How To Treat An Infected Tragus Piercing?

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How To Treat An Infected Tragus Piercing

Ear piercings are arguably the most famous and popular type of body piercing. There is a huge chunk of the human population globally that has some piercings on their bodies. This raises the question of having proper methods for piercings and prudent standards. Unfortunately, people usually avoid all the advised preventive measures, leading to infections and allergies. These allergies and infections cause a lot of pain and suffering to the person afterward. Some of the most common types of piercing infection are tragus piercing infection. So, let’s discuss how to treat an infected tragus piercing with the least pain and suffering. 

Tragus piercing is regarded as one of the most attractive and famous types. Many celebrities and influencers have appeared on various occasions with these tragus piercings. Such influence and inspiration from these influencing personalities cause people to follow in their footsteps. With time, tragus piercing has become extremely popular among the new generation. Unfortunately, the risk of infection has also grown with an excessive devotion to one piercing type. This pierced region is highly sensitive, and it causes a lot of complications and allergies if the piercing is not done properly. So, the method of treating an infected tragus piercing becomes crucial for such people who are undergoing a such type of difficulty. 

How To Treat Tragus Piercing Infection:

Everyone who has undergone a piercing knows that piercings are very vulnerable to infections. The general idea is that once the piercing is healed in a week or more, there is a high chance of piercing infection. If you are unaware of the preventive protocols or don’t pay much attention to aftercare, the chances of infections increase significantly. However, you can resolve all of the complications and unwanted issues in some simple steps. We have collected valuable information from numerous piercing experts and medical doctors. These simple yet interesting guidelines will help you understand the reason, treatment, and preventive measures for tragus piercing. 

Following are some easy steps on how to treat an infected tragus piercing:

Consult A Professional:

The initial and most obvious thing to follow is to consult a medical professional for your professional piercer. As you have seen symptoms of an infection, it is better not to be experimenting on such sensitive body regions. When you visit a professional to diagnose your infection properly, they will advise you on the most efficient and beneficial healing method. It saves a lot of time and effort and reduces pain while healing the infected tragus piercing. 

Using Prescribed Aftercare Routine:

Once you have visited the professional medical expert or piercer, they will provide you with a personalized aftercare routine that matches the situation of your infected tragus piercing. If they advise removing the decorative jewelry, you should do it immediately. Avoid touching the jewelry in the infected piercing region unless it is advised by a professional. The aftercare routine during an infection is similar to the general aftercare of piercings. But the element of cleansing increases tremendously. Cleansing of infected regions increases because a lack of cleanliness causes it. Various beneficial products help you have better aftercare for infected piercings. 

Preventive Measures During Infection:

In addition to the usage of aftercare, you should also look for preventive measures which help you fasten the healing. Some piercing experts suggest compressing the piercing hygienically and gently to enhance the healing of infected tragus piercing. All you have to do is use a clean cotton pad, tissue, or cloth for gentle compression until you feel slight hotness and an increased blood flow in the piercing. Ensure proper hygiene and usage of prescribed methods during compression of the infected region. This method is highly discouraged by professionals if the infection is worsened. 

Causes Of An Infected Tragus Piercing:

Following are some of the main causes of an infected tragus piercing:

  • The tragus piercing can be vulnerable to the risk of infection if you don’t maintain proper precautions and aftercare. 
  • Sometimes, the body piercer is not well-skilled and inexperienced. This leads to mistakes in the tragus piercing process, and thus infection is formed. 
  • Unhygienic or low-grade piercing equipment is another major cause of tragus infection. This is why you are always suggested to visit a piercing shop with great hygiene and professionalism at work. 
  • You are touching the piercing with untidy hands or surfaces. Most people overlook this, but you should also pay great attention to your hygiene. 
  • Your hairs might be touching the pierced tragus regions often. This can cause the skin to form an infection rapidly as the piercing is in its initial healing process. 
  • Lack of airflow around the pierced region and over-moisture skin texture can also cause infection. While a tragus piercing is healing, moisture and lack of airflow in the region can be the main cause of the formation of infection. 

Can you mention some risks of tragus piercing?

There are various risks in tragus piercings. However, the most general risk of tragus piercing is that it is significantly painful for most people. Furthermore, after the piercing is completed, you might initially undergo continuous bleeding, inflammation, and pain. 

How long does a tragus piercing take to heal properly?

The healing time for the tragus piercing mainly depends upon many factors. A tragus piercing generally takes 4 to 7 months to heal completely. The hygiene and efficiency of piercing equipment, the skill of the piercer, the sensitivity of your skin, and usage of aftercare, among many other factors, play an important role in healing time. 

Why does tragus piercing get infected so easily?

The tragus piercings usually get infected quite easily because its region is highly sensitive and vulnerable to infections and allergies. However, you can avoid all the problems related to tragus piercing infection by using the standard preventive measures provided by professional experts. 

Are there some benefits of tragus piercing?

There are many benefits of a tragus piercing. In addition to enhancing the style and outlook of a person, these piercings help resolve many medical conditions. For example, some experts suggest that you can decrease the level of anxiety, depression, and many more neurological issues due to these tragus piercings. 

What do tragus piercings generally symbolize?

You can have many interpretations of body piercings depending on your thought process. Generally, tragus piercing is associated with an energetic and bold lifestyle. Most extroverted, socially comfortable, and fun-loving get these tragus piercings to express themselves fully. 


Mostly tragus piercing doesn’t have a definitive and continuous healing pattern. It mainly depends upon many essential factors, including the cleanliness of tools, expertise of the piercer, skin sensitivity, and attention to aftercare. You can avoid infected tragus piercing by following advice given by professional piercers. If you are suffering from an infected tragus piercing, some beneficial methods are already mentioned above. If you have any queries related to tragus piercing, you can always visit your professional piercing artist or medical experts. Thanks for reading. 

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