UV Tattoos and Black Light Tattoos: Should You Get One?

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UV Tattoos and Black Light Tattoos: Should You Get One?

There are always moments in our lives when we are stuck on choosing the best between two great alternatives. Most tattoo enthusiasts and tattoo artists have faced such circumstances in their lifetime. Now, as there are a lot of improvements and updates in tattooing, UV and black light tattoos are becoming quite popularized. Communities and societies around the globe have been accepted and affirmative towards tattoos. This leads to more diversity and creativity in tattooing styles and methods. So, let’s discuss ”UV tattoos and black light tattoos.” It will provide you with more information related to modern tattooing. 

The ideologies and representations in your tattoo’s color, design, shape, and size play an important role in the tattooing experience. Ultraviolet and black light tattoos have been cooperating to update tattooing to unseen heights. In this article, we will discuss the introduction of black light tattoos and UV tattoos. It will enhance your tattooing knowledge and experience. By the end, you will be able to choose if black light and UV tattoos are the most suitable choice for you or not. There are certain measures to determine and verify, but we have comprehended everything in a way that you can understand efficiently. 

UV and Black Light Tattoos:

Black light tattoos are “unique and innovative tattoos which become visible in the presence of black (ultraviolet) light.” There are different variations of these black light tattoos. Some ultraviolet light tattoos can be seen under normal sunlight, while others are not visible in daylight. The main identifying factor of these tattoos is that you can see them glowing in beautiful shades in the presence of black (ultraviolet) light. Therefore, both terms UV light and black light are used as synonyms to direct attention toward these unique tattoos. Here are various synthetic chemicals used to produce glow-in ultraviolet light. 

How Long Do Black Light Tattoos Last:

Tattoos are essentially created to stay permanently on your skin. However, sometimes people are unsure, and they switch towards temporary tattoos. These black light tattoos are similarly permanent. Ultraviolet tattoos are not ancient or very traditional. They are relatively new. Hence experts don’t have enough hypotheses to prove the actual span of maintenance of these tattoos. Yet, as they are not very easily removable or affected by any minor effort, they are classified as permanent tattoos. With time, more people will start switching towards these black light tattoos, and then we will finally have enough data to determine their longevity and endurance over time. 

How Much Are Black Light Tattoos:

The cost, price, and expense of these black light tattoos depend upon the quality of the tattoo and its creating artist. Most reputable tattoo artists demand higher prices for new and innovative tattooing methods. Similarly, if you have a tattooing design in your mind which requires additional attention, time, and effort, then you will have to pay the expected price of your UV light tattoo. Generally, tattoo artists and experts suggest that you should have around 150 dollars in the budget to get a standard black light tattoo. Depending on your customized tattoo, you might have to pay less or more than the suggested price. Regardless, getting your UV tattoo from a trusted and highly safe institute is much more important. 

Safety Of UV and Black Light Tattoos:

Once you choose a well-established tattooing parlor for UV and black light tattoos, you will be confident that your tattoo will turn out to be great. Make sure your tattooing shop uses FDA-approved items and tattooing inks for tattoos. There’s an issue in such scenarios, too, because approval from FDA doesn’t mean everyone is permitted to inject the tattooing ink into their skin. It is simply a standard test that determines if the product is safe for human usage or not. So, be prepared to use this UV and blacklight ink for invisible tattoos. Additionally, in some cases, due to various factors, tattooing inks cause some complications too. 

Aftercare Of UV and Blacklight Tattoos:

The aftercare and health precautions for black light tattoos are compatible with standard tattoo care routines. Most of the time, these ultraviolet tattoos take some time to heal as other types of tattoos. In some cases, if there’s a reaction or infection in the tattoo, it might take some additional time to heal properly. Of course, you can always consult a professional tattoo expert or a skin specialist if any sign of abnormality appears. 

Following are some of the aftercare precautions for UV and blacklight tattoos recommended by professionals:

  • Firstly, you have to get rid of the bandage on your tattoo. But it is not as simple as it seems. If your UV tattoo is tiny, you won’t need a bandage for healing. Some larger blacklight tattoos require a bandage for the first few hours to stop bleeding or infection. Once your UV tattoo is stabilized, you can remove the bandage from it. 
  • After removing the bandage, the next step is cleaning the tattooed skin. You will need water and mild soap to cleanse the UV-tattooed skin properly. You have to avoid excessive interaction of chemicals and water with the black light tattoos for the best outcome. Gentle cleansing is really helpful in the healing of black light tattoos. 
  • After cleansing the tattooed skin, you can apply the prescribed ointment or balm to your UV light tattoo. The main purpose of using a tattoo aftercare product is to avoid infection on the black light tattoo and enhance the healing rate of the tattoo with less effort from your side. 
  • Avoid direct contact with intense sunlight and excessive water to avoid UV light tattoos. It doesn’t require hydration or sunlight to heal, as it is essentially designed to glow under artificial UV light. 


The UV and black light tattoos are great for creating unique and distinguishing body markings. These tattoos look highly innovative, stylish, and glowing in the presence of UV light. You can easily have a high-quality black light tattoo for under 200 dollars on a budget. These ultraviolet light tattoos have a similar healing method and aftercare as any other standard tattoo. However, there are some associated risks attached to UV light tattoos, and you are advised to take more attentive care of these tattoos during the healing time. Consider a consultant from a professional tattoo artist or a medical expert if you want to learn more about us and blacklight tattoos. Thanks for reading. 

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