Everything You Need To Know About A Fake Septum Piercing

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Everything You Need To Know About A Fake Septum Piercing

Many celebrities, fashion icons, and influencers have cemented septum piercing as essential for exotic beauty. Although there’s no denying the fact that these piercings look attractive and amazing, most people find them more painful or difficult. This is why fake piercings are getting much more popular than actual ones. Today, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about a fake septum piercing. This would help you resolve many queries and allow you to have a better understanding of these body alteration procedures. 

Historical Journey of Septum Piercings:

  • While the modern rendition of these piercings is getting popular in fashion and culture, septum piercings have existed for centuries deep into human history. Moreover, the early evidence of these piercings and body alteration depictions are found in different ancient civilizations, which signifies its role in the past. Many historical figures and powerful mythical characters in mythologies used to carry these piercings. 
  • Many paintings, historical texts, and sculptures in Rome, India, Mexico, and Africa have shown these septum piercings, especially on females of status and power. 
  • In modern times, many bold, expressive, and punk fashion-inspired artists and influencers have helped build love and popularity for these nose piercings. This also added a new dimension by introducing fake septum piercings. 

Deviated Septum Piercing:

The deviated septum piercings have found a separate fanbase due to their unique placement and designs. It’s called deviated due to its slightly off-center placement from the center of the nose. Many people find it more attractive and intriguing than regular piercings and piercing aftercare while also maintaining a sense of modern aesthetic to timeless bodywork. Some people also use it to symbolize the idea of imperfection and acceptance by getting this piercing. 

Magnetic Septum Piercing:

Another famous type of these body alterations is magnetic septum piercing, which is not permanent. They became famous since many places do not allow facial piercings, so a better solution for piercing lovers was temporary ones. These are mostly easier than conventional ones because they come with magnetic attachment instead of skin penetration. Magnetic piercing is also a great solution if you’re new to body alterations and want to try and experiment. 

How to Put on a Fake Septum Piercing:

If you are worried about putting on a fake septum piercing, don’t worry since it’s not harmful or risky if you follow proper guidelines. While learning it is easy, you must be more smooth and conscious. So, the following basic steps would help you put on a fake septum piercing without any complications:

  1. Gently open the piercing ring or hoop.
  2. It would create an opening to attach to your septum.
  3. Place that opening of jewelry accurately on your septum.
  4. Close the ring or hoop as instructed by manufacturers or piercing experts. 
  5. You can easily adjust the orientation of the jewelry but don’t pressure forcefully. 
  6. Lastly, check if the fake septum piercing is a bit more loose or tight and adjust accordingly. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are fake septum piercings easy to spot?

No, mostly a fake septum piercing is way more realistic and convincing to the viewers. It doesn’t look fake or synthetic if you watch from a decent distance. However, if someone is too close to you, they can distinguish between a realistic septum piercing and a fake one.

Can I wear a magnetic septum piercing all day?

The best way to wear a magnetic piercing is to wear it when you have to and remove it once you are in your comfort zone. It can be irritating and hectic to wear these piercings all day since the magnetism applies a lot more pressure to your skin. 

Do fake septum piercings damage the nose?

If you use septum piercings in a properly advised way, it would not damage the nose. However, you don’t maintain aftercare and hygienic protocols alongside wearing fake piercings. In that case, it can cause minor skin infections to your nose with inflammation, burning sensation, and pain, so be more cautious and gentle. 


Today’s discussion must have helped you comprehend everything you need to know about a fake septum piercing. They have been becoming a non-conventional yet highly admired body alt procedure worldwide. The low risk of health and high elegance and charm are the main causes of love for this nose piercing. If you are interested in them, check out some and decide which looks best on you and proves the utmost comfort. Thanks for reading. 

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