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Microblading is getting more household in beauty and healthcare as many people switch towards it for their desired outcomes. If you are one of the enthusiasts of microblading, many people wonder how to wash hair after microblading. This is an excellent question, as you are prohibited from avoiding water on microblade hairs in most situations. But there are some proper methods to wash hair after microblading, and today, we will discuss just that. It would be intriguing to understand more about microblading, so let’s answer this question. 

The most beneficial advice in this regard is that you should make sure to wash your hair before getting microblading. The reason behind such a suggestion is that we usually tend to work and play outdoors, which naturally builds up a thin layer of dirt on our hair. If we don’t wash hair properly, these layers will thicken gradually and cause many problems in the future. So, it’s most suitable to cleanse your hair before getting microblading. This will also help you have better aftercare for hair once the whole procedure is completed. 

How to Wash Hair After Microblading:

Now, if you look up on the internet or consult the experts, you will surely find a lot of different methods to wash hair after the microblading process is done. But selecting which method is best is confusing as most of them look way more similar and identical. You can stop worrying about how to wash your hair now as they have done complete research and consulted various experts before presenting easy methods and guidelines for you. Read these steps carefully as they are compiled to provide maximum benefit to your hair with minimum effort. 

Following are easy and beneficial tips to wash hair after microblading:

Using A Dry Shampoo:

There is a significant difference in washing hair before microblading and after it’s done. Before experts accomplish the procedure, you can wash your hair with your favorite shampoo and water. However, as soon as the microblading is successful on your hair, you can’t use regular shampoo as long as the doctor advises. Now, utilizing a dry shampoo will be favorably practical for you. It will provide an excellent environment for your hair to grow properly. 

Using A Plastic Visor:

Like dry shampoo on your hair, you can also use a plastic visor to protect the microblade hairs from water. The method is easy as you have to buy a plastic visor and then wear it while washing hair, which is not a micro blade. The visor would stop unwanted moisture or regular cleansing shampoo around the treated hair. Another helpful tip while using a plastic visor is to use healing balm on the microblade hairs while washing others. 

Clean Hair In Basin:

If you don’t have a visor, there’s still a great way for you to clean your hair without causing any damage to the microblading processed hairs. Instead of running into a shower to wash your hair, you can go to the basin and wash your hair. Basin will work very efficiently as any water will not reach microblade hair due to gravity. Instead, it will just run into regular hair and drop into the basin. Just be careful and patient while doing the process, and you will achieve cleansing of other hair while securing the microblading hairs. 

Visit A Professional:

If all these methods seem difficult, the last resort is to visit a professional barber and ask them to wash your hair carefully, avoiding the microblade hairs. Of course, this will command you some money, but it’s way more reasonable than causing damage to the microblading on your hair. Moreover, if you visit a professional barber, they will also give you additional tips to keep the hair healthy and enhance regeneration once the microblading on the hair is healed. 

What is the advised time to wash hair after microblading?

It usually takes 4 to 8 days for the scab to fall off the microblade hairs. Once the scabbing phenomenon is completed on your hair, you can gently wash your hair without any issues. Of course, it is always better to consult your medical expert before using/anything on the microblade hairs. 

Does accidental wetness cause any issues to the micro-bladed hairs?

No, if the microblade hairs are slightly moist due to accidental wetness, it will not cause serious harm. In such a case, firstly, don’t worry and dry the hair gently using a soft cloth or tissue. You can also ask your microblading artist to fix any lacking in the touch-up session. 

Should I completely prohibit washing newly microblade hairs?

No, you should not completely prohibit washing newly microblade hairs because it can increase the chance of hair fall, dirt layering, and scabbing. Instead, the most fundamental approach is to ask your microblading artist to advise a washing method. They prefer gentle and soft cleansing equipment on the microblade hairs for the best results. 

How does intensive hair washing affect microblading?

If you use harsh chemicals on the microblade hairs and neglect precautions in aftercare, it will have a bad effect. Constant and repeated practice of intensive cleansing can cause hair pigment reduction, resulting in hair fall. 

How long does it take for the complete healing after microblading?

It usually takes up to 15 days or two weeks for the initial healing after microblading. While the microblade hairs are adjusting and the skin is being healed, it’s highly beneficial to prohibit any intense and harsh products on the skin and use gentle and soft products. Meanwhile, the complete healing of microblading can take up to 5 weeks. 


We tried our best to explain how to wash hair after microblading. The most important and beneficial advice in this regard is to avoid using any intense and heavy product on your hair. Firstly get proper precautions and aftercare guidance from the microblading expert. Afterward, avoid direct sunlight, moisture, dirt, and toxic chemicals from the microblade hairs. Finally, use a smooth and gentle cloth or tissue with prescribed aftercare products for the best results. If you have any further questions or face any complications regarding microblading, see your doctor and follow their advice. Thanks for reading. 

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