It is normal to have a tattoo peeling with no ink underneath during the healing phase. Getting new tattoos is always very enthusiastic and enjoyable for tattoo lovers, regardless of the number of times you have been tattooed. Adrenaline and thrill levels are high during the inking phase of tattooing when the thrills settle down and reality checks in the tattooing experience. In such cases, several tattooed people ask what to do with the tattoo peeling with no ink underneath. And the answer is pretty satisfying, but you will have to stay along with us as it’s somewhat technical on a biological scale to understand the phenomena. 

The fundamental deciding factor of quality tattooing is mostly aftercare, and there is solid reasoning for this claim. Tattoo peeling is another healing phase, like design inking and aftercare. But people get annoyed in this phase mainly due to each irritation and other complications. But professional tattoo experts try to consult their clients that it’s similar to all other healing steps, i.e., essential and inevitable. In addition, a dipper biological phenomenon occurs during this healing face, including gentle skin regeneration and peeling of the damaged one. 

Reason For Tattoo Peeling: 


Firstly you will have to understand that a healing tattoo is similar to any other wound on your body. It requires proper peeling after regeneration and many other factors to complete the process. So even if you have a minor cut on your skin, you would say the same phenomenon is happening to it. The scope of regeneration and peeling of skin mainly depends upon the wound’s sizing, allocation, and intensity. So during the skin generation, the pierced and damaged skin, during tattooing, has to be removed ultimately. This might seem unnecessary and irritating, but in the longer run, it is beneficial and vital for the balanced health of the skin. 

Tattoo Peeling No Skin Underneath:

The simple science and research behind the phenomenon of tattoo Peeling and no ink underneath is that our body is reactive to any outer object entering it. It will use the immune system and all other resources to remove the outside material from the body. When a day or two passes by after getting ink on your tattoo design, it has already reached the epidermal layer of skin. The rest of the tattooing ink in your body is not required. Regenerating skin is a perfect assistant for the immune system to remove this unrequired tattooing ink.

When the tattooing ink is dried, it settles into the deeper layers of body tissues. With time, the body’s immune system would remove most tattooed ink during skin regeneration. So don’t stress about the tattoos if the peeling has no ink underneath. Instead, book another appointment with your professional tattooing expert, and they will surely refix any reminders of previous tattooing sessions. Hence, the risk you were assuming of a peeling tattoo is not as intensive and destructive as you imagined. 

Effect On Tattoo’s Appearance:

Instead of focusing on the effect of tattooing, you should be working on the cleansing, moisturizing, and hygiene of the healing skin. In most instances, tattoo peeling leaves no adverse effect on the appearance or outlook of tattoos. The tattooing ink is absorbed into the dermis layer of the skin, which is far under the upper portion of the skin. This means no matter how ugly the tattoo peelings might look during scabbing. The final result would be satisfying. Avoid peeling the old skin with your hands, or you might face an infection. 

Aftercare Of Peeling Tattoo:

Although the peeling procedure might be hectic and irrational, we can’t deny that proper aftercare can resolve issues regarding tattoo peeling. Firstly, you would have to keep the surface moisturized with a prescribed moisturizer for the tattooing expert. Tattoo peeling with no ink underneath is a common problem during aftercare because of the lack of moisturizing and cleansing when the tattoo is healing. Resultantly the skin becomes overly dry, and scabbing with peeling skin is common. But using a moisturizer after cleansing and drying the cleanse skin works wonders. Moreover, special natural oils and products are prescribed by tattooing artists when tattoo peeling is most frequent. 


Next time don’t panic when the thought comes to your mind; what to do with the tattoo peeling no ink underneath? First, revise all stuff we discussed today: it is pretty normal and optimum for healing wounds to peel older skin. The main reason for this phenomenon is the human body’s skin regeneration and the immune system. Therefore, you shouldn’t be worried about scarring and some dryness on your skin; instead, moisturize and cleanse the surface properly. If the scabbing and tattoo peeling cause unwanted effects on your skin, you should be in consultation with a professional tattooing expert and a medical doctor.

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