Interesting Billiards Tattoo Ideas 

You might think that billiards have no connection with tattoos, but the fling between both interests was way back in the twentieth century. While snooker isn’t popular in the United States, pool and billiards have significant cultural value and sports virtue. One of the most amazing things regarding tattoos is that tattoo artists don’t quit on any beautiful opportunity to design a masterpiece. We have some interesting billiards tattoo ideas for you to check out. 

History of Billiards

Billiards isn’t a new game or specified to a certain economy class. Various rulers, leaders, artists, and influencers have played the game, while the general public enjoys it daily. There are very few collections of indoor and outdoor games that hold such a place in society. Billiards’ origins are reportedly in France and northern Europe, but the United States loves them the most. 

Billiards Tattoo Ideas:

Billiards is a well-known game, yet it’s a shame so little artwork exists regarding billiards compared to other indoor games. However, all hope is still possible because some professional tattooers have put in their work and efforts for these tattooing ideas. So, let’s see this listing and appreciate the work and dedication of tattoo artists for creating billiards tattoo ideas:

8 Ball Tattoo

We all were initially confused about the meaning of the eight-ball tattoo whenever we saw it. It’s one of the most popular tattoo ideas regarding billiards, yet there has always been a mystery around its name and design. But worry not, as we have unveiled its secret and asked famous tattoo artists about the infamous eight-ball tattoo. So, the general response from the expert is that “while each player has to pocket their own set of 7 balls in billiards, it’s the 8th black ball that determines the win and shares a spirit of sportsmanship among cue players ‘. 

billiards tattoo ideas
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Best Billiards Tattoo

Billiards has stars and influencer players in it. Throughout history, cue and pool players like Masako Katsura, William Cook, John Roberts, etc. These talented billiards players have played a crucial role in the significance and fame of this indoor sport on a global scale. We have this amazing billiards tattoo for you to check out in dedication and love to these pool and billiards legends. 

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Cue Stick Pool Tattoos 

Most people get the color balls or cue balls Tattoo, but cue sticks don’t get much inked on people. However, the billiards players know that cue sticks are impactful and significant when you are amid the desire to win a round. Using and directing the cue stick to aim and hit balls in the pocket is a masterful art. The cue stick pool tattoos are rare yet pleasantly surprising when a professional puts work in. 

billiards tattoo ideas
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Color Ball Tattoo

Information regarding the color balls in billiards is important if you intend to play billiards professionally or for fun. There are 16 balls on the table, 14 being objected to colored balls, one black ball, and one called the cue ball. As a player, you and your opponent have seven colored balls, solids, or stripes. You win by hitting each color ball in ascending order and finally putting in the black ball. It’s as simple as that, and the following tattoos visually represent billiards’ color ball tattoos. 

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Black Ball Tattoo

The black ball is a really special form of billiard that has been popularized in England. Like billiards, blackball has 15 balls, but the only difference is the smaller pool table. While playing on a seven feet table, the colors are also less diverse, and each player only picks either red or yellow balls to play. This black ball tattoo design is a subtle nod to this billiards variant. 

billiards tattoo ideas
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a difference between billiards and pools?

If you can’t determine the difference between billiard and pool, understand the colored ball patterns. While billiards has numbered balls, pools only consist of two colored balls with the addition of a cue ball. This way, you’ll readily know when it’s a pool and when it’s billiards. 

How would you define billiards?

Billiards is a popular indoor game that various influential people have played throughout history and the general public. With numbered color balls, cue balls, cue sticks, and a sleek table, you can easily identify when billiards is being played on a table. 

How would I win in a billiards match?

Although there are many ways to win in a billiards match, the legal play win is the most basic. In a legal play win, a player pockets all his colored and black balls and acquires a victory. 

Is there a count of balls in billiards?

Yes, you always have to keep count of your balls in billiards. There are usually 16 balls; each player is assigned seven balls, with one black and one cue ball. So, keep track of your and your opponent’s balls to win. 

What is the time duration of a billiard game?

The standard game of billiards consists of 4 players and tournament-style sound matches. This leads to 16 rounds of each player against one another, each 15 minutes long. In short, it would take around 4 hours to complete a game of billiards with your friends. 


That was all about interesting billiards tattoo ideas, and hopefully, you found a great ink design for your next Tattoo. In addition to giving you brilliant tattoo ideas, we also have given a great set of billiard facts and knowledge for your better understanding. So, consult a professional billiards player to learn more about billiards and enjoy your shared tattooing ideas. Thanks for reading. 

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