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Tattoo Power Supply Settings

The working mechanism of tattoo power supply is a bit difficult to integrate into the mindset of general people. The main function of these power supplies is to carry electric energy from the main power supply into the tattooing machine. Tattoo artists can easily variate the voltage supply of electricity to the tattooing machines using these incredible power supplies. This allows artistic control and freedom to users while maintaining safety and comfort. So, today we will discuss the types and settings for understanding tattoo power supply.

Components Of Tattoo Power Supply:

To understand the manufacturing and working of the power supply, you will have to first look at the important components. These physical and functional components of the tattoo power supply allow ideal and productive usage of the device. Hence, understanding these components helps tattoo artists in a significant manner.

Main Power Switch:

It is used for switching the tattooing setup on and off. You don’t have to remove all connections from the connection ports to stop the flow of electricity in the tattooing machine. Instead, turn the main power switch off to block the current flow and turn it on again while working.

Voltage Control Dial:

The voltage control dial is used to variate and modify voltage in the tattooing setup. Tattoo artists can easily increase or decrease the voltage in the tattooing setup using a voltage control dial. There are two variations among these control dials. Some power supplies have a manual dial, while other features command keys to increase or decrease voltage.

Voltage Display Screen:

Users can variate voltage easily using the control dial, but the visual output is required for precise adjustments. This is why the tattoo power supply provides a voltage display screen. Depending on your requirement and choice, you can use a digital power supply or an analog screen.

Dual Switch Connection:

Some tattoo power supplies are featured with a dual switch connection. It allows users to connect more than one tattooing machine and supportive devices to the setup. Few variates of the power supply provide switching up electric supply for the tattooing machines.

Duty Cycle Ratio:

The duty cycle ratio is the percentage of the time frame when a tattoo machine is being used. Ideally, the duty cycle ratio of a tattoo power supply should be 50 percent. It is calculated automatically while analyzing the working of the tattooing setup.

Optimum Voltage Rate:

The optimum voltage rate is the range of variation in voltage which is considered suitable for tattooing machines. It is usually ranged from 4 volts up to 12 volts. You can increase or decrease the tattooing machine’s speed by varying the device’s voltage rate. However, most experts suggest using a power supply of 8 to 10 volts for the best performance.

Types Of Tattoo Power Supply:

Various types of power supplies in the market depend upon their functionality. In addition, these power supplies have various working mechanisms and benefits depending upon their usage. Some of the differing properties of tattoo power supplies are mentioned below:

  • The connection jacks and power switch are usually present in every power supply. It allows proper connectivity of the tattooing machine to the main power supply. You can use a wireless tattoo power supply while you are traveling or at a remote location.
  • Experts suggest using rotary tattoo machines with a critical tattoo power supply for more efficient and productive working sessions.
  • Some tattoo power supplies have a control dial to modify the power supply to the tattooing machine. Users can easily increase or decrease voltage by rotating the dial of the supply.
  • Most modern power supplies also have an integrated screen to view voltage better. The precise voltage of the power supply can be seen easily, which reduces the chances of resistance in the flow of current during the usage of tattoo machines.
  • Versatile connectivity of the power supply provides more connectivity options to the users. You can connect your tattooing machine, controlling the pedal, among many other devices. So, your tattooing experience becomes more productive and comfortable with such assistance and efficiency.

Settings Walkthrough Of Tattoo Power Supply:

We understand your situation if you are an aspiring tattoo artist. You might need to understand the usage and working mechanism of tattooing devices. But stop worrying anymore as we have compiled proper guidelines for you to understand the settings of the power supply. Just read and understand these steps, and you will have a better understanding of the settings of the tattoo power supply:

  • Firstly, read the provided manual of your tattoo power supply. If it isn’t in the packaging, search for a suitable manual on the internet. This will give you an initial and theoretical introduction to the working of power supply.
  • Ensure your setup power supply is properly connected to the main power supply. It qualifies proper safety and professional work ethic of tattoo artists. Thus you might prevent any unseen issues during tattooing.
  • Once you have ensured connectivity of the power supply to the main power outlet, the next step is a tattooing machine. Plug your tattooing machine into the directed slot of the tattoo power supply. It is important to connect the machine to the correct slots for proper working.
  • Connect other supportive devices, like the control pedal, to the allocated connection port for the power supply. Hence, this way, your tattooing setup is ready to work efficiently.
  • After successfully connecting the power supply, tattooing machine, and supportive devices, you can start tattooing sessions.
  • To test the working of the tattooing setup, press the control pedal. This will cause the tattooing machine to start working. You are ready to start tattooing if the procedure is precise and accurate.


Understanding types and setting a walkthrough of tattoo power supply is not easy by any means. It isn’t easy to understand by yourself. But experts have simplified the introduction, types, and working mechanism of these empower supplies. We took a step further and interestingly gathered all the related information. Hopefully, your issue and queries wild have been resolved by now. You can always look for more help from professional tattoo artists and experts. Thanks for reading.

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