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Animal Tattoos

It’s a well-known fact that animal tattoos look aesthetic and attractive compared to most tattooing ideas. The main reason behind it is the existence of human civilization around animals and our natural habitat. We have been co-existing with animals and birds for thousands of years. This has created bondage and connectivity of human emotions with certain attributes of animals. Tattooing is a medium to present and communicate ideas and information. This is why we are discussing animal tattoos today. 

Symbolism and connectivity to nature are among some of the basic and early ways of human interaction. It has evolved a lot with the passage of time and the evolution of human language. Tattooing and body marking are still comparable to ancient measures to this date. With such a strong and effective connection with animals, tattoo artists tend to inspire more animal tattoos into existence. Various messages and ideas these animal tattoos carry show a fusion of human intellect and emotions. 

History of Animal Tattoos:

  • Animal tattoos have a prolonged and rich historical influence on human civilization. 
  • From Egypt to Mexico, animal tattoos have been used in various cultures to present status and influence. 
  • Magicians and cult leaders used to get a lot of sacred tattoos on their bodies to enhance their relevance and significance in society. 
  • Animals and birds were used to symbolize religious influence and the socio-economical power of people. 
  • The power and influence of tattooing were not demolished but converged into various other forms.
  • Animal tattoos were part of flags, uniforms, ideologies, and emblems of several civilizations in human history

Types Of Animal Tattoos:

There are rationally unlimited types of animal tattoos. Firstly, we know millions of types of animals on earth. Plus, there are unknown numbers of undiscovered and unstudied types of animals and birds. This abundance of natural wonders creates a significant space for tattoo artists and lovers to have the specific animal tattoo they desire. But finalizing an animal tattoo is not an easy task at hand. It would help if you considered your favorite animal and its natural behavior for further working on tattoo ideas for men. All of this work requires major time and effort from your side. 

This is why we have gathered some of the most popular and meaningful types of animal tattoos for you:

Wild Animal Tattoos:

Wild Animal Tattoos

Wild animals and birds are considered unique, exotic, and precious. There is a sense of beauty, mystery, natural blessing, and danger in the wild animals. People who have strong ideologies and courageous personalities love getting wild animal tattoos. In comparison, some people like to use these wild animal tattoos to show their secret talents and qualities. 

Lion Tattoo:

Lion Tattoo

The lion is often considered to be the ruler of the wild. It is a strong, fierce, courageous animal with great commanding skill in its pack. People interested in leadership, rule, and risk-taking prefer lion tattoos on their bodies. With royal strength, these lion tattoos also show balance and self-control for some tattoo artists. It has been a popular sign of ruling for many kingdoms and civilizations in the past. 

Tiger Tattoo:

Tiger Tattoo

Like lions, tigers are also very popular for their brute strength and power to lead great adventures. Tigers are very fast, powerful, smart, and deadly creatures of nature. People who are passionate and sensual in life appreciate getting a tiger tattoo on their skin. It presents their will to do what is necessary and struggle to achieve excellence. There is also a cultural and religious significance of tiger tattoos in various continents of the world. 

Bear Tattoo:

Bear Tattoo

Bears are very strong, courageous, powerful, and graceful animals. It is huge and terrifying to the prey while being a beautiful piece of nature for viewers. Bears are a part of various mythologies and folklore. They have also embodied friendship in some regions of the world. People who like personal discipline and dignity love getting a bear tattoo. You can design and depict bears more versatile than most other wild animals. 

Wolf Tattoo:

Wolf Tattoo

Wolves symbolize loyalty, family bondage, and unity with loved ones. People who don’t appreciate these morals are not worthy of getting a wolf tattoo. Most experts suggest creating an initial and precise tattoo idea and then marking the wolf tattoo on the skin. While some people also symbolize wolves as having high self-control and a lack of trust in others. Regardless of the meaning behind symbolization, the importance and attractiveness of wolf tattoos remain constant. 

Snake Tattoo:

Snake Tattoo

Snakes are one of the oldest and most significant animals in tattooing and civilization. It is also a versatile tattooing design for women with different meanings depending on the context. For example, it is sometimes used to represent immortality, lack of trust, and rebirth in most parts of the world. On the other hand, people who like mythologies and artwork prefer getting a unique and meaningful snake tattoo. 

Dog Tattoos:

Dog Tattoos

Dogs are domestic, protective, and guide animals. They have co-existed with humans for thousands of years. A dog tattoo is often related to loyalty, unconditional love, and trustworthiness towards a person. Additionally, there are several types and methods of creating a dog tattoo on your body. So, you can have a more versatile and artistic design that looks amazing. 

Cat Tattoos:

Cat Tattoos

Cats are among the most cared for, loved, and civilized animals. Humans have kept cats as pets for centuries. These cats show natural beauty, elegance, and stability to humans. People interested in magic and spirituality also use cats to symbolize enlightenment and liberty for souls. Hence, if you are a person who loves comfort, beauty, and knowledge in life, you should consider having a cat tattoo. 

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Elephant Tattoo:

Elephant Tattoo

Elephants are related to family, love, and compassion. They are magnificent creatures of nature that symbolize hope and courage to help others. They are considered to be calm, helping and cherishing animals even during hardships of life. Elephants have prestigious importance in many religions and cultures too. If you can relate to such high moral qualities of elephants, you should get an elephant tattoo. 

Bull Tattoo:

Bull Tattoo

The bull is a raging, masculine, and strong animal. It has been used to present dominance, power, and focus in various civilizations for thousands of years. Different philosophers and writers used the bull as a depiction of aim orientation and the struggle to achieve goals in life. It’s very unlikely that a bull tattoo looks weak or insignificant. Mostly, it is used as a sign of dominance and power. Bull tattoos are most fitting for people who love struggle and pathways towards a fixed goal in life. 

Horse Tattoo:

Horse Tattoo

The horse is usually a determined, independent, and enduring animal. For generations after generations, horses have been symbolized as heroic figures, souls, and well-oriented creatures of nature. Various rulers and conquerors used horses to signify dominance and established control over their kingdom. If you are a person who loves traveling, adventures and exploration, horse tattoos will truly present your personality. 

Dragon Tattoo:

Dragon Tattoo

Dragons are part of many mythologies and stories from different regions of the world. They are famous for their power, majestic nature, and elegance. Some civilizations have encouraging beliefs about dragons, while some discourage them. Regardless of their beliefs, people love getting dragon tattoos to symbolize extraordinary lifestyles and vibrant life experiences. You can have a dragon tattoo with your personalized customization to provide a unique appearance to the design. 


Animal tattoos are a really important part of tattooing and body marking. Animal tattooing has influenced and impacted human history in many different ways. Most people love animals, and some people are heavily related to certain animal behaviors, characteristics, and mannerisms. You can have a great animal tattoo if you properly consider its meaning and design. We have mentioned some of the best types of animal tattoos for you. If you are still unsure, you can get help and guidance from a professional tattoo artist. Thanks for reading. 

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