Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit

Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit 2022

In this article, we will be talking about the history of stick and poke tattoos. For centuries these homemade designs have been a popular way for people to get inked without having to go through all that trouble with expensive equipment or hiring an artist! Stick and poke tattoo kit is a creative do it yourself tattoo kit that presents with you a complete package containing all necessary components you need. Tattooing is the best among all tattoo package deals. 

Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit

The risks of tattooing yourself are always present, even if your experience with needles is limited to poking out holes in paper. It’s best not to go the DIY route and instead settle on getting someone who knows what they’re doing to do it right for you!

You are up for self-transformation, and you want to give yourself a stylish look. You are also bored, and you want to try some unique yet spooky kind of different tattooing designs. Tattooing body arts would provide you the freedom to express and exhibit yourself completely. 

Tattooing body arts are not the only body arts to freely express and reflect your thoughts. Also, this playful activity is, you can say, a kind of mind relieving therapy. That will provide you with loads of joy, and it is a source of happiness. 

 And yes, today, we will share with you the very most wanted collection of stick and poke tattoo kits. Hopefully, you would love and appreciate these long-lasting yet durable quality user interactive kits. 

It’s quarantine time, and you are bored at home; you have nothing to do and yet want to go through a stylish self-transformation. You opt to try the tattooing process, but you are scared of the painful needles’ impression on your skin. That would cause you too much pain but do not worry. 

Here we will present the most user interactive low-cost, long-lasting yet durable stick and poke tattoo kit. Hoping that you would enjoy the imported quality stay alert to go through the inexpensive customer’s friendly gears. 

That is easy to use and work with for a long-lasting time, and you will understand the instructions to use this product as the guidelines are narrated on the booklet given via these user pleasing kits. 

Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit

Be ready to go through the best stick and poke tattoo kits that are newly designed and launched in the market. Review these products, and please let us know about your very kind feedback. You can also ask us any of your queries that are bothering you right now about these products.

  1. Hand tattoo poke and tattoo stick kit for clean, safe use. 
  2. Chiitek poke and stick tattoo kit with pen complete tattoo supplies.
  3. Dragonhawk poke and stick hand tattoo Kit, do it yourself kit supply.
  4. Wormhole sticks and drives tattoo kit needles with a pen for eyebrows.
  5. Wormhole poke and stick tattoo kit with needles clean, safe, and sound. 
  6. Hand Stick and poke tattoo kit do it yourself professional package deal supply.
ImageProduct NameDimensionsCheck Price
Hand tattoo poke and tattoo stick kit for clean, safe use.6.85 x 4.37 x 4.21 inches Check Price
Chiitek poke and stick tattoo kit with pen complete tattoo supplies5.3 x 1.7 x 1.3 inches Check Price
Dragonhawk poke and stick hand tattoo Kit, do it yourself kit supply12.52 x 6.93 x 3.07 inches Check Price
Wormhole sticks and drives tattoo kit needles with a pen for eyebrows7.6 x 6.42 x 3.43 inches Check Price
Wormhole poke and stick tattoo kit with needles clean, safe, and sound6.85 x 4.65 x 3.74 inches Check Price
Hand Stick and poke tattoo kit do it yourself professional package deal supply6.69 x 4.53 x 3.74 inches Check Price

Hand Tattoo Poke and Tattoo Stick Kit for Clean Safe Use

Hand tattoo poke and tattoo stick kit for clean, safe use

You all must be aware of the latest trending hand tattoo art followed by the fashion freak teenagers. Hand tattoo poke and tattoo stick kits are right here in the market for clean and safe use.

You would enjoy and appreciate the long-lasting, durable inking effect that would provide you permanent tattooing service. The method is quite simple and easy to adopt, following a few most straightforward guidelines and instructions. That is narrated in the guide book along with proper step by step demonstration. The illustration with graphic design communication would also be there for your knowledge and awareness.

You can easily understand the procedure and method to apply and experience the creative do it yourself hand tattooing arts. Not only is the process creative, but also it is effortless and straightforward to understand.

Hopefully, you would love the long-lasting inking impression on your hands, arms, and other sensitive body parts. The kit comes with a set of needles, ink cups, sticks, tape roll, fabric sheet, and razor, along with a red marker to design the tattoo illustration. 

Moreover, we will also entertain you with the money-back return of the kit. For instance, you are not happy with the tattoo sticks’ service or quality, and you can also give us your comments and ask any of the questions. We are precisely right here for you non stop service. 

Yes, we recommend you get this excellent product from the market right now before it ends or runs out of service. 

Hand Tattoo Stick and Poke Features:

  • 10.23 ounces total weight.
  • User guide for instructions.
  • Professionally attested.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Affordability.

Check Price

Chiitek Stick And Poke Tattoo Kit With Pen Complete Tattoo Supplies

Chiitek poke and stick tattoo kit with pen complete tattoo supplies

Here we discuss the most innovative yet demanded tattoo stick and poke tattoo kit in the mart that is up here with the required tools in it. The kit represents with you all your desired components and professionally accepted and appreciated tools. That you need for creating do-it-yourself tattoo arts. 

Moreover, here you are about to interact with the excellent yet very trendy and stylish kit designed for manual poking. But do not worry about any side effects as your skin would stay hydrated and moisturized. It is prepared with no or significantly fewer after-effects. 

You can start creating the tattoo arts with the smaller arts design that are easy and quick to design on your naked skin. The ink would leave a long-lasting yet durable impression or, can say, permanent tattooing. 

The tattoo kit exhibits with you the complete package involving a pen tool, pencil, buckles, set of needles, grommets, shaving kit, and tattoo ink. So, yes, using all these tools and gadgets present in this tattoo kit, you can give yourself an awesome artistic yet stylish makeover. 

 Finally, not everyone is an artist, but yes, you can start with practicing small, easy designs on your body parts and move towards complex tattoo designs. This tattoo kit with your required ingredients would help you gain your desired self-transformation.

To be noted, the package is up here at very user interactive low price rates that would save your budget cuts for sure. 

Chiitek Hand Tattoo Stick and Poke Features:

  • 12.8 ounces net mass.
  • There are twenty tattoo needles in a package.
  • Money-back warranty.
  • Tattoo ink 1 ml in quantity.
  • Latex gloves for tattoo application.

Check Price

Dragonhawk Poke and Stick Hand Tattoo Kit, Do It Yourself Kit Supply

Dragonhawk poke and stick hand tattoo Kit, do it yourself kit supply

Providing yourself the best yet most great self-transformation is quite easy to achieve a task that you can do easily. Here we present you with the most user interactive tattooing kit to help you get a permanent tattoo experience.

Moreover, this tattoo kit is also suitable for sensitive body parts tattooing, such as eyebrows makeup. And yes, the results you see would be astonishing yet long-lasting and durable. Not only is the product user friendly, but also it is available at very budget-saving rates. 

Okay, now we talk about the further details of the Dragonhawk poke and stick hand tattoo kit. In fact the kit is designed to give yourself the DIY makeover. The kit package comes with the hand poke pen tool, the sturdy stick pen, a collection of needles, and an ink cup.

Last but not least, the coloring results would please you and make your dreams self-transformation come true. Yes, now it’s the time to enjoy the tattoo arts with a pen tool as you want the creative painting task. 

The main objective and goal of the tattoo company are to provide you with professional-level tattoo equipment. So, yes, you may bring all your skills and talent to express yourself using the tattooing arts tool kit package freely. 

To conclude, this very customer’s friendly kit is up here at very budget-friendly rates. That would help you save your budget cut plans. And yes we also give you the opportunity of a safe return with some money back warranty.

Dragonhawk Hand Tattoo Stick and Poke Features:

  • Total weight 6.74 ounces.
  • The package includes a poke pen.
  • Reasonable rates.
  • We are professionally certified.
  • Safe to use on sensitive body parts.

Check Price

Wormhole Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit Needles with Pen for Eyebrows

Wormhole sticks and drives tattoo kit needles with a pen for eyebrows

The tattooing kit that tattoo lovers and body arts addicts most require is right here. This tattoo package is up for the makeup artists that love to give themselves a nice stylish permanent makeover.

For instance, now you can give yourself the eyebrows makeover with the help of this innovatively fabricated wormhole stick and poke tattoo kit needles with a pen. This innovatively prepared kit presents with you all desired tools and gadgets that the tattoo artist needs while designing the tattoo arts.

You can now use all your artistic talent to create some DIY tattoo arts on different parts of your body. This tattoo kit is professionally accepted yet appreciated by well known famous artists and tattoo designers. 

Moreover, the use guide comes along with the tattoo kit to illustrate and demonstrate the equipment’s usage with the help of step by step guidelines. You may also visit the trending YouTuber tattoo designers to understand this stylish hand tattoo kit’s budget-friendly package’s working and functioning.

Yes, the package displays for you a set of needles, ink cups, medical tape, pen tool for designing the illustrations. If you face some troubles using this kit, you must always feel free to contact us. We are right here to solve any of your questions regarding the long-lasting, durable service of this trending eyebrows tattooing kit. 

To conclude you must buy this product package and also suggest those in your friend’s circle. You can also present this interactive user item to your ally and whom you care about. 

Wormhole Hand Tattoo Stick and Poke Features:

  • 1.08 pounds total weight.
  • Usable for eyebrows making.
  • Pen tool for designing tattoo arts.
  • User-friendly rates.
  • Professionally approved tattoo kit.

Check Price

Wormhole Poke and Stick Tattoo Kit with Needles Clean Safe and Sound

Wormhole poke and stick tattoo kit with needles clean, safe, and sound

Tattooing your body parts is now the safe and secure artistic activity that you can give yourself by yourself. The do it yourself opportunity would help you bring your artistic talent creativity out. If you are a tattoo addict or tapping arts lover, congrats, your very desired tattoo kit is right here in your access.

Wormhole stick and poke tattoo kit would provide you a pain-free experience with long lasting ink impressions. You can use your skills and creativity level to perform the pro level tattooing as the famous YouTubers present with you on the screen.

Okay, now we move towards the detailed study of this user interactive tattoo arts kit. You are about to interact with the set of complete tattooing packages in this candid user kit. You are about to experience the user guide for your proper instructions, five needles with microblading technology, tattoo ink-black in color, ink cup for tattooing impression on your skin, and medical tape with a pair of flexible gloves along with a tattooing marker.

So yes, you can present all your artistic creativity and talent using all these right equipment and tools. Tattooing arts is the best yet most excellent way to express your true self with freedom. Moreover, the product package shares with you the user guide with all the necessary instructions and guidelines. 

Hopefully, you would enjoy the reasonable rates with the budget-saving promo codes yet the discount offers. You can also share with us all about your experience with this user interactive wormhole stick and poke tattoo kit. 

Wormhole Stick and Poke Hand Tattoo Features:

  • 7.23 ounces weight.
  • Instructions booklet.
  • Needles with microblading technology.
  • Pen tool.
  • User interactive price.

Check Price

Hand Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit Do It Yourself Professional Package Deal Supply

Hand Stick and poke tattoo kit do it yourself professional package deal supply

The professional package with an excellent tattooing kit and the latest technology gadgets are right here for your very kind service. Here we present you with our last but the best tattoo kit for hand tattooing.

You might experience and enjoy the handstick and poke innovative yet trendy modern tattooing. That sends you the freedom to express your do it yourself and creativity skills. Not all of us are pro-level artists, but it is well-said practice makes a man perfect. 

Hopefully, you would enjoy this straightforward to use, user interactive low priced tattooing kit. Hand sticks and poke tattoo kit do it yourself package supply is right here for long-lasting, durable service. 

The product package is up here at very user-friendly budget-saving rates. That would provide you the facility to save your budget cut schemes and plans. The user manual that comes within the package would illustrate the step-by-step guideline to use this item. 

Furthermore, here we go with the instruments that come with this package deal. You will interact with easy to use yet simple gadgets, such as tattoo needles set, popsicle sticks, medical tape roll, tattoo ink along with the ink cups, one black marker for creating tattoo illustrations, a shaving razor, and the user guide for instructions.  

Moreover, the company presents you with a safe money return service if you are not okay with this tattoo kit. And also, you can give your valued feedback and ask your ambiguities.

Hand Stick and Poke Tattoo Features:

  • 8.78 ounces net mass.
  • Ten tattoo needles.
  • Ten sticks. 
  • Adhesive tape.
  • User guide and shaving razor.

Check Price

Things You Should Consider Before You Buy the Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit

You are about to shop for the best stick and poke tattoo kit from the market that includes all your desired tattooing tools. You might be concerned about a few features and attributes that you are looking for. 

Here we will present some of the mutually common attributes and features in all the above-narrated items. That will satisfy your requirements wanted in your desired tattoo kits. You are looking for the tattoo kit that shares with you the best packaging deal.

Here we go through the points that you must always keep in your mind while you will buy tattoo kits for yourself or your loved ones. Keep your mind open when you go through each of the enlisted and described tattoo kit products. 

You will find all these given below attributes fully satisfied in the items mentioned above. 

  • Quality and durability.
  • Affordability.
  • Money return warranty.

Quality and Durability 

Quality and durability of the product is the first and foremost thing that you keep in your mind. All above given kits are imported yet designed with durable material. That would share with you long-lasting services. 

The durable, sturdy stuff is used in the fabrication process, and you will notice the break free pen tool. Moreover, you can interact with the best quality ink that would provide you the necessary tattooing experience. 

The coloring results are long-lasting yet sure to inspire you. You may also give these user-friendly tattoo kits to you friends and loved ones on their special occasion. You should buy these customers attractive kit packages and suggest those in your circle.    


Now we move towards the next attractive feature of these low-cost, budget-friendly items. Affordability is the most interactive thing about the above-narrated items. A reasonable price is something that pleases our regular customers and clients.

Moreover, you might also appreciate the prime code offers and discount deals. That updates progressively on a monthly and yearly basis. Not only are the prices budget-saving, but also shipping charges are very reasonable.

 If you are not satisfied with the product’s quality or service, you might contact us and avail of the limited warranty offer. We will facilitate the money back return within a few months of purchase. 

Finally, keeping in view all these attributes, you must buy these tattoo kits right now or add them to your shopping cart.

Money Return Warranty

Cashback safe return of the product package is the best thing that would satisfy your fears or insecurities. The quality is maintained, but you can surely choose to return these items if you are not okay with it.

And yes, you can give us your valued feedback or ask any of your queries regarding the quality of service. We will surely satisfy all your confusion and questions that you want to ask us. Our delegates are active 24/7 for your service. 

To conclude, the user guide will hopefully answer all of your ambiguities that you want to explore further. The instructions are given along with step by step using guidelines. You can go through the user guide for further satisfaction. 

FAQs about the Stick and Poke Tattoo Kit

How Small or Big The Inks Cups In Kit Package Are? 

The cups in the kit are very tiny in size. 

Are These Products Durable and Long Lasting?

Yes, these tattooing kits represent long-lasting, durable service.

Are These Tattoos Exhibit Permanent Inking?

Yes, the tattoo inks are permanent and long-lasting implementation.

The Ink Is Usable For Freckles?

No, the ink pigmentation is a deep black that is good for eyebrows making but not for fake freckles. 

How Long Is The Tattoo Life Approximately?

The tattoo ink is permanent, and it would last forever.

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