What Makes Hand Tattoos So Special?

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What Makes Hand Tattoos So Special?

Hands and some body parts are considered to be the focus of expression and attention, so a tattoo on these body areas means it would be noticed a lot. In addition, a tattoo on prominent body parts and regions makes or breaks a personality because it adds to the overall physical appearance. Generally, a hand tattoo is considered a safer route than facial and neck tattoos. But, What makes hand tattoos so special? Hang here with us, and we will unravel what makes them unique and important to tattoo artists and the rest of the tattooing community. 

Yeah, hand tattoos are interesting and a great first impression to have if you are a tattoo guy. But the attraction and appeal don’t gain love from tattoo lovers; it’s the ease and flow of these tattoo ideas. As a tattoo lover, you don’t have to study thousands of tattoos and dozens of tattoo artist discussions to finalize the one for you. You only need a slight visual and basic idea of what you want. When you tell a creative expert your idea for a hand tattoo, they will make a personalized design for you. Then after a few steps, you can ink your hand design with a tattoo machine. 

What Makes Hand Tattoos Unique?

The confident expression and beauty of hand tattoos make them unique. While most types of tattoos remain under clothes due to hidden placement, a hand tattoo would do the opposite. Your hands are always on the show, like your face and neck, and a tattoo on your hands would have the same effect. So, tattoos’ boldness and aesthetic appeal make them special and unique. Moreover, another specialty of hand tattooing is that you need a skilled and creative tattoo artist to create a perfect design for you. Understand it like this; inking hands with a color tattoo ink is way more complex than a tattoo on the bicep or thigh. 

The major reason for the popularity and appreciation of various tattoo designs on hands is that non-tattooed people also accept these types of tattoos. Many experts have concluded that tattooed people and tattoo lovers are way more accepting of unique tattoo ideas than conservative people tattoos. But these tattoos and a few other types give people common ground since everybody loves them. As long as your hand tattoo is unethical, badly designed, or gross, most people would compliment you on your tattoo. 

Hand Tattoo Ideas:

To make the concept and design of a hand tattoo clearer in your mind, the following are some of the hand tattoo ideas hand-picked from millions available:

Hand Tattoos for Women

flower tattoos for women
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simple tattoos for women
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cute tattoos for women
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full tattoos for women
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Hand Tattoos for Men

simple tattoos for men
Source @Instagram
qoute on tattoos for men
Source @Instagram

3d real hand tattoos for men
Source @Instagram
natural hand tattoos for men
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Butterfly Hand Tattoo

color butterfly hand tattoo
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glitter butterfly tattoo
Source @Instagram

Medusa Hand Tattoos

Medusa sketch tattoo
Source @Instagram
realistic medusa hand tattoo
Source @Instagram

How Long Do Hand Tattoos Stay?

According to most tattooing artists, a hand tattoo usually lasts six to eight months before it starts fading. Unfortunately, hand tattoos are also among the body tattoo designs most affected by environmental conditions. Everyday weather, intense UV rays, sun exposure, harsh air, frequent wash, and many other factors come into play. All these reasons make a hand tattoo fade away much faster than one on other body regions. 

But you don’t have to worry since you can keep the tattoo stay permanent and fresh for a longer by taking proper care, using aftercare products, and scheduling visits to retouch tattoos. 

Skull and Skeleton Tattoo Comparison 

Both skull and skeleton hand tattoos are favorites of many people. A Skull hand tattoo is usually related to an individual or a singular experience in life. Conversely, a skeleton hand tattoo is usually inked for more artistic and complex designs. There is another comparison between skull hand tattoo and skeleton hand tattoo: skull tattoo would generally be used in a small tattoo with lesser details, usually black and gray. At the same time, the skeleton tattoo is mostly seen as a large tattoo with many colors and more details in its design. 

Skeleton and skull hand tattoos contain:

  • Believing in death.
  • Strong ambition.
  • Self-confidence.
  • Courageous response against the odds and hardships of life. 

Skull Hand Tattoo

simple Skull tattoo
Source @Instagram
jaw skull tattoo
Source @Instagram

female skull hand tattoo
Source @Instagram
both hand tattoo
Source @Instagram

Skeleton Hand Tattoo

hand connection tattoo
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rose skeleton hand tattoo
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card skeleton hand tattoo
Source @Instagram
female skeleton tattoo
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Things To Know About Hand Tattoos:

Hand tattoo is a masterpiece in the art of tattooing, and there are unlimited facts and figures we can comprehend about them. But time-saving is important, so without wasting any time, let’s roll some things to consider about hand tattoos:

The first thing to know about hand tattoos is the price. Usually, a hand tattoo is not the most expensive, but you still have to pay a good price. For example, a small hand tattoo can cost you from 150$ to 400$, while a full hand tattoo can cost from 700$ to 6000$ depending upon your choice. 

There are different genres of tattoos; you can get colored, simple, realistic, abstract, fictional, funny, skull & skeleton, rose hand tattoo, and many more. Insects and animals are also used on hand tattoos to make them appear more aesthetic and amazing. 

Finally, if you want a tattoo on your hand, you must also know how much pain it brings you. There are specially designed tattoo needles and machines which ensure proper inking on the thin skin of hands. It is also noticed that hand ink would take more time to heal than other body tattoos. 

So, please remember all these things regarding hand tattoos, as it would help you with the whole tattooing procedure. 


Now we finally know; What makes hand tattoos so special? Everything is perfect, from the details, messages, colors, and design to the placement of hand and arm tattoo designs. We have tried to sum up the basics of tattoos in as interesting a manner as you humanly can. These body tattoos require an effort but instantly boost your personality, attraction, and confidence. If you have any suggestions, you can let us know, and hello, others understand hand tattoos better too. Thanks for reading.

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