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When Can I Change My Belly Button Ring

Most people who get piercings and tattoos are passionate about beauty, aesthetics, and creative designs. Whenever someone gets a piercing, their first goal is to find and wear the most beautiful jewelry pieces. People get ear piercings, nose piercings, belly button piercings, and tongue piercings. You might wonder, “when can I change my belly button ring?” It’s an interesting question, so let’s answer it together using the information provided by medical experts and piercing artists. 

You must understand that belly button piercings are somewhat different from nose and ear piercings. Our naval regions constantly move and bend and naturally lack efficient blood circulation. Hence, all these factors increase the healing time of any wound on this body part. Since piercing is also a form of wound, you will have to wait at least until the initial wound by belly button piercings heals. Then you can safely change the belly button ring according to your choice. Otherwise, this might lead to medical complications, infections, and unwanted pain. 

When Can I Change My Belly Button Ring:

There are certain conditions in which you can change your belly button ring. Of course, replacing or readjusting your belly button ring is not recommended whenever you want. But how can an average pierced person know when to change their belly button ring? It’s an excellent question; fortunately, we researched on your behalf. We found research theories, general suggestions, and expert opinions of professional piercing artists to guide you. 

Following are some of the scenarios and conditions in which you can change your belly button piercing if you want:

  • Your belly button piercing is completely healed in its natural timespan. 
  • There are no signs and symptoms of infection, inflammation, or other medical complications on the piercing or naval region around the piercing.
  • You can be asked personally form a medical expert or your professional piercer, and they will approve. 
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How To Change a Belly Button Ring:

If your belly button piercing is completely healed and healthy, you can change your piercing ring if you want. You have the prospect of completing work professionally, or you can do it by yourself. If you want to remove the belly piercing ring, you can help through it, also. Here is a detailed method that will explain to you how to change a belly button piercing:

Hygiene is very important when treating a wound or body part in general. Ensure sanitized hands and cleansed equipment before removing the belly button ring. For added safety, you can use antibacterial products and health care measures. 

After maintaining hygiene, the next step is sterilizing the naval region where belly button piercing is present. This will decrease the effort and time to remove the piercing ring. Furthermore, it reduces the chances of infection while removing belly button piercing. 

Before adding jewelry to the piercing, ensure that the jewelry piece is cleansed and sanitized. Avoid using highly synthetic cleaners in jewelry and use prescribed cleaning products only. 

Most piercing jewelry comes with hooks or screws which keep them intact. As you have already sterilized the naval region, hands, and jewelry, you can start changing the belly button ring. For that purpose, dehook or unscrew your jewelry accordingly. 

Once the old piece of piercing jewelry is removed, quickly change it with the new and cleansed belly button ring. This also helps reduce the chances of infection. 

As you have successfully changed the belly button ring, you can enjoy life as a regular with a new sense of satisfaction and confidence. Thai new piercing rings will increase your happiness, satisfaction, and confidence. 


What things should you avoid with a belly button ring?

There are specific things that you should avoid with a belly button ring. Firstly, you should experiment according to your desires. Always seek professional guidance before any replacement and changes to the piercing ring. The other most significant aspect is taking proper care of the belly button piercing. Cleanse and Keep the naval region safe from any infection or external cause of the medical complication. Last;y, is soft and comfortable clothes if you have a belly button ring acquired on your piercing. 

How long does a belly button ring stay intact to the piercing?

A belly button ring is not created or designed to fall out naturally. There is always an external conditioning reason which allows falling or accidental removal of the belly button ring. If you want to remove the belly ring your desire, consult a professional before actually doing it. It is generally advised to wait 4 to 10 months before changing the original belly button piercing. That way, proper healing and aftercare are provided for the piercing, and you can use the belly button ring comfortably. 

Why does the color of the skin determine the healing of belly button ring piercing?

The color of the skin is a general and simplest way to determine if the wound by piercing is properly healed or not. This allows you to plan your next move of aftercare or replace the belly button ring. The baseline rule is that if the skin color of the piercing is similar to the rest of the naval region and there is no sign of pain or infection, the piercing is completely healed. On the other hand, if the ring piercing region is swollen, red, or causing pain, it’s either healing or infected. The best solution is to visit a doctor who will eventually analyze and determine if the belly button ring piercing is completely healed or not. 

Who should you consult if the belly button ring piercing is not healed properly?

It is generally advised to consult either a professional piercing artist or a medical expert if your belly button piercing ring is not healed properly. It may be happening due to a lot of other factors. Also, it can mainly be natural because of your body’s immune system. The other possibility is that it might have some medical complication or infection, causing slower healing. 

Can you tell me some signs of whether the belly button ring piercing is healed?

There are some famous signs which represent if your belly button piercing is completely healed or not. Generally, if your ring piercing is not swollen, infected, in pain, or reddish in appearance, it is considered to be healed. If these signs are missing and you recognize that the piercing is not healed fully, consult reaching out to an expert. 


You can usually change your belly button ring if it is healed properly. Professional piercers suggest waiting at least 4 to 10 months before replacing the belly button ring. This will provide better healing time and easy piercing procedures in the future. Mostly healed ring piercings don’t have pain, swallowing, or infection. If there are symptoms of infection, healing, or other issues, consider visiting a doctor or dermatologist. Thanks for reading. 

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