two truck tattoo ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the essentials in a coil tattoo machine kit?

A coil machine, needles, tattoo ink, power supply, stencils, and a suitable sitting environment are essential for a coil tattoo machine kit. You can customize the tattoo kit according to your preferences and art styles.

Is a coil tattoo machine kit better than a rotary for elegant designs?

According to most experts and professionals, a coil tattoo machine kit would be more beneficial for creating elegant tattoos than rotary machines. Some gifted tattoo artists can make great artwork with rotary or wireless machines, but generally, people use coil machines more often.

Can a coil machine tattoo be colorful?

Yes, even if you get a coil machine tattoo on your body, it can be colorful and interesting. Tattoo artists present various alternatives to tattoo design with different shapes, sizes, and colors. Pick the suitable color combination and get your coiled tattoo machine experience. 


Inking phenomenal tattoos using tattoo machines requires a lot of skills and practice. But now you know the secret: How does a coil tattoo machine create elegant tattoos? All it takes is the proper guidance and understanding to prepare and use coil machines. You need to know how to keep the setup professional, tattoo machines ready, and your hand movement smooth and fluent. After reading our guidelines above, you can master all these fundamentals of tattooing with a coil machine. Thanks for reading.

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