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Best Tattoo Stencil Printer

Best Tattoo Stencil Printer (The Best Way to Get Your Tattoos)

Stencils are easily transferable designs filled with color or black ink to create tattoos of any shape. The template is made of thin lines, making them easy enough for beginners and satisfyingly intricate for more experienced artists. Tattoo Stencils provide an outline drawing on either hectograph carbon paper (high quality) or thermal pad-like material, which … Read more

Best Tattoo Transfer Paper

Best Tattoo Transfer Paper (Thermal and wax-based Sheet)

A transfer paper is a great way to make sure your tattoo design has no flaws or shaky lines, which means it will be much more likely that you’ll love the final result. In this article, we cover what ​exactly they are- the different types available and how to buy the best ones for getting … Read more