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No Face Tattoo And Other Spirited Away Artworks

From movies to tattoos, the Spirited Away animated series has given a lot of contributions in the form of No Face, Haku, and many other memorable characters. There is no denying the abstract character styles yet the simplest approach to the show’s aesthetic. The perfect word to describe this amazing anime is “a dark yet beautiful story.” It’s a general notion that no face is the most iconic character in the story from the entire plot written by Hayo Miyazaki. So, let’s dive deeper into sharing the No Face tattoo and other spirited away artwork for upcoming sessions. 

What’s the No Face Tattoo?

  • To understand the no-face tattoo, we must delve deeper into its character and motivations. In the classic Spirited Away anime from Ghibli’s Studio, the no face is among the most recognizable characters with its iconic look and influence in the story. The character of No Face is a mysterious spirit that consumes anyone who crosses paths with it. This phenomenal character’s darkness, emotionlessness, and mystery are translated into tattoo ideas
  • This results in more abstract, aesthetic, and meaningful no face tattoos for the animated series fans or others who cherish the character. The mysterious spirit is famous for representing the theme of humanity’s sad, depressed, and sometimes emotionally numb condition. However, some people express mystery, unpredictability, and simplicity using the emotionless entity of Spirited Away. 

Interesting No Face Tattoo Ideas:

We all can thank some of the most talented and skilled tattoo artists around the globe for providing us with versatile and unique no face tattoo ideas. They have spent their time and efforts to master the Spirited Away tattoos and then share those artworks with the rest of the world. Nowadays, the fans and admirers of No Face and the characters from the animated series cherish these tattoos and inspire some of their own, too. There is no lacking among the designs and tattoo style variants since we have gathered from simple, aesthetic, black and grey to more colorful and glittery no-face tattoo ideas for you:

Other Spirited Away Tattoos:

The beautiful thing about Spirited Away is that we have such iconic and memorable characters that you can easily create artwork for tattooing sessions. Not just the no-face tattoos or haku dragon tattoos, but there are more characters like Yubaba, Ogina Chihiro, or Sen. These are already used in famous tattoo designs via different colors, tattoo patterns, and even glitter tattoos. So, whoever is your favorite character, you can get a related tattoo idea with better detailing and comparable colors. 

Haku Dragon Tattoo: 

Haku is another famous character from Spirited Away, a source of inspiration for tattoo designs like the no face spirit. He is a lost soul of the Kohaku River, now a beautiful white dragon. But the haku dragon first appears as a teen boy in the original animated series and further as a white dragon. Since he lost the river, he has become a symbol of a lost soul in the anime. However, the haku dragon tattoo doesn’t only represent feelings of being lost but also courage, bravery, and sadness sometimes. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does No Face tattoo have an actual meaning?

Yes, the no-face tattoo does have actual meaning and represents various human emotions like mystery, loneliness, desires, and much more. Mostly, the meaning of no face depends upon a person’s interpretation and how he feels about the faceless spirit. So, you can add various tattoo styles and colors to the tattoo to make it appear more personal and meaningful. 

Is no face obsessed with gold in Spirited Away?

Yes, no face, although being a spirit is obsessed with gold, representing humans’ lust and greed. Since the character is considered to be the representation of mostly negative human emotions, its lust for gold seems justified in the animated series. 

Should I watch Spirited Away before getting a no face tattoo?

Although this is not a written rule, watching the Spirited Away movie before getting the no face tattoo is best. It helped you understand the representation, role, and meaning of the character in that movie and also helped you navigate what interpretation you want for your tattoo design. 


This was all we have to offer about the No face tattoo and other spirited away artwork for the moment being. We shared some ideas and designs from Haku Dragon, sen, no face, and many other characters. Hopefully, you have found which one works for you, and also pick and add new colors or details you would like for yourself. Whether you choose a minimalistic artwork or a more detailed and vibrant style, these tattoos would be a great canvas for personal expression and storytelling. Thanks a lot for reading. 

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