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You want to get a lips tattoo but don’t know what the lips on neck tattoo meaning is. Tattoos are becoming more and more popular, but sometimes it’s hard to know what the design actually means. The lips on neck tattoo meaning can vary depending on who you ask, but some say that it is a symbol of love and affection. This type of tattoo can also represent femininity and sensuality.

Every tattoo ever created has multiple meanings for different audiences. The perception of an average tattoo lover is way more different than how a professional sees that particular design. This causes a lot of disagreements among people regarding the meanings of tattoos. The popularity of any tattoo design adds to the confusion among tattoo lovers. But thanks to professional tattoo artists and creative experts, people get insight into famous tattoo designs. Today, the topic of our discussion is; the lips on neck tattoo meaning explained. So, let’s get straight into the meanings and comprehensive explanation of this interesting and meaningful tattoo.

Tattoos can be hidden or visible depending upon the allocation and sizing of the tattooed design. Neck tattoos are visible to any observer because the placement of the neck tattoo is right under the face. This is courageous and expressive to get your tattoo, and many people avoid tattoos on their face or neck. Lips or kiss tattoos are becoming popular because some influencers have been seen with lips tattoos. Some people want to be a bit more expressive of their famous tattoo and get it inked on their neck. Hence, the lips on the neck tattoo are born, and if it’s inked properly, it looks beautiful.

Meaning Of Lips On Neck Tattoo:

Now, before explaining the lips on neck tattoo’s meaning, we should first understand the meaning of lips tattoo. Lips tattoo is mostly designed to convey a sense of attraction, playfulness, compassion, and sensuality. Even if you are new to tattooing, you can easily predict the meaning of a lips tattoo. The discussion gets even more interesting when we mention lips-on-neck tattoos. There are some alterations of the lips on neck tattoos with slightly changing meanings. We will be more helpful if we mention some popular explanations behind the lips tattoo.

Following are some of the few tips on neck tattoo meanings:

The lips tattoo’s first and most obvious meaning is a desire to be loved and the expression of love. Humans naturally want to love and give love in return; this lips tattoo depicts such natural desire.

The neck is generally considered to be the arousal region of the human body, so a tattoo on the neck represents such meaning for the tattooed person. In addition, it’s commonly seen among tattooed people that they tend to have tattoos on the body parts most loved by them or their loved ones, respectively.

Another interesting meaning of lips-on-neck tattoos is the public display of love and appreciation for oneself or someone else. This is again a personal choice as some people like to keep their affection and love private while others like to express their appreciation out loud and in front of everyone.

Lips On Neck Tattoo For Women:

lip Tattoos
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The actual meaning of any tattoo is open to interpretation and depends on who is viewing it. Therefore, there are multiple alterations in a tattoo’s meaning depending upon the person, their upbringing, and their respective culture. In the case of women, the most common meaning of lips on neck tattoos is an expression of courage and extroverts. Everyone knows that women like to keep their love and affection private, but if the amount of love is certain, the female wouldn’t mind openly showing it. Yet the actual meaning and interpretation will be hers based on their personal experiences.

Lips On Neck Tattoo On Men:  

kiss Tattoos

There are some interesting assumptions made about lips-on-neck tattoos on men. Most of the time, the lips on the neck tattoo are a general symbol of love and affection for beloved ones. A simple lips tattoo represents a more generalized version of love and appreciation, while colored tattoos have other meanings. If the lips tattoo is colored in multiple colors, then the tattoo represents openness to other sensual orientations and personalities. On the other hand, If the lips tattoo on the neck is colored red, the usual means of this tattoo on men are compassionate and romantic interaction with a person. But as mentioned earlier, the actual meaning behind tattoos would depend upon the tattooed person and their tattooing artist.

Getting a Lips On Neck Tattoo:

If you are confused about getting a lips-on-neck tattoo, don’t be, as it is a common tattoo that is praised and preferred by tattooing artists. Many people are confused about tattoos because of common misconceptions and misinformation. The explanation of a lips tattoo is not always shallow and romantically oriented. Some people get a lip tattoo on their neck or another part of their body to represent a memory or affection for a person or experience. Hence, do not worry about some critics’ less popularized and shallow opinions, and have a proper discussion with your tattooing artist.


You would have understood what this tattoo means by reading all the different meanings and explanations of the lips tattoo. We did our best to finish the lips on the neck tattoo meaning explained earlier. You can easily choose any alteration of your lips tattoo, add your personal preferences, and get the tattoo inked on your neck. Your tattooing artist or other creative experts will help you understand the lips-on-neck tattoo with much more depth and context. You can get more information about this tattoo through personal research and discussion with your loved ones. Thanks for reading.

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