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Is Hemp Lotion Good For Tattoos

There’s always a question of trustworthy and reliable brands in the buzz of moisturizing products for tattoos in the modern tattooing community. Hemp lotion is one of the most effective and relevant names in the moisturization and nourishment department. This is not an unseen surprise since we all know that a high-quality moisturizer can help you improve a tattoo’s overall health and appearance. But why is hemp lotion good for tattoos? The question has been asked multiple times, and seemingly professionals know the exact answer to this question. So follow us through since we will reveal the answer to you. 

Should I use hemp lotion for tattoo aftercare?

According to most professionals and experts in the field of healthcare and medication, you can sure;y use hemp lotion for aftercare for tattoos. The ingredient of hemp lotion helps you recover easily from the micro-wounds on the skin during tattooing. Additionally, the multi-vitamin and beneficial fatty-amino acid formula of the lotion helps reduce irritation and itchiness on the skin after tattooing.

Why Is Hemp Lotion Good For Healing Tattoos:

You cannot deny that you can find various types of moisturizing lotion and balms for your tattoos, but you should also know that only some products suit your skin type. Each product comes with its benefits and drawbacks. Hemp lotion is a less threatening solution since most of its ingredients are naturally occurring. Moreover, it suits almost all skin types without causing any major complexity. So, the following are a few benefits of hemp lotion for healing tattoos to help you understand better:


Hemp lotion’s moisturizing and hydrating properties are unmatched if we talk about aftercare and maintenance aspects. Forget getting dryness, flames, and extra dry skin while his tattoo is healing because hemp lotion would single-handedly prevent all of it. 

Heat/UV rays protection:

Another big risk to healing tattoos is the intense sunlight which packs unwanted heat and harmful UV rays. Although mild sunlight is great for healing wounds and tattoos, intense sunlight can cause sunburns and other adverse effects. 


Cell regeneration is the key to faster healing, and experts have found that hemp lotion helps the skin in faster regeneration with reduced environmental side effects. 

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Can Hemp Lotion Be Used On New Tattoos?

If we are true to ourselves, we might be scared to use new and experimental projects for our healing skin, but the key checklist is natural and recommended. If the product is natural and recommended by your tattooing artist, you shouldn’t hesitate. For most people, tattooing experts would advise specific aftercare products, including hemp lotion, to their clients. If you need clarification about your skin’s reaction to hemp lotion, it’s better to consult your doctor before using it. 

Ingredients In Hemp Lotion:

By reading all the benefits and advantages of using hemp lotion on your healing tattoo, you might be excited to know the ingredients. All of the components in the making of hemp lotion are very healthy and recommended to be used for aftercare. The overall outlook of the hemp lotion is natural, non-toxic, and environment friendly, making it special compared to alternate options in the aftercare of tattoos. The following are major and notable ingredients in a hemp lotion:

  • Water
  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Hemp Seed Butter
  • Vitamin E
  • Stearic Acid
  • Sorbic Acid
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Emulsifying Wax

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is hemp lotion better than other moisturizing tattoos?

It is for sure that hemp lotion is a far better option for moisturizing tattoos than other lotions. Although there are many reasons for it, the most important reason is the natural ingredients and organic moisturization of hemp seed oil in the lotion. 

Which type of lotion should be avoided on new and healing tattoos?

You should avoid using more oily and petroleum-based lotions on new and healing tattoos. Vaseline is a prime example of a product you should avoid using during the first free stages of healing. 

How does hemp lotion affect healing tattoos?

Hemp lotion would allow the healing tattoo to stay moisturized, hydrated, and smooth by avoiding dryness and itching. Moreover, the natural ingredients boost the healing procedure of tattoos. 

Do lotions ruin the appearance of tattoos?

Applying lotion to tattoos helps increase their healing speed and appearance if you do it correctly. Expert advice avoids using moisture products and lotions during initial healing and saves them for later phases of tattoo aftercare. 

Does hemp lotion clog skin pores?

No hemp lotion is distinguished from all other moisturizing lotions so that it doesn’t clog the skin pores allowing the skin to breathe. This helps in faster regulation of the skin. 


So, now you know why is hemp lotion good for tattoos. The short and sweet answer is yes, you can use hemp lotion on healing tattoos. The only thing is to consider the ingredients of hemp lotion and check if you’re sensitive to any componential ingredient. Lastly, communicate with your doctor about applying hemp lotion to your healing tattoo. Thanks for reading.

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