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Medusa Piercings Guide

The medusa piercing is one of the most famous piercing styles, but people need more guidance regarding better ways to carry and perform it. Most piercing enthusiasts already know that it is placed equally under the septum of the nose and above the higher portion of the lips. Recently, women and men have also been interested in getting medusa piercings due to more liberty in outlook choices. However, you might be worried about the method and aftercare of this piercing, so we will discuss the medusa piercings guide with you to make it clearer and more understandable. 

Most traditional ornaments and jewelry have less variety in designs than modern jewelry because of two simple factors; firstly, the method of making jewelry in the past was basic, and secondly, evolution in fashion was much slower. For example, Medusa piercing was not as appreciated in the past since people used to associate it with unattractive features on a female, let alone a male. But with time, people slowly started accepting medusa piercing on females, and now even males have such piercings. 

Types Of Medusa Piercing:

Now, we already know that medusa piercing is done above the lips and below the nose tip; this region is also known as the philtrum. Hence, according to some professional tattooing experts, medusa piercing is also called philtrum piercing. The main reason for the popularity of this piercing is that it seems very expressive and aesthetically simultaneous. This is among the newer classification of jewelry and body piercing since it was rare in the past. But old times are gone, and now it’s time to discuss a few types of medusa piercing:

Vertical Medusa Piercing:

Vertical Medusa Piercing

Vertical medusa piercing is unique because instead of piercing the skin once, it is done twice. This allows two barbels or studs of the vertical medusa piercing to appear separately and form a dual jewel effect for the pierced person. Vertical medusa piercing is also known as jestrum piercing in the piercing community. 

Dual Medusa Piercing:

Dual Medusa Piercing

Dual medusa piercing has a similar piercing method, but the outlook of dual piercing is different from jestrum piercing. In dual piercings, the philtrum of the client is pierced two times, forming a combination. This adds the benefit of wearing more large and stunning jewelry on dual medusa piercing.

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Pain In Medusa Piercing:

Pain In Medusa Piercing

There is good news for people worried about pain and suffering during medusa piercing because most tattooing experts suggest that there is very minimal pain in the process. You will feel pain during the first minute of medusa piercing, but everything will be completely fine. It is also researched that medusa piercing is relatively the least painful as any other piercing on the face. So, be stress-free about pain in medusa piercings. There would be slight pain in the first few days of the medusa piercing, and everything will be fine. 

Things To Avoid For Medusa Piercing:

With all the aesthetic and beauty benefits of medusa piercing on your looks, there is no denying that there are some things to avoid. However, if you prevent these instances from happening, your piercing will be better looking and healthier with time. Hence, acknowledging these factors becomes essential for us all. This way, all of these things to avoid for medusa piercing are mentioned below:

Avoid eating too spicy or junk food while the medusa piercing is healing, as it might cause irritation and a burning sensation on the healing piercing. 

If you touch your healing medusa piercing or any other healing wound, there is a high cancellation of infection, and it is best to avoid touching them with untidy hands. 

If you apply too inorganic or harsh products on the skin, they will also affect the natural healing of the medusa piercing. 

Jewelry For Medusa Piercing:

You don’t have to worry about the options and versatility in the jewelry for medusa piercing because dozens of styles and ornaments are perfect to match the expressive personality of pierced people. Additionally, there are different types of jewelry and ornaments, like barbels, studs, sokes, etc., in multiple sizes and shapes. However, it’s advised by professional piercing experts say that you should pick more hygienic and comfortable jewelry to wear or media piercing since the facial region is sensitive. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the cost of a medusa piercing?

The cost of your medusa piercing mainly depends upon the piercing at the body region or the quality of services at your selected tattooing parlor. Generally, it’s noticed that a medusa piercing would cost you anywhere from 50 dollars to 90 dollars. 

How is medusa piercing carried out?

The medusa piercing is initiated by cleansing and sterilization of skin at the philtrum of the client. Then quality piercing pen is used to pierce the skin for medusa ornaments. Once all the pre-rituals are completed, it will take a few minutes for you to complete the medusa piercing successfully. 

Why does medusa piercing take some weeks to heal properly?

Medusa piercing doesn’t hurt severely; hence, most people assume it would also take a few hours to heal completely, but it’s not true. This usually takes from two weeks to five weeks for medusa piercing to heal properly. 

How much medusa piercing hurts?

The fixed estimate of pain in medusa piercing mainly depends upon the pierced person and the method by which the piercing is carried out. However, to make a general stand, we can assume that since medusa piercing is carried on the face, it would hurt, but as per the experience of pierced people, the pain intensity is not severe. 

Is it allowed to eat after a medusa piercing?

You have to avoid eating a lot of spicy or oily food during the initial healing phases, but eating simple food in small chunks is recommended. There is no escape from eating food as it is necessary for survival but try to eat light and healthy food to avoid complications. 


Here we go as the Medusa Piercings Guide is complete, and hopefully, you’re fully aware of the basics and essentials you need to know. Medusa piercing looks beautiful and expressive on people and projects confidence. You don’t have to worry about the pain and suffering, too, because it’s relatively less than other piercings of this nature. However, there are a few risks and complications related to medusa piercing that should be understood and avoided for more healthy healing of the piercing. It’s highly encouraging if you consult a professional piercing artist for more details regarding medusa piercing. Thanks for reading. 

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