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Hunter X Hunter Tattoo Ideas

If we get into the origin of hunter x hunter, it was inspired by the desire to collect objects and memories. Tattoos are one of the most standard yet ever-evolving means of expressing memories and ideas. Fusing two or more art forms is always sensational, especially when tattooing meets anime or fiction. This welcomes our discussion for today, the Hunter X Hunter Tattoo Ideas: Dark Continent Adventure. 

Although the die heart fans already know, hunter x hunter wasn’t an animated masterpiece as it is today. Initially, it was a manga/comic book idea that evolved into the animated series we all know and love today. The main focus of this series is upon the young Gon and how he and his friends are on their path to becoming hunters. Gon Freeccs is trying to become a great hunter to find his lost father, the legendary Ging. 

Hunter Hunter Spider Tattoo:

  • The Gang of Our Favorite Phantom Troupe in Hunter X Hunter has a deeper and metaphoric meaning. It represents a twelve-legged spider consisting of thirteen members. The head of the spider is the leader and twelve legs (members) of gangs in this thrilling and action-packed anime. All legs have equal rank, symbolizing decision-making power, and tasks are given to each member according to their skills or preferences. The metaphoric meaning of lying here is that the head of a spider without its body and legs and vice versa is useless. It’s only when the head and legs work in accordance to create perfection.
  • If we get deeper into the story of phantom troupe gang members, the leader or head of the spider is not a dictator to others. It’s a guiding role for the anime team, which can be replaced or changed by the hunter’s team if needed. The whole group acts upon a core principle: overall well-being and existence of the group are more important than the benefit or survival of any individual member of the group, including the leader. However, some Hunter X team members preferred Chrollo Lucifer’s life over the group’s mission.
  • Another meaning of the spider hunter x hunter tattoo is that the members won’t argue and fight brutally with each other. This helps them all maintain unity and peace among the group since most of them are aggressive or opposites in personality. The whole team resolves their problems and disagreements through group discussion, as there’s no hierarchy of opinions. Even if the issue is much more significant and big enough, it’s settled by tossing a special spider coin. So, by collecting all of these rituals and values of unity and teamwork, we could figure out that the spider tattoo in Hunter x Hunter is way more important in literal and metaphorical planes.

Hunter X Hunter Tattoos:

We could develop hundreds of tattoo ideas if we dive deeper into the vast sea of memories and characters hunter x hunter. However, a person can’t pick from such a large collection. The best option is to integrate the tattoos inspired by the phantom troupe and hunter x hunter and then provide them to you directly. It would be a more comfortable and easy choice for you. Hence, the followings are the ideas and inspirations for hunter x hunter tattoos:

Hunter X Spider Tattoo
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Remarkable Hunter X Hunter Tattoo Ideas 
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Gon and Killua Tattoos 

Hunter x Hunter tattoos are complete with mentioning the friendship of Gon and Killua tattoos. Anime lovers who also happen to be friends find both characters very inspiring and appealing. White Gon is the optimistic and cheering friend among both. Killua, on the other hand, is a cold and confident friend. This fusion of Gon and Killua seems more like ice and fire, and their chemistry in the series is unmatched for most of the part. Gon and Killua’s tattoo represents both characters’ friendship, growth, and evolution as the storyline proceeds. 

glitter gon and killua tattoo
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Remarkable Hunter X Hunter Tattoo Ideas 
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HxH Gon Tattoo

So, instead of Chorollo leading this legendary series, this time, little Gon is the main protagonist of Hunter x hunter. He is not an ordinary child because of his father’s genetics embedded in him. While exploring the world in search of his father, Gon examines several hardships and dangers but also comes in contact with new people and abilities. The proper heroic arc of Gon Freecss makes an epic idea for the HxH Gon tattoo. 

best Gon tattoo
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Remarkable Hunter X Hunter Tattoo Ideas 
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Hunter Killua Tattoo

Unlike Gon, Killua is not initially going through intense hardships physically. He is the son of Kikyo and Silva Zoldyck. Eventually, all of the abilities and resources of the Zoldyck family were given to Killua. But he isn’t satisfied with such things and is much more connected to his friend Gon. On multiple occasions, Killua has proceeded as the main protagonist of the hunter x hunter series alongside Gon Freecss. Therefore, a special hunter Killua tattoo seems natural to those who relate to some aspects of Killua’s life arc. 

anime killua tattoo
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Remarkable Hunter X Hunter Tattoo Ideas 
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Hisoka Tattoo

Hisoka Morow was never easy to understand, man, nor for the hunters in HxH or phantom troupe nor us as fans. There have been times when Hisoka has agreed to play at least a neutral or supporting character, like the greed island arc, etc. however; mostly, he is either a primary or secondary colliding force to Gon and his mates in hunter x hunter. Regardless of his life choices, Hisoka respects the hunter spirit and spares Gon since Ging’s son is a kid. If Mr. Morow inspires you for any reason, then why not give it a try to get a Hisoka tattoo? 

HxH Manga Panels Tattoo 

As mentioned before, we must pay attention to the origin and base of all the buzz, hunter x hunter manga. With the manga and initial artwork, phantom troupe and hunter x hunter might be animated. All legendary characters like Lucilfer and Feitan, among many others, wouldn’t have been born into fiction without HxH manga. True lovers of hunter, remember to show love to the impressive 37 volumes of the manga series hunter x hunter. Let’s pick up some designs directly from hunter x to create an HxH manga panels tattoo. 

Chrollo Lucilfer Tattoo

Chrollo has been leading phantom troupe and hunter x hunter for so long that it’s almost impossible to imagine anything without him. He is the hunter’s group’s leader and the leading protagonist in the Succession Contest and Yorknew city arc. The calm demeanor and ever-charming persona of Mr. Lucilfer attract millions of fans to love him. Even the Chrollo lucilfer spider tattoo is special in people’s hearts. This is a just and well-deserved Chrollo lucilfer tattoo for such cheerful people. 

Remarkable Hunter X Hunter Tattoo Ideas 
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Why Are HXH Tattoo Ideas Famous?

Many reasons have made the hxh tattoo ideas so famous and relevant. It’s considered one of the most monumental anime series in the retro era. The story arc and characters were equally engaging and well-written. This realistic aspect of the story has made fans feel more connected to the manga and anime. So, as the story continued and people started liking the overall aesthetics of Hunter x Hunter, naturally, it became more famous.
So, naturally, the next tattoo ideas start getting recognition in the tattooing community. Many tattoo artists personally designed the Hunter x Hunter tattoos with their signature tattoo styles and artwork. Now, after years of contribution to professional tattooing, you can experience the impact of these anime tattoos. Hence, all of these reasons combined to make hunter hunter tattoo ideas popular and important for tattoo lovers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is crowned as the powerful villain in hunter x hunter?

While we get deeper into the Chimera Arc, it’s easy to pick that Meruem is the most powerful villain in hunter x hunter. The only opposing force to Meruem is Netero, or else he would have captured the world of hunters. 

Which hunters are the best?

Few anime or fiction have more iconic characters than the hunter franchise. Gon Freecss, Chrollo Lucilfer, Ging Freecss, Meruem, Shizuku, and Zoldyck are among the best hunters in the phantom troupe and hunter x hunter. 

Which was the strongest ability in hunter x hunter?

Although there were more than five, six to be exact, types of Nen, the enchantment was the strongest ability in hunter x hunter. Enchantment increases the abilities and masterful techniques to a much higher proportion and control. 

How does the Hunter x Hunter anime differ from the manga tattoo?

The primary difference between Hunter, an anime, and a manga tattoo, is the style of tattoo designs. While anime tattoos use different colors and shading techniques, many are different. A manga tattoo is mostly made using black ink lines, giving it a comic page-like feel. So, if the tattoo has simpler lines and a literature format, it’s a hunter manga tattoo and vice versa.

Can I get a colorful hunter hunter tattoo?

You can figure it out easily if you want a colorful hunter hunter tattoo. All you have to do is pick the character you want to ink on your skin. Once you have picked the character, you can use a reference image or artwork to inspire your tattoo. After the basics are done, you can either go with the original colors of the character or test different color combinations to pick the best. With slight improvements from a professional skillet tattoo artist, your colorful hunter-hunter tattoo is ready.


So, even though there were plenty more in our minds, let’s call it a wrap for today’s Hunter X Hunter Tattoo Ideas: Dark Continent Adventure. To anime lovers and hunter x hunter fanatics tattooing ideas and inspiration for newer designs are always required. If you want more interesting and innovative styles and creative inspirations, consider looking at more articles related to hunter x hunter and phantom troupe. Thanks for reading. 

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