Ora’s Herbal Care vs Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm (Comparative Features)

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Ora's Herbal Care vs Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm

Once you have tattooed your skin or are a tattoo artist, tattoo aftercare is essential to your life. First, you must use tattoo moisturizers, balms, and skin smoothness products. These medical products are crucial after getting a tattoo as it is a time and effort-demanding process. You can fade your tattoo and irritate skin and other complications if you don’t properly treat your tattoo. One of the best options recommended by tattoo artists is using a tattoo balm after a few days of getting a tattoo once the skin has reduced swellness and rashes. 

A tattoo balm is generally defined as an organic and medical wax-like product applied on tattoos that provides nutrition, prevents infection, and adds illumination and shine to the skin while maintaining proper hydration and moisture. Once applied to the skin, most tattoo balms are slightly colored and emit a strong aroma. Tattoo balms are meant to add more efficiency to the healing process of tattoos and reduce the pain and suffering that is inevitable with tattoos. Most tattoo balms are manufactured using organic and naturally occurring components to sustain better quality and gather a larger range of users. 

Most of the tattoo balms are usually similar with few differences which separate the nature of the products of each brand. The Ora’s herbal amazing care tattoo balm and the Mad rabbit enhanced organic tattoo balm are a few of the trendsetters and evolutionary brands in the tattoo industry. The baseline essence of both products is comparable, but the outlook and presentation of the product to the masses are significantly different in both tattoo balms. We have introduced basic features and comparable properties of each tattoo balm to decide which is more beneficial for you.

Following are introductory passages of both products:

Ora’s Herbal Amazing Care Tattoo Balm:

Ora’s Tattoo Salve Herbal No Aloe Dye Paraben Balm

There is simply no match for the aftercare and itch relief ability of Ora’s amazing herbal care tattoo balm. The base component of the tattoo balm is made using herbs’ organic essence. It slowly dissolves in the skin providing instant relief. The tattoo appears to be more luminous and deeply moisturized once applied to the targeted region of the skin. The manufacturers highly avoid using synthetic and gluten dyes in the tattoo balm to avoid inorganic infusion on tattooed skin. You can also use this for everyday irritations, scrapes, and bruises. Ora’s herbal amazing care tattoo balm is highly recommended for regular users of organic products. 


  • Organic 
  • Itch relief 
  • Great for a moisturizing and softening effect


  • Less amount for pricing 

Mad Rabbit Organic Tattoo Balm:

Mad Rabbit Tattoo Balm and Aftercare Cream

The Mad rabbit organic tattoo balm increases the protection and visibility of the tattoos on the skin. It provides moisturization and vibrance as soon as it’s applied to the tattooed region of the body. It can enhance tattoos’ detailing, contrast, depth, and health while avoiding the diffusion of colors and patterns. The tattoo balm is manufactured using natural oils, fatty acids, and antioxidant butter. It creates protective layering between the actual tattoo and environmental effects. It’s beneficial on new as well as old tattoos. If your tattoos fade or lose vibrance and shine, you should use the Mad rabbit organic tattoo balm on your skin. 


  • Protective against harmful environmental factors 
  • Beneficial for fading tattoos 
  • Good scent 


  • Skin becomes a bit greasy once applied 

Comparative Features Between Ora’s Herbal And Mad Rabbit Organic Tattoo Balm:

There are several differences in composition and working mechanism of The Ora’s herbal amazing care tattoo balm and the Mad rabbit organic tattoo balm. But both products are comparable based on a tattoo balm’s ideological features. Hence, we use such factors as a monitoring scale to compare The Ora’s herbal amazing care tattoo balm and the Mad rabbit organic tattoo balm. By reading this comparison among products, you can decide your finalized choice. 

Following are the comparative features of both tattoo balms:

Moisturizing Ability:

The main purpose of using a tattoo balm is to provide nutrition and hydration to the skin so that the tattoo heals fast and appears more beautiful. The Mad rabbit organic tattoo balm is more moisturizing than The Ora’s herbal amazing care tattoo balm. If your skin type is dry and you desire a more hydrating effect on tattoos, you should prefer the mad rabbit organic tattoo balm. 


If your tattoo balm is not reducing swelling and irritation on the skin, you might be wasting your time and money on such a product. Both tattoo balms provide soothing effects, but the ora’s herbal amazing care tattoo balm is much more anti-allergenic and irritation relieving than the mad rabbit organic tattoo balm. Hence, if your skin is sensitive and allergenic, you should use the ora’s herbal amazing tattoo balm. 


Considering the budget, affordability, and economic resources for tattooing and aftercare provide distress and more productivity in tattoo artists’ and enthusiasts’ lives. Both products are quite reasonably priced. The mad rabbit organic tattoo balm package costs more than the ora’s herbal amazing care tattoo balm. Hence, you can choose relative to your budget and affordability. 

Nature of Scent:

The emission of aroma and fragrance from a tattoo balm is another important factor in selecting the tattoo balm for expert tattoo artists. Most users admire that the ora’s amazing herbal tattoo balm has a more refreshing fragrance. At the same time, the mad rabbit organic tattoo balm has a unique scent that is unfavorable for everyone. 


Tattoo balm is supposed to absorb quickly in your skin, providing instant results to the appearance of your tattoo and the health of the epidermal tissues—a comparison between both products. The Ora’s amazing herbal tattoo balm is more absorbent than the mad rabbit herbal tattoo balm. 


We have highlighted introductions, benefits, drawbacks, and key features of each tattoo balm. You can easily personalize your preferences and filters and finalize which tattoo balm is more useful. If you desire a good-smelling tattoo balm at a reasonable price, you can choose the ora’s herbal amazing tattoo balm. While you want a more moisturizing and high-quality tattoo balm, you should opt for the mad rabbit tattoo balm for better pricing than its competitors. Use tattoo balms as advised by tattoo experts and medical consultants. Thanks for reading. 

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