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On What Voltage Tattoo Machine Runs

Whenever an upcoming start in tattooing is on their journey, they usually need clarification about the voltage of the tattoo machine. Unfortunately, most tattoo artists consider this a picking game and try to pick any random voltage that appears normal to them. In contrast, the fact remains unchanged that the motion and working of a tattoo machine are directly dependent upon the flow of energy or voltage in it. But On what voltage tattoo machine runs? Today, we’ll resolve the query together. 

Importance of Voltage in Tattoo Machine:

While the amateurs in the art of tattooing presume that tattooing is all about the creative skill of the tattoo artist, it’s not the complete truth. Although the skills of an artist are most important, the equipment used in tattooing is also very significant. Your voltage tattoo machine could be the best in the market, but even the best machines run on a power supply

If the voltage of a tattoo machine drops or increases randomly, it could negatively affect the design. Hence, adjusting the voltages in the rotary or coil tattoo gun is crucial for the entire first phase of designing a tattoo idea for men or women. 

Voltage Of Traditional Tattoo Machine:

There is a clear and distinguishing difference between a traditional and a modern tattoo machine. The difference is the voltage requirement of both types of inking machines. If we discuss the traditional tattoo machines, it is evident that most basic tattoo guns use less voltage to initiate the working procedure. You can use a basic tattooing machine even on 1 to 5 volts with ease. But even the traditional tattoo machine doesn’t stick to fixed voltages. These tattooing equipment would increase the voltage after a short time has passed with the power supply. 

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Voltage Of Modern Tattoo Machine:

After using a traditional tattoo machine to practice in your learning days, you can finally level up to more digital and modern tattoo machines. These voltage tattoo machines usually have a volt-meter apparent on them to keep you informed about the voltages. You can easily continue working by providing 8 to 10 volts to these advanced tattooing machines. These tattoo machines are specially designed for expert tattoo artists so that they can vary to more versatile voltage levels. 

Voltage For Lining Tattoos:

If you intend to draw lines and thin arcs for the client, then lining via a tattoo machine is best. But lining tattoo machines demand specific voltage to function properly. While using tattooing for lining, experts usually recommend keeping the voltage at 10 volts. 

Voltage For Shading Tattoos:

Similar to the lining, shading a tattoo is also quite important for the artist because not all types of tattoo designs are made using thin, sleeker lines. In addition, shading is the opposite of long since it requires realism and detailing to the craft. The shading tattoo machine should be kept at approximately 8 volts. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is the optimum voltage for a tattoo machine?

According to most reliable tattoo artists, the optimum or safer voltage level for a tattoo machine is around 7 volts to 8 volts. Although you can also increase or decrease the voltage level according to your specific needs and tattooing requirements. 

What strokes are most suitable for lining tattoos?

If you intend to line on a skin to design a tattoo further, the best option is to use a 4-millimeter or above stroke. It would provide that professional touch to your tattoo’s lines and sketched parameters. Moreover, the accuracy of 4mm or above strokes is high compared to other tattooing machines. 

How can I use the right voltage power supply for the tattoo machine?

It is easy to pick and adjust the right voltage power supply for the tattoo machine. First, however, you must pick an efficient tattooing machine, analyze your requirements, and re-integrate the voltage required for your design. Once you have completed all these steps, voltage maintenance becomes easy. 

How much depth of a tattoo needle is required?

In most situations, the tattoo machine’s depth depends on your work style. Still, the estimated average is keeping your tattooing needle at least 1.5 to 2 millimeters deep. 

What is the right amount of pressure while inking tattoos?

They are learning the balanced and right amount of pressure while inking tattoos is not a secret anymore. All you have to do is exhibit enough force, so the tattoo machine goes 1 to 2 millimeters deep into the skin. In most situations, such pressure is enough for a tattoo artist to properly design a tattoo under the skin. 


Adjusting volts in a tattoo gun is crucial, and now you finally have an idea of On what voltage does a tattoo machine runs. The border perspective is that voltage requirement is based upon your usage and working type, but the main idea is that using 5 to 8 volts is more than enough for most of your tattooing tasks. You can discuss this with an expert tattoo artist for deeper information. Thanks for reading. 

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