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Is Coco Butter Good For Tattoos

Natural alternatives like cocoa butter are always considered great for normally healing tattooed skin because it has many benefits for the users. We all know that maintaining a healthy aftercare routine is never easy because there are numerous things to consider. Firstly you have to cleanse the skin and protect it from infection and then provide the required moisturization. Once all the other aftercare rituals are done, the tattooed person is advised to pay more attention to moisturization. So, different natural and synthetic moisturizers start revolving in their mind. Ultimately, the question arises: Is coco butter good for tattoos aftercare? Don’t worry; we’ll find a satisfying answer in a few moments. 

It isn’t difficult for anyone to look online or visit nearby stores to buy a moisturizer, but tattoo moisturizers are not the same as your regular ones. Professional tattooing artists suggest that you only use prescribed moisturizers on a healing tattoo to prevent infections. Additionally, moisturizing doesn’t mean flooding the tattoo with thick layers of a product because it causes damage rather than helping the healing procedure. Cocoa butter has been used for moisturizing skin for a long time, and people in different regions agree that it is one of the best organic options for moisturization. 

Is Coco Butter Good For Tattoos Aftercare:

Yes, cocoa butter is healthy and beneficial for tattoo healing and aftercare. Majorly tattooed people are divided into two main categories; organic products users and synthetic product users. Tattooing experts can advise any aftercare product to the tattooed person if they are comfortable using synthetic products too. On the flip side, if you only prefer organic products, using synthetic products would be discomforting to you. 

Cocoa butter is the perfect solution for people who like natural and organic aftercare products. Whenever a person asks a professional tattoo artist for a natural aftercare moisturizer, they usually recommend cocoa butter as their first recommendation. This is because your tattooed skin will not only be moisturized by using cocoa butter but also provide proper hydration and freshness to the skin. Balanced hydration, vibrant freshness, and proper moisturization of a tattoo are rare in natural products. Hence, these features of cocoa butter make it an ideal alternative for healing tattoos aftercare and proper moisturization. 

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Defining Cocoa Butter:

We all know that cocoa produces coffee and chocolate, respectively. However, cocoa and its derivative, cocoa butter, confuse many people. However, you don’t have to worry about cocoa’s origin and usage; it is really interesting and informative. Once the cocoa is harvested to obtain cocoa beans to make coffee and chocolate, a side product is also formed, known as cocoa butter. It is mainly fatty in its composition but consists of many beneficial and healthy features for the skin. People have been using cocoa butter on their skin for centuries, and it’s scientifically proven to contain beneficial properties. 

Cocoa Butter For Skin:

Cocoa butter is highly effective and healthy for the skin, and many dermatologists advise using it for healthier and smooth skin. A significant amount of fatty acids in cocoa butter help the person have fresher and more glowing skin. In addition, our skin has to be more elastic and flexible to cope with our daily activities. Cocoa Butter enhances skin flexibility by providing the required nutrients. In addition, your skin will age relatively slower if you use cocoa butter because it protects the skin from the aging effects of the environment and enhances skin regeneration. 

Using Cocoa Butter For Tattoo Aftercare:

The right time to start using an aftercare product is equally important as using the right one. There is no denying that cocoa butter is a great skin moisturizer, but if you don’t understand its usage, you might not get the outcome you desire from your healing tattoo. Worst situation, you might be at risk of an infection if you don’t pay attention to using the cocoa butter when the tattoo artist advises it. There is a time frame in the healing procedure of a tattoo in which the tattoo piercings are still visible. 

It’s usually the first few days of the healing tattoo; you should avoid using any moisturizer in that phase. However, once the tattoo has reached a point where the piercing wounds have been closed by the body’s immune system, you can now use cocoa butter as a moisturizer. Now, applying cocoa butter on the healing skin won’t cause infection. Instead, it will prevent your skin from getting one by the environment. Hence, the timing of using an organic moisturizer on the skin is really important. 

Risk Of Using Cocoa Butter For Tattoo Aftercare:

The working phenomenon of cocoa butter is that it melts on the skin with the natural heat for the skin and acts as an oily layer on the skin. Cocoa butter is not forbidden to be used by any skin type; it is suitable for all skin types and colors, but the amount of use varies. People with dry skin can use cocoa butter in a lot more quantity as compared to oily skin. People blessed with neutral skin can apply a normal amount of cocoa butter on their healing tattoos for moisturization. The actual problem arises for people with sensitive skin and oily skin. 

Tattooed people with super oily or highly sensitive skin are vulnerable to any laying on their skin for longer. Hypersensitive skin might develop an infection due to frequent layering of moisturizers and lack of oxygen breathability. Similarly, if the skin is more oily, using high quantities of cocoa butter or any other moisturizer can lead to acne and, ultimately, infection. Therefore, if you have highly sensitive or super oily skin, you should avoid or use a minimum quantity of cocoa butter on your healing tattoo skin. 

Final Thoughts

The question in our discussion today was; is coco butter good for tattoos aftercare? And we work together and have found that cocoa butter is the best possible solution for healing tattoo moisturization. The normal requirements of healing tattoo skin are comfortably fulfilled by moisturizing natural cocoa butter. It also hydrates, refreshes, and increases the skin’s elasticity while moisturizing the healing tattoo wound. However, if your skin has acne, it’s super sensitive or oily. Therefore, you should avoid using large amounts of cocoa butter on your healing tattoo and switch to a professional prescription. Thanks for reading. 

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