How Do Tattoo Prices Impact The Quality of Tattoos 

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How Do Tattoo Prices Impact The Quality of Tattoos 

The frequently asked queries about tattoos are regarding aftercare and prices. We have already discussed the tattoo process on different placements and body parts, but another related question still needs to be answered. How do tattoo prices impact the quality of tattoos? And here’s a spoiler alert; you will be surprised by the factors we’re about to discuss. 

The thing about tattoo pricing and the cost you must pay for your desired tattoos is that it needs to be fixed and constipated and keeps on variation with time and situations. So, you can’t imagine a number and get each type of tattoo style and size in that price range. However, with decades of experience and research in tattooing, some experts have proposed an estimated range for us to look through and create a budget. Looks helpful? So let’s get deep into it. 

Impact of Tattoo Prices on Quality of Tattoos 

Tattoo Prices Impact The Quality of Tattoos 

The tattoo quality is heavily affected by the price and cost you pay for tattooing sessions. It doesn’t only impact the time you spend in tattoo parlors but also determines the color grading, appearance, and minor detailings of the masterpiece on your skin. Run a quick tattoo price calculator and look at these benefits to understand the impact of pricing on tattoos. So, it becomes really important that we figure out how much impact the cost of tattoos would depend on the quality and appearance of the tattoo. 

More Vibrant and Aesthetic Tattoos

The biggest and most prominent benefit of paying for a good tattoo cost is that your tattoo would be more detailed, vibrant, and visually aesthetic. Although generally, prices are not related to the quality of tattoos, it’s the biggest. Quality tattoo artists, products, tattoo machines, inks, and other essentials demand a fair amount of cost from us. If we agree to pay a handsome amount for tattoos, it’s guaranteed that we will have a beautiful and worthy tattoo. 

Detailed Tattoos with Better Placement 

You can easily get more detailed and well-placed tattoos by booking a consultation in a good tattoo shop. Of course, you must pay a little extra to connect to such skilled and excellent professionals. But the detail and diversity they put on your tattoo are highly impressive. You wouldn’t mind paying a few extra bucks by getting a tattoo on your desired body part with more details. It’s more about the quality of the tattoo than getting a cheap tattoo for less money.

Better Healing and Aftercare

Another thing about the cost of tattoos is that the healing and aftercare products usually are priced on a decent scale. Of course, you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on these products. But a fair amount is still paid for the best healing and aftercare. Moreover, if you have got a tattoo inked by a well-known and skilled tattooing artist, his craft would seem natural. You also would have the benefit of not requiring a lot of healing products to boost your aftercare.

Skill and Experience of Tattoo Artist

It’s not a brainer how much do tattoos cost. The more a tattoo artist is skilled and experienced, the more price you have to pay to get a tattoo from them. It’s about something other than the fame of particular tattooing experts. Still, skilled tattoo artists usually have their hourly rates and per-inch cost fixated. This helps them expand their business and provides great attention to service for tattooing as art. So, tattoo costs would be higher with a skilled tattooer. 

Comfortable Tattoo Designing and Inking 

It’s one of the most basic benefits of paying a reasonable amount for tattoos. You get the best tattoo design and inking treatment, which works well in your favor. By spending a good amount on tattoos, you will get a comfortable and relaxing experience at the tattoo parlor during tattooing sessions. Hygiene and methods of tattooing are uplifted and balanced at tattooing shops, where clients have to pay cash to book appointments. 

More Time and Tattooing Sessions 

Another great advantage of paying a good price for tattoos is that you get more time to consult, design, ink, and touch up with your tattoo artist. We all have to undertake on a fundamental level that tattoo artists are professionals and their time is valuable and paid. Although people are nice enough to do favors for us, tattoo artists can only sometimes consult us for free. So, ethically we should pay a reasonable tattoo cost for professional design and consultations. Plus, getting guidelines on tattoo health and aftercare healing buys us precious time. 

Types Of Tattoo Prices:

Tattoo Prices Impact Quality of Tattoos 

Tattoo prices are mostly divided into various types and classes to help you understand which type of budget works best for you. Tattoo artists mostly pick these tattoo pricing methods and how they want to get paid for their services. So, let’s see the types of tattoo prices in detail and analyze which one works best for us:

Fixed Tattoo Prices:

Fixed rates of tattoos were more common in the past when fewer tattoo artists were found professionally. With the modernization and growth of tattooing, fixed prices are less used. However, fixed pricing still exists, and many tattoo artists keep prices constant. Fixed rates of tattoos mean that you must pay a cost for a certain tattoo design or size, and it’s usually constant. You can get a fixed-price tattoo anywhere from 150$ to 300$. 

Charge Per Hour:

Tattoo artists have started to charge hourly since the twentieth century and continue to do so. It is said to be among the most efficient ways to tattoo prices in regions where many people visit tattoo shops. The rules are simple: you are given a tattoo cost per hour. Now, you must decide how many houses you would pay to get tattooed. People generally prefer to charge per hour for touch-ups and tattoo cover-up sessions. 

Full / Half Day Tattoo Prices:

This is another famous tattoo prices method where a tattoo artist doesn’t give you a fixed price for a tattoo design. This might seem similar but full / half-day prices help you get more affordable prices if your tattoo is large. Moreover, full-day prices are also good if you have a problem with your tattoo’s healing. 

Tattoo Prices Per Skill of Tattoo Artist

Type of ArtistExperienceTattoo Prices 
Beginner  1-3 years  $90 – $150
Established  4-9 years $150 – $250
Experienced  More than 10 Years $250 – $400
Famous Artist Variable  $250- $500
Tattoo Prices Impact Quality


This was all about the cost of tattoos, and hopefully, now you understand How Do Tattoo Prices Impact The Quality of Tattoos. It is understood that you should pay a good price and pay attention to all aspects of a tattooing procedure. You don’t have to be extravagant in spending on tattoos, but paying a good budget is worth it. So, set your priorities and requirements for the next tattoo and get the tattoo as per your wishes. Thanks for reading. 

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